9 Essential Laundry Tips for PG students


Washing clothes with perfection is not an easy task. Laundry is something that we usually do every day. But do you notice whether you are doing it in the right way? What should be the measurements while washing clothes? In this blog, I will tell you 9 essential laundry tips and tricks that you need to follow. These tips make your laundry process easy. The essential laundry tips and tricks are as under:

Set the appropriate temperature of the water

Setting the appropriate temperature of the water is the key to success. You should have clarity about the kind of water that you will be used for washing. For example cold water goes better with the items that get shrink easily. On the other hand, warm water works well for clothing items like bedsheets, blankets, cotton white clothes. Moreover, hot water goes well for greasy clothes. It helps to remove those stains.

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Choose the right detergent

9 Essential Laundry Tips for PG students
Choosing the right detergent that goes well with your clothes

What kind of detergent you are using for washing out the clothes is also important. You should keep in mind that detergent should be cloth-friendly. Many people buy those detergents which their family is buying for many years. But the main thing is don’t just go with the cheapest price. You should also consider the quality. Detergent should be able to meet the laundry needs. There are two types of detergents mainly powdered detergents and liquid detergents. However, powdered detergents are not as much costly as compared to liquid ones but it is unable to dissolve properly and leave some white residue on clothes while washing. So you should go with liquid ones. As it contains enzymes, which picks off the strains. Although, they are a bit costlier, but wash your clothes better than powdered ones.

Separate dark and light-colored clothes

There are a variety of clothes that you use daily. Avoid adding all these together. I mean some clothes are dark in color while some are the lighter ones. If you put both categories of clothes together, it will leave their color on each other. This will create a mess with your dress. While adding clothes into the machine, make sure firstly you need to add all whites and lights and then you can go with darks and blacks.  

Separate heavy and light clothes

While washing, don’t add heavy bedsheets with your T-shirts. Because it will ruin your t-shirt. Lightweight clothes don’t need much exposure to make use of the dryer. So be mindful about the category of clothes during adding them into the washer.

Don’t overload the washer

9 Essential Laundry Tips for PG students

Some people want to finish their tasks early, so they add so many clothes together in the washing machine. Remember, it will create a mess. The machine will not wash them properly in this case. So you should avoid this. This is one of the important tips for laundry.

Check out stains

You can as early remove the stains as you see them on your clothes. You don’t need to wait for putting your clothes into the machine. Firstly what you need to do, you have to soak your stained clothes in cold water, then you can apply the stain remover. At last, you can add it to the washing machine’s washer.

Un shrink your clothes

If some of your cloth’s fabric is shrinkable, you can simply soak the fabric in lukewarm water. After that you need to add mild shampoo in it. Simply leave the clothes for a while. At last, you need to stretch it out. You finally get your cloth to unshrink.

Avoid mixing socks with other clothes

9 Essential Laundry Tips for PG students

Usually what happens is, while adding clothes into the washer, you lose one sock. You need to add socks first and then after that, you can add other clothes. On the other hand, you can add both the socks separately. This will save them from missing.

Air-dry naturally

Laundry tips

You should dry your clothes in the open air. Mainly you can dry jeans, gym clothes, under-garments and pajamas in hot air. This is one of the main laundry tips. Open-air reduces bacteria in clothes.

Ironing and folding

Laundry tips

You just need to iron the clothes as they get dry. It will help in reducing the wrinkles of the cloth. The other thing you can do is whenever clothes are dry out, just fold them and place them in your wardrobe. This helps in maintaining the look of the cloth. Ironing cloth is one of the major laundry tips that you must follow.

Final Thoughts

Clothes are delicate and hard depending on their types. But you need to manage your clothes properly. Some ways surely help you in managing your laundry in a better way. In this blog, I have discussed 9 essential laundry tips and tricks that you need to follow. If you are having any doubt, feel free to ask me in the comment box.

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