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Jewellery trends for brides who like to experiment

Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding and looking absolutely flawless on the D-day. From makeup, hair and the outfit, everything is pre-planned. But, when it comes to jewellery, you often see most brides playing it safe with gold. Of course, gold jewellery has also come a long way from being heavy and chunky to modern and light but what if you just don’t like gold?

If you’re not a bride who likes to be covered in gold, fret not. You can experiment with new jewellery trends and blend traditional and modern design. 

Last year, it was minimalism hit the bridal jewellery industry and this year has seen a ton of new trends. Let’s find out:

7 experimental jewellery trends for brides:

1. Lotus Motif

The lotus is considered an auspicious flower that is often used in Indian weddings. It is a symbol of fertility, prosperity and beauty. Top bridal jewellery designers incorporated the lotus motif in necklaces, bangles and earrings. But, if your family still wants a touch of gold, you can get some gold earrings in 5 grams.

2. Shoulder-dust earrings

Tired of heavy, chunky earrings? Try these shoulder dust earrings that are perfect for new age brides. This is especially a good match for brides that want to wear something modern like a luxurious gown. 

3. Cocktail rings

Statement rings are in. For sangeet or mehendi, brides have been donning extravagant rings that lend the whole outfit a dramatic air. If you’re going for a rather modern look, a nice cocktail ring is the perfect accessory. 

4. Statement handcuffs

No, these aren’t the handcuffs that strike the fear of law in your heart. Handcuffs in geometric and floral patterns bejewelled with precious stones are trending this year. You can pair that with a smaller ring in a similar design and stones. 

5. Collar chokers

Thought chokers are only good for a 90s themed party? Think again. Extravagant enormous chokers are becoming the norm. From celebrity brides to your real-life brides, chokers are making an appearance everywhere. If you’re still unsure about a big diamond choker, check out these light 10 gram gold necklace designs.

6. Go big or go home studs

Minimalist? What’s that? At least, that is what brides seem to project during their wedding celebrations. Studs are no longer tiny, can’t be seen studs. Brides are embracing big studs that can probably be seen from outer space!

7. Tennis bracelets with a twist

The linked diamond bracelet has been a bridal staple for as long as anyone can remember. But this year, we have witnessed experimental designs, new gemstones and shapes and it just seems like it’s the beginning. 

These are some of the latest trends just to help you get started with jewellery. You can go all out by choosing one gemstone and design or be eclectic by having a wide array of gemstones in different shapes. It’s your day, after all, so you get to choose what makes you feel beautiful!


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