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Why is India a better option to invest in?

India among the most populated country in the world and its among top developing Nation. India is a golden opportunity for investors. You can mold the workforce according to your needs and vitality. Every investor demands higher returns to what he invested. India is one perfect case for these kinds of investing enthusiasts. According to the International Monetary Fund, India remains one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Agriculture, Industry, and Services are the three most important sectors that contribute to the Indian economy. There are four main reasons which can convince any big investor to invest in India.

Availability of Extremely rich human resource

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The youth population of India is the highest. And every industry needs a human resource to work. Nothing functions well without human intervention. Though things are getting automated these days, supervision is important too. Hence, no industry can entirely depend on automated functioning. This is why you require human capital. India owns this rich and valuable resource. According to the United Nations Population Fund, India will have the world’s highest population by 2020. Also, India has the third-largest group of technicians and doctors in the world. In addition to it, India has high skilled labor. When you have skilled human resource, you can remain worry-free. India is also the largest supplier of university graduates. British Council statistics say so.

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Invest in the key driver sector- Infrastructure Sector

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The Infrastructure sector plays a vital role in running the Indian economy. Indian government keeps sanctioning new Infrastructure proposals. India is planning to invest $131.7 billion in railways and $58 billion in airports. In 2018, India was ranked 44th out of 167 countries in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index. Subsequently, big business tycoons should think over-investing in Infrastructure. There are sure shot higher returns in this sector. India can compete in the USA and China if Infrastructure goes well. Also, a smart city is an excellent opportunity to receive higher profits. Over the next three decades, more than 350 million Indians will move into cities. Conclusively, investors should ponder over this idea. 

Presence of domestic market like no other

India is emerging as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It owns the largest electronics market in the world. No doubt, India will emerge as the top three economies in the next 10/15 years. As a result, it is profitable to invest in India. Coming to the domestic market, Indians are rich consumers. The domestic market of India flourishes like none other. According to Goldman Sachs Group, there will be 129 million urban mass consumers in India. The household expenses of India are highly profitable. By 2025, the private consumption will jump to four times in India.

Foreign Direct Investment in India- the economy driving policy

FDI plays an important role in leading the Indian economy. Investments made in India bring more advancement in the country. Big business tycoons and investors plan to invest in India. Due to this, the citizens get employment too.  Job opportunities widen up too. Every investor looks for higher profits and lower investing capital. India fulfills both requirements. Hence, this FDI policy is a sure success for the country. There are various opportunities that can easily convince investors to invest in this country.

Hot and flourishing sector- the Indian telecom

Indian telecom is the current buzz creating sector of India. Foreign investors look forward to investing in this sector. According to RBI, there was a growth of around 50% in the year 2018 in telecom generated revenue. India is currently the world’s 2nd largest telecommunications market. It owns a subscriber base of around 1.2 billion. The growth of the telecommunication industry grows exponentially in India. Hence, it acts as a golden opportunity for investors. A total number of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) connections is expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2020. These statistics clearly show high consumer rates.

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Invest in trade to receive high profits

The trade opportunities in India are very flourishing. FDI says that the trade investments made in India cultivate the GDP of the country. Trade opportunities in India are results-giving. High amounts of small- scale trade, as well as large-scale trade, correspond to good trade outcomes. There was a contribution of 8.8% in the Indian economy due to trade. Firms keep looking for good sources of supply and consumption. India is one of the perfect places for it. With more options in trade and investment policies, investors get attracted towards India. India has shown a fundamental shift in its attitude toward trade and foreign investment.

Manufacturing sector- a high growth sector of India

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The manufacturing sector in India shows very high rates of growth. The prime reason for it is the low cost of raw material and labor. The manufacturing sector is a sure-shot opportunity for investors of India. India offers a huge domestic market with a high middle-class population. In short, the manufacturing sector is full-flourished. Policies like ‘Make in India’ have attracted many foreign companies to set up their companies in the country. Subsequently, the net investments in fixed assets stood at $405.88 billion for the year 2019-20. The manufacturing potential of India is very beneficial due to high human resource availability. The government of India aims to increase the share of the manufacturing sector to the GDP to 25% by 2022. 

Investments made in India are successful

The opportunities in India are extremely profitable. Investors keep investing in various sectors every now and then. The government of India is constantly looking for some of the other measures to flourish the trade. Also, the immense availability of resources convinces investors to make Indian investments. FDI policy has brought a high amount of foreign investors in India. These foreign investments contribute a lot to run the Indian economy. All the above reasons are pretty evident for why to invest in India. Moreover, the basic requirements of an Investor are met in India. There is no turning back once you feel the value of investing in India. Returns, cheap labor, raw material, and a high consumption rate makes India an ideal choice. So, next time you decide on investing, think of India. 

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