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International Baccalaureate Program – Become A Global Leader

Imagine yourself on stage elocuting one of the verses of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, given the fact that it has already been taught in your class. You have prepared 3 answers, but all you can do is feel your nerves breaking down. You are not able to utter a word. Imagine the other disgust that a known topic can bring into your circumstantial surroundings. The international baccalaureate program is all set to aim at student encouragement. This encouragement is primarily focused on allowing students to think broadly, beyond the thought of community.

The international baccalaureate program has gained quick recognition, especially in the US. Any school, child, member, part of the international baccalaureate program is taken as a part of the global society capable of speaking, hearing, motivating and taking the lead of a crowd that once felt highly strung. Students enrolling into the international baccalaureate program are taught and prepared to break all boundaries of nervousness and speak to the community at large.

International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader
International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader

What Is the International Baccalaureate Program?

This program is a diploma course aiming towards an intense curriculum for students in high school, both junior and senior years. Our schools and colleges miss interactive and in-depth learning because the focus is not on one but the entire school at large. This program emphasizes the learning and understanding of English Language and Literature. The program focuses on understanding the importance of English culture, its enrichment and running rigorous exams.

The course is of high impor5tance for students moving from one country to another, as a part of a standard curriculum. Today over 3 million students in about 150 countries have participated in this program. It helps gain a highly respected position in the community they introduce. Research has shown that the program is worth pursuing if the high school offers it. So while you make your selection, it’s important to know if your school is under the international baccalaureate.


Most of you don’t know but students of the US, UK and Europe have to prepare for an exam to get through High School. They have multiple options and opportunities. A higher scale of these opportunities is the International Baccalaureate Program. This program although a diploma is a two-year-long, full-time course. The program aims at academic development along with personal interest and culture with an integrated curriculum.

If successfully completed, it will be globally recognised. There are a lot of benefits of this program just like IELTS. It may surprise you to know that this program is a nonprofit program. It aims at giving students and learners an opportunity to receive a degree and education skills that can be utilised globally. This program has four different individual programs all of which aim towards the same intellectual growth, emotional development, personal and social skills. 

International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader
International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader

All of the four different programs have six distinct subjects, all details present below.

Eligibility Criteria For The International Baccalaureate Program

The mission is to offer education to every student irrespective of bias. Any student willing to enroll in high school and is of16 to 19 years can apply for this program. Without a doubt, there are no restrictions on the eligibility criteria although a school that offers this program is the only criteria. The curriculum criteria differ from school to school. For example, ABC School offering the international baccalaureate program may have GPA requirements over a fixed percentage of a student. The program offers Limited seats and schools have a take on the number of seats it can offer. The application process is competitive, students consulting a counsellor or a student advisor should check multiple times for the specific requirements that are provided by this program.

The application process is simple but with a specified deadline. International Baccalaureate Schools offering this program have distinct websites. The website is administered by the school counsellors and all details relevant to the application process can be found on the website. Applications require teacher recommendation letters, personal statements, vaccination reports, an extracurricular activity list and any other form of grades/scores pertaining to activities that a student might have secured.

Medical Reasons

The list has data from years prior to high school. Schools also make their mandate for certain medical examination reports as part of the application process. If this program is left in the middle, you may not be allowed to enroll exactly in the same way. In order to stay away from any chances that a student might have to leave due to medical reasons. For a medical case to be processed at the time of admission, it’s best to give them a clear report and then take the admission.

There are also distance criteria. Students living within the school’s vicinity will be a better choice to avoid the chances of missing a class. As such, students do not have to travel from extreme distances to meet educational requirements.

Let’s Talk About The Diploma

The international baccalaureate program offers a career-related program and a diploma program respectively known as CP and DP. The career-related program is similar to a vocational college program. Students enrolled in the career-related program receive training in professional skills while still in high school. The academic regard and practical knowledge are both parts of the career program.

International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader
International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader

The diploma programme stresses more on theoretical knowledge than the industry skills. However, career-specific classes are present in both options. For any other school student studying in junior year, is exposed to a career program. Whereas in the case of the international baccalaureate, diploma students are part of the high school arena as soon as they complete the admission and start classes.

Because of the automatic trigger introduced in the curriculum, the application process begins in the eighth grade itself. The freshman year and the year prior it acts as a deciding year for students interested in the baccalaureate program. All the specific dates, deadlines and every detail require to successfully complete the admission process and start the course are present on the website. This is to educate the students and their family members. Believe it or not, in the US, students of the 8th to 10th grade have a parent-teacher meeting where the new set of educational degrees and next career options is understood.


The most important part is the cost. The program will not cost you anything to study the course. However, the assessments are chargeable. These factors are dependent on college credits. The usual fees start from $10 and may reach up to $200. Another program offered by the international baccalaureate is the middle years’ program. Schools pay the required fee for each student in the exam because the school itself takes the credit from the student and makes the program available.

Professional Development

Another segment of the international baccalaureate program is professional development. This segment aims to provide transformative experiences. Teachers and educators can benefit from this program. Once they learn, they can do the same for the students. This program offers workshops and conferences. Teachers can register for a workshop or request to join an existing workshop. These workshops are available both online and face to face. Teachers learn various topics.

For example, the international baccalaureate program education curriculum, career-related program, leadership roles, diploma program, primary years program, materials program, are few of the topics of the workshop. Workshops are either registered or requested. There are three categories in which the workshop can be requested. Three category options are present on the site of the request itself. Teachers also have a scope where they can request the international baccalaureate to organise a professional development workshop at their school.

