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How to look classy and elegant all the time

Class and elegance is something that never goes out of style and makes everyone sit up and notice the moment you walk in a room full of people. There is so much more to being classy than what you wear and how you dress. Here are some tips to help you out: 

1. Behaviour:

The very basic rule to be classy is to behave in a classy way. You might get your hands on designer bags, shoes, expensive accessories and what not, but none of that would make you classy unless you are confident from within, polite, exercise good manners and talk with maturity and sense without using curse words and be respectful towards others. 

2. Fabric:

Other than behavioural changes, go ahead and invest in good quality fabrics. Synthetic material can look a little cheap and so it’s always great to go for cottons, linen, tussar etc. These fabrics might be a little expensive but they will last long, will make you feel comfortable especially in the heat and will always be the first step towards getting that timeless look.

How to look classy and elegant all the time
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3. Colours: 

Go for classic colours which are basic neutrals such as bold Black, navy Blue, Deep Red, White, Off-white and Beige. These colours mix and match with any accessory and opens up any piece you wear on top of them. Also, for office goers, these are always the best colours to go for creating a classy look

4. Under-wear:

It is very important that you wear good quality underwear that fits you perfectly and makes you feel comfortable. You can afford to buy less expensive clothes but never compromise on underwear because nothing destroys your image more than you tugging and pulling at your dress and your bra to make yourself comfortable. That is an absolute no no! This might take more time, a little research, little experimentation and some effort of shopping around to try out various sizes and brands, but when you get the right size and the right brand, there is nothing better!    

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5. Minimalism:

How to look classy and elegant all the time
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Less is always more when it comes to being elegant and classy. A perfect foundation, a thin eyeliner, a lengthening plus volume-adding mascara, light blush and a lipstick can go a long way. Side by side, you can pair your dress up with a standalone luxury hand-bag or an expensive belt or a beautiful scarf or a very gorgeous necklace and earrings or a stunning pair of shoes.  

6. Prints:

The key to wearing prints, designs and checks and keeping it classy is to opt for smaller prints. Prints add volume and open up the dress and have the tendency to overwhelm the body. Hence, it is advisable to go for smaller florals, geometric designs or tessellating patterns. 

7. Self-grooming:

This might sound very obvious but self-grooming and keeping your absolute clean is the first key to look elegant. Keep your face clean and moisturised, brush twice daily amd scale your teeth with the help of a dentist, shape your eye-brows, keep your nails short, clean and manicured, take care of your feet, remove your body odour and maintain your hair and keep them well-hydrated. 

8. Perfume:

How to look classy and elegant all the time
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Wear a perfume that speaks of your personality. An overpowering cheap smell can give headache to people approaching you and repel them rather than making them get attracted to you. Use a light floral or fruity or spicy smelling perfume and use it only at your pulse-points. Don’t overdo it, rather it’s best to carry it in your bag and re-apply it when necessary. 

9. Clothes:

Keep your clothes absolutely clean and pristine by washing them after every two times you wear them. Use an iron or a steamer to remove all creases from your clothes and I believe steaming is an easier option, all because it vents out water vapour which eliminates all the bad odour from your dress. 

10. Skin-show:

This is completely your choice about what you wear and how much skin you want to show but according to my opinion, to look classy, limit the amount of skin you show. Elegance is about wearing your best dress right and being comfortable in your skin. Also, as a rule, you can follow these: If you decide to show skin on top, such as a bit of cleavage, you need to pair it up with a set of trousers or pants to balance it out. If you intend to expose your legs, then wear a covered top with full sleeves to make it look more even. 

11. Neutral make-up:

How to look classy and elegant all the time
Courtesy: pixabay

For regular purpose, switch to a more everyday sort-of neutral make-up that will match with almost all dresses and hair-colour that you may want to try out. Try using nude nail-polishes so that after a week or so, when the nails grow from below, it does not look odd. Switch to nude lip-shades that are also hydrating for the lips. Very dry lipsticks which are chipping away from your lips and cracking them up, settling into fine lines are an absolute no! Look for a foundation that suits your complexion perfectly and is not cakey. Always use sunscreen to protect your skin from getting tanned.  

12. Fitting:

So many of us, when we find a great dress or a top which looks great but is not fitting us completely, we go ahead and buy it thinking we would rock in it! But what happens when you actually wear it and you go out? You feel uncomfortable, you feel squeezed into the dress, you constantly adjust it and that, by no means, makes you look classy. Hence, it is always advisable to try your clothes in the Trial rooms whenever you go shopping, sit in it, while wearing it, move around and make a decision on how that dress sits on your body.If you find that you are in-between sizes, always and always go for the next bigger size. A little larger is always more comfortable and also, you have the option of stitching it in place. Nothing is worse than constant fidgeting with your outfit. 

13. Skin-care:

Woman flower beauty skin care
Woman holds beauty flower. skin care treatment

Your skin is the first thing that people see and none of us can boast about having the perfect skin! It’s perfectly okay if you are suffering from acne or dark patches or discolorations or hyper-pigmentation or such issues but it’s never too late to start taking care of them. It’s best to consult a dermatologist and follow religiously whatever has been prescribed for you. Cut down sugar, lower oil-intake and maintain a proper diet to keep your skin and hair healthy and also, for losing excess fat if you are looking for weight-loss.      

Sayantani Chakraborty
Sayantani Chakraborty
Banking Operations manager with leadership experience specializing in Lending Operations for a Leading Bank in UK. Currently handling a 10-member team and designing effective strategies to support end to end loan life cycle management from pre/post sanction credit operations, deal setup, loan servicing and reconciliations/investigations which streamlined the loan drawing process, minimized errors and dependencies on onshore counterpart, fabricated substitute solutions to customized challenges for individual customers leading to enhanced profitability for the bank and creation of long-lasting customer relationship


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