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13 Tips to be successful freelancer in 2020

People these days are opting freelancing as their career. People eager to earn more. To fulfill this goal, they move towards freelancing. Choosing a freelance business is a great way to achieve success and attain success in the side business. In this blog I will discuss 13 tips to be successful  freelancer in 2020 to increase leads. Freelancing allows you to become your boss. It makes you stay flexible.

Tips to be successful freelancer  are

Set your goals

13 Tips to be successful freelancer in 2020

The goal can lead you so far. Before starting anything new, make sure about your goals. Moreover, you should be specific why you are doing this? What are your expectations? On the other hand, you can ask yourself these questions before moving forward will freelance support me? Is freelancing work as a stepping stone in my career? Once if you have clarity why you doing so? You are in the right direction then. Then you can start your journey of becoming successful freelancer.

Choose a niche

13 Tips to be successful freelancer in 2020

You can’t be a freelancer by just thinking. You should firstly know in which field you have to move further. I mean you should clear about the proper niche. Niche selection depends upon your interest as well as according to the competition.  People often choose those niches which other people have done with great zeal. Make sure you can’t achieve success if someone is already established in your selected niche.  On the other hand, don’t strive for big steps rather go for small steps and reach your goals.

Improve your skills

13 Tips to be successful freelancer in 2020

While this may be true that it is common no one starts freelancing without having relevant skills. But the thing is you need to keep yourself skillful. Because there is a large competition in the market. If you are doing freelancing with your job, find out some time for you. At the same time you need to focus on your skills. Practice a lot to improve your skills.  Work on making a project for your friends. These projects aim to build your portfolio. On the contrary don’t opt any freelancing without skills.

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Identify the target audience

13 Tips to be successful freelancer in 2020

Although it is very important to work in a suitable niche. Similarly finding the relevant audience is also important. Moreover, you can make a few assumptions about who you want to work, how to target these people first? By doing these things you can easily able to know which client is profitable for you and which is not?

Build your portfolio

Building your portfolio to represent people about your skills is much needed these days. A successful freelancer is one who works on his portfolio as well. Following are the steps to build your portfolio

Show your background

You can add your background details in your portfolio. It will give a positive impact on the minds of your clients. Your hiring chances improve with this.

Be descriptive

On one hand it is better if you add a brief description of your work in your resume.

Brag about results

Sometimes bragging is mandatory to improve your profile. Moreover you can show some achievements with improved version of yourself.

Showcase testimonials

If you show your testimonials to potential customers. They make a trust level in you. Rather they will start giving you preferences.

Organize your work area

Your workplace should be arranged efficiently. Rather it should be noise-free and without distractions. Don’t think that you are in a home and do what so ever. But try to organize your area similar to the office setup. On the other hand, it will indulge feeling of doing professional work at your home. Your journey of becoming successful freelancer starts from here.

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 Know your  tools

13 Tips to be successful freelancer in 2020

Before doing freelancing or start a career in it, you must aware of what things you need actually to start over your project in freelancing. Rather you should explore in which thing you need to do investment. It can be anything from a new phone to a laptop or PC or camera. Rather doing these things do full proof research and then start working with your tools.

Increase your online presence

Social media

Once you have your website with you, you need to update it regularly. On the other hand you can also make a blog, where you can write your bio, your accomplishments and many more things. Moreover you can add regular comments to queries. Rather you can start guest writing as well or allow other people to write for your blog. These opportunities show that you know this. Showcase your portfolio on LinkedIn as well. This will strengthen your skills.

Grow your links

Inspite of meeting customers at their places you can use social media more to find out potential customers. Not only It will boost up your presence on social media but also grow your leads. You can participate in online conferences. Make sure if you are going to place a conference take business cards with you. You can take the benefit of these cards by giving it to every new people you meet. Moreover you can add them on LinkedIn as well.

Explore freelancing websites

freelancing websites

If you think that you can get the client in one go that is not possible. Rather you need to opt for various freelancing websites. As a freelancer, Upwork and SimplyHired are good options. Then you can access various jobs posted on that. You can choose according to your skills. Here you can also get the opportunity to showcase your portfolio. This is one of the best ways to build clients.

Ask for endorsement

13 Tips to be successful freelancer in 2020

See if you are active and aware of the market and people, then you can achieve success in freelancing. On the other hand, make use of every opportunity to come to you. I mean if you had built a project of let’s say client 1, you can ask them to give an endorsement for you. You know word of mouth is an active tool for developing your growth in freelancing.

Don’t fear to repeat

Don’t say goodbye to a client after a single project. Engage them with you. You can provide them the future modifications required to do in the project. Even after the contract of your project, they will force to get freelancing work done by you.

Don’t Undercharge

If you can give good projects. Don’t fall for the rates. Never display fewer rates than your worth.


These tips help you a lot in boosting up your freelancing career. In this blog, I have represented the 13 tips to be successful  freelancer in 2020 to increase leads. If you are having any doubt, feel free to ask me in the comment box.

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