Hope-the anchor of soul

Hope -the anchor of soul

Hope is the anchor of soul .Hope is what people need and the lack of it discourages even the most beautiful souls.we make plans for next day, next month even next years .What is that what makes us believe their is a tomorrow ? It’s HOPE

Angels  ? Happily ever after ?Afterlife ? Are there angels or a forever or an afterlife ?

Like most of the things that are not either black or white and are grey ,the answer to imaginations is not yes or no .The answer is FAITH . Yes faith ,which we often loose in even in the most beautiful things at times and Even ourselves .

We all are in search of something that will make us happy . We try all that we have and blame God for all that we don’t . And this search never seems to end in our life . let us ask ourselves are we so lost in search for our “something ” that we forget to live and just breathe ?are we doing what we really want to or are we busy finding the dreams and fulling them which are society’s notion of a “good life ” or just concerned about about what the people will think . After all there may be times when deep down our heart we fear that what will people say and it’s completely okay . It’s okay to be scared as it’s okay to be brave .

But the question is what are we afraid of? About being judged ? About failing ? About not being happy ?But the reality is even when we follow the “safe path” -the one led by the society for us .We are not always happy ,we fail and we are nevertheless judged ,then what is the point of it ? In reality there is no safe path . There ‘s only one path and that is the path you choose . Life comes with no guarantees. Maybe life will not be what you thought of it to be . it may be better or may be worse.One day the sun may swallow the only earth we have. But then decide what do you want to do ? Die everyday of your life Or try to live most of the days of your life.


There are moments when you feel like dying ,the pain is unbearable, one which cannot be expressed . It hollows you. You can’t really escape pain. Life doesn’t work that way . But at least make the choices about who and what is worth giving you pain , when you can .Probably the answer would be the thing or person you love the most ,not the people or things that never mattered . So take those risks , don’t be in search of that safe path or that saviour or that something . God gives us the strength to save ourselves , but we can see it when we believe in him and when we believe in ourselves , when we are willing to give things a chance and most importantly when we believe that there’s a future waiting for us that requires us to live our present to its full extent ,to not find things that will make us complete but to realise that we all are complete in our own ways ,perfectly imperfect and not running blindly to fill that incompleteness which we create and yet realising that we all are connected by some or other way. After all life is complex .

Some forevers are shorter than others . Some infinities are bigger than others . You Never know what will happen . Stop fearing and give yourself a chance , a chance to recapture yourself from all the things you’ve lost yourself into, beacuse bad souls are the good souls that got lost in the darkness . Create your own light. Who said sun is the only source of light ? Dare to see the power of a candle !

Stop finding the fault in your stars and dare to be YOU . We are often more capable then we think of . HOPE is the anchor of soul!

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