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Getting Stoned v/s Getting Drunk

“Let’s get another drink said Swati.

Oohhh…I reaaalllyy don’t think that will be a guud idddea…” was my slurry reply to her.

Yes guys, by now you must have guessed that I am, what we say is “drunnkk”.

We were almost half a bottle down in our hostel room ( ;)) and she was suggesting more. I might be drunk more than her but surely her decision seems to be affected much more than mine.

But according to her drunk logic, getting more drunk means having much more fun!

“Oooh come on don’t be a party pooperrrr…it’s still so much left in the bottle, how will I finish it all by myself,” she said with her pouty lips and puppy face.

Can anyone say no to that…NO! So HOW could I?

And that was how I and my best friend got drunk for the very first time. We drank till dawn, danced our asses off, turned our room into one hell of a mess, and, oh yes, we had the mother of all hangovers.

Don’t you dare look at me with those judgmental eyes!!

It’s something we humans have been doing for ages, and it goes by many names: getting inebriated, hammered, wasted, housed, trashed, and of course drunk. And I am pretty sure many of you guys do too or may want to try it out as well. Otherwise let’s face it you guys wouldn’t have clicked this link. Right?

Those rib tickler laughs, never ending “I loooovvee you sooo much”, those sexy dance moves (you know what I mean by sexy, don’t you?), drinking games, guilty confessions and unfathomable hunger makes getting drunk one of the most remember able nights of our college parties or if it maybe turn out, may even be one of the most forgetful nights because of all the freaking dementia (or is it just me?).

It takes one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can’t remember if it’s the thirteen or the fourteenth..!!(Kudos to this guy, he definitely knew me.)

On the contrary, getting stoned is totally different.It is when you are unable to move your muscles; everything feels weird and you kind off sit back with your mouth agape staring off into space, smiling and enjoying every single moment that goes by.

Getting stoned and getting high, are different from the idea that you feel like you are being weighed down by big heavy stones. The body becomes flaccid unable to move and you feel as light as a feather.

“Dude, I am flooaaaatingggggg”

Hey man, I can’t move my legs….wooaaahhhhh I am stoned!”

Aren’t these some of the most commonly used terms by today’s youth?

“The Buzz” is described as the first stage of getting stoned, after two to three deep inhales of “The Stuff”, which make you floaty or buzz.

Then comes “The High”, when almost a joint is finished by an individual that takes you at an even higher level of buzz.

And then, it’s the final stage “Getting Stoned”. It’s when the perception of time slows down, a 5 minute long track feels as if it were to go on for more than a lifetime.

Both the delights have their own pros and cons. But I will always be biased towards “Getting Drunk”,as it creates a feeling of euphoria and makes you more talkative and courageous than ever. You see everything through vaseline covered lens, people are more attractive, hurts are not as painful, people are funnier, even the boring places are a lot of fun, and for some, socializing becomes like a walk in the park. Whereas “Getting Stoned” makes you less talkative, paranoid, tired and you might even have the trouble of concentrating. You will begin hallucinating, forgetting what you were saying in the mid-sentence, and then all you want to do is to be off to your la~la land (some may call it their dream land).

FYI: I am absolutely NOT a weed person! 😀

Well it’s up to you guys to decide which one you like better, and as I say college is the time to do all because never in life you will get the excuse to do such stupid things. So choose which one you like better may be you will change my mind.

In the end guy’s alcohol is not the answer, but it does make you forget the question….!!(;))

Dr. Aaina Aggarwal
Dr. Aaina Aggarwal
Life is memories, you die one day and people remember you for all the things you have done which is summed up by some words. Be defined by the words that you love- from a future doctor aka dentist, writer, wanderer, adventurous, party hopper, and most of all a nerd.


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