How to care after c-section?

Care after c-section

Motherhood is the greatest pleasure for a lady. During baby birth, a female passes through the intolerable pain. Some females give birth to a baby after c-section. It is quite obvious to feel pain, bleeding, and soreness. C-section is the vigorous surgery of the abdomen. When you give birth to the baby, you are totally involved with baby and it is quite necessary too but most of the ladies suffer from post-partum depression. It is very much necessary to take care of the new mum. So in this blog, I will discuss how to take care of yourself after c-section.

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Problems faced by females right after surgery

The first 24 hours are crucial and involve multiple changes in the female body. This is the phase when the female is adjusting to a new environment. She needs to do breastfeeding, meeting visitors, take care of the baby, and going thru immense pain. In some cases, there is the problem of stool passing also. Delivering a baby is a rebirth of a mother.

Many females who are overweight can develop clotting in their legs. So it is advisable to walk during your pregnancy journey.

When the anaesthesia effect is gone, a new mother can experience extreme pain at the incision. Also, they can go through vaginal pains. In some cases, it is similar to menstrual cramps but it more painful than that.

Usually, the chances of trapping into infection are high. Some females have high vaginal bleeding after operation and some females can’t have more than one day. But at that time, moving is restricted so infection can develop under genitals and the stitches area.

Tips to take care after C-Section

  1. Rest is the best
  2. Have emergency painkillers with you
  3. Eat right
  4. Seek the help of family
  5. Go for a small walk
  6. Wear postpartum belt
  7. Maintain good hygiene
  8. Drink plenty of lukewarm water
  9. Meditate

Rest is the best

Proper rest and adequate sleep are needed after c-section. But it is not possible to take rest but yes new mothers can take small naps when their babies are sleeping. This will not let them tired. Also, tell your family members when you and baby are sleeping not let anyone visit inside the room. Sleep is needed if you don’t take sleep it will affect your routine.


Have emergency painkillers with you

Sometimes, a new mother can develop pain at stitches and sometimes they feel fever or headache. Instead of visiting gynecologist again, ask them when you were in the hospital to prescribe any painkiller for quick pain relief.

Eat Right

Care after c-section eat good food
How to care after c-section?

When you come back home, don’t eat sweets and anything for the celebration. Remember that you’ve undergone abdominal surgery. Eat proper protein and avoid heavy carbs. It is advisable to have vegetable soup and milk regularly. Avoid having fried food. You can have oats, Dalia and Khichdi, etc.

Seek the help of the family

Don’t feel hesitant in asking for help for picking up anything. Avoid indulging yourself in doing homely work. Ask someone to help you or the best thing is if they do the task by themselves. You need to do rest. If you want to hold your baby but your stitches are paining then ask someone to help you in that.

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Go for small walks

Care after c-section by walking
How to care after c-section?

After one week of surgery start doing the mild walk at home. It will help you in keeping active. Also, you can feel relax by walking. When one month gets completed, you can go outside for a walk with your baby. But don’t add any heavyweight exercise but yes you can do yoga.

Wear Postpartum belts

Some doctors advise you to wear postpartum belts to avoid swelling. Also, it helps in tightening the muscle of the abdomen. When you wear this belt, you get support on your back. Remember, you don’t need to wear it the whole day or during eating.

Maintain good hygiene

There are high chances of infection after postpartum. You need to do the cleanliness of your body. Doctors don’t allow you to take bath immediately after post-partum but yes you can do use cleanliness wipes to maintain your hygiene. Take care of your stitches until the bandages are not open. Also, put regular ointment at your stitches after the opening of bandages.

Drink plenty of lukewarm water

How to care after c-section?
How to care after c-section?

Chances are very high that females have constipation after c-section. So have plenty of water. It is better if you take lukewarm water. When you take it you will not face a problem with stool. Eat fiber-rich fruits and also have cumin, fennel, and carom seed water. This water is good for females. It detoxifies the body and eliminates all the impurities from your body.


Care after c-section thru meditation
How to care after c-section?

Meditation is very good and can save you from any emotional stress after c-section. So do meditation when you wake up in the morning. It will relax your mind.

Final Thoughts

Postpartum care is necessary. In this article, I have discussed tips regarding care after c-section. So if you are a new mother, you can follow the above-stated tips. I hope you have enjoyed this article.

Happy Reading.!! Take care new mommies…!!

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