International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader
International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader

For example, ABC School provides the international baccalaureate program. Teachers working in the same school can request international baccalaureate to hold a workshop for their better learning. International baccalaureate program producers catalogue with all the programs and products are a part of the offer. While the workshop is held there are several conferences where educational leaders, practitioners, teachers, government personalities, people from universities, schools, and decision-making platforms participate.

Benefits Of The International Baccalaureate Program

Schools today have chosen this program because of their emphasis on student understanding, language culture, innovation, creativity, leadership and many other skills which require silent performance. These qualities have a huge impact on the personal development of a child. Schools offering the program have employed thousands and thousands of teachers, educators, decision-makers, leaders and trainers.

]A way to distribute the motive of the international baccalaureate to the students. The aim is more than just teaching. The aim is more than just developing professional and theoretical knowledge. It to enquire what the student is inquisitive about. Knowing what a student already knows can help the program better create its syllabus. What the student is himself good at, in turn, leads to motivation and thereafter to success. Today the international baccalaureate program is available in three languages, worldwide. 

International Baccalaureate Curriculum

As noted above, there are six main subjects to write about. Each of the programs focuses on the culture of language and literature. It includes language acquisition, experimental sciences, computer sciences, mathematics, language and literature, individuals and societies, and arts. Apart from the sixth subject, there are three additional elements of the program. They include learning, adaptability outside the classroom, a theory of knowledge course and 4000-word essay practices.

Three of the programs offered by the International Baccalaureate are equivalent to a college degree. Students are trained to obtain at least 5 out of 7 points to be eligible to obtain college credit. Most colleges and high ranking universities recognise the academic strength of a student qualifying international baccalaureate program. However, a college’s own policies come into action while granting credit for the examination.

Not any or every school willing to offer this program will be able to grab the opportunity to approve it. The approval of a school takes time. Teachers undergo rigorous training. Students who want to pursue international baccalaureate online must also be enrolled in a school providing an international baccalaureate program. Else, there is no provision for online education.

International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader
International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader


A school offering the international baccalaureate can do the least by strengthening its delivery system. This is an automatic outcome for every school who chooses to offer the program. The program and its design help align a set of rules, structure, procedure and consistent learning by working together with the objective of the school itself. The program works towards providing a dozen educators at schools.

This is to help teachers, students, professionals, and anyone who is aiming for a better learning experience. With such amazing benefits, every school aiming to become a part of the international baccalaureate program is known as IB World School. Apart from the learning benefits, there are benefits of association, several groups globally present where the School can become an association of the IB World School. Together these associations are named IB. They enter into a contract to carry out the motive and a special logo that identifies the status at a glance.

Student Perspective

Nonetheless, we already know that the program aims at a unique education. Students will gather their independent thought process, drive to learn, keeping away shame, and an approach to taking part in a program that indulges in an actual face-off, among other benefits. Get through the highest-ranking universities and gain recognition globally, develop knowledge on a second language, imbibe capabilities to conduct people’s engagement and be a part of globalisation.

The International Baccalaureate proudly says that its students perform better than any other. The social-emotional and theoretical characteristics of the program not only help them with the academic grades but makes them a better student, a better programmer, and a better performer. Students pursuing the diploma program mostly get to the top-ranking universities. Those joining the primary year program outperform the number of students in every other field of competence. The pride shown by the International Baccalaureate in terms of its alumni is presented in the form of an IB network, which is named as the Global alumni network. Students graduating from this program can join the network

International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader
International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader

The Difference Between International Baccalaureate And Advanced Placement

Most of the educators, learners and universities try to compare International baccalaureate with their advanced placement classes. Advanced Placement is also an alternative but there are a few differences. International Baccalaureate is an introduction at the middle school and elementary school levels. In the case of Advanced placement, there are no courses during the elementary and middle school levels.

The curriculum of the international baccalaureate has a handful of classes which are also present in advanced placement classes however the difference lies in the fact that international baccalaureate is a school-wide program and schools can take the approval. Advanced placement classes offer no such approval. The teaching methods of advanced placements and international baccalaureate are different. AP is more focused on standardized tests and learning when contrasted with the IB classes. The latter is more in-depth. International baccalaureate classes are full of research writing and have evaluation procedures at every level.

International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader
International Baccalaureate Program - Become A Global Leader

The primary difference – International baccalaureate final exams are taught in ways where every student is challenged by his own learning. New scenarios, amazing case studies and new information pertaining to a period is a part in the form of assessments. Students’ in-depth learning ability, the capability to process and relate data to examine an answer is a part of the routine assessment. The international baccalaureate has about 6000 trained examiners in all grades who work together to evaluate students worldwide.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the IB classes take a global approach in every step. The most common and known topic is a connection between the mediaeval or the historic period with books and novels of today. In addition to that, students learn about communism and culture. The difference between approach, depiction and music. Students get an in-depth overview, dig deep and find the answers most suitable.

Research on the international baccalaureate has stated that schools offering middle year programs had the diary of Anne Frank taught. Students prepare to dig into the implications of being a witness to the Holocaust as perpetrators and bystanders. In some schools, students learn to develop their own experiment in biology classes which can be a little tipsy, if you think, but it innervates a child’s mind and digs to the core.

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