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Peace And Chaos

Living in an orderly world we people believe the lies around us and thus we are entrapped inside this infinite loop called Perfect World. We see the flaws in this orderly living but still we continue according to the Plan.
Order is the Way to live what we say THE PERFECT LIFE. But is it necessary to follow a certain code? Why there is a need to follow some rules that limit our perception, why to pre-decide our next action on the basis of some code that may or may not be according to our nature. But still we go on following the code, living our dream THE PERFECT LIFE.
But it seems pretty weird that we actually want to live that way, isn’t it?
Actually we really don’t feel anything weird in living that way because it’s the way we are raised, the way we are taught, it becomes our nature to long for perfection in life. The branded clothes, the furniture, there is a long list of such unnecessary equipment that we do not actually require but we still end up owning them just to make sure