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Hope, be optimistic, because it’s never too late

Are you a passive person? Do you wait for things to happen and if they don’t then do you just give up? Do you think if you’re late then it’s futile trying anymore? A lot of us do that,but is that a solution to any problem in this world? This question has been discussed and speculated for long,but,well, it is subjective and contingent on every person’s point of view, their perspective and ideas, there is no absolute answer to the question. I believe it’s never too late, why give up on something you desire just because you think there’s no time now, the opportunity has slipped away or it’s late, why not strive,why not struggle, why not work harder, why not endeavour to accomplish your goals and your aspirations even if you believe you’re lacking behind and it’s a little too late. In reality if you delve in an earnest observation of the world around you,you would certainly realize it’s never too late for anything if you are determined, dedicated, devoted and passionate. Imagine a situation where in you have had a fight with a friend, a family member, or a loved one, you do not wish to apologize because of ego issues though you are aware that you are the one who is at fault and time passes by in this way.

It’s been long since you and the person close to you have exchanged words, there is no communication or interaction between the two of you, but you feel as if you are missing out on something, as if a part of you is yearning and longing for that person, you know it’s too late, years have passed but you feel you lack something and that is when you realize you need to act upon the problem, you meet that person and you reconcile with them, what does this signify, apparently something that is very obvious that it is never too late. Often we are inhibited in our expression because of the doubts, worries, the lack of conviction that surround us, hence, we do not feel confident and we are afraid to express ourselves, our wishes and our wants to those we feel close to, such as our parents, family and friends, our inhibitions bury our wishes and time flies away, we regret not acting upon them when there was time but can nothing be changed? Do you think if you try to fulfill or express your desire now, you will not succeed? The answer lies in the manner in which you perceive life, if you believe you are the maker of your destiny you can certainly achieve the unaccomplished, unfulfilled dreams because you believe it’s never too late. Suppose that you always had the urge and the passion to be a painter or a writer but because of societal pressures you could not gratify this intense urge and you eventually had to pursue engineering, which stereotypically happens in most Indian families, and after you do become an engineer you do not feel content and satisfied, you do not feel the internal bliss and happiness that you should and you realize that it is because of your unfulfilled passion for painting or writing, do you think it would be an awful idea to consider becoming a writer or a painter after pursuing a degree in engineering? If you do, then you would probably never experience what it feels like to accomplish ones own aspirations, but if you have faith in the notion that you can still become a writer or a painter, then it’s never too late for a person like you, you could almost always overcome barriers and obstacles in life whether they are present in your relationships, your education or career and you would experience the true joy and the bliss of accomplishing and achieving your dreams, thereby, I would conclude by saying that hope and optimism is all that you need to live a healthy and happy life so never give up because life goes on for those who move on with positive notions and believe it’s never too late.


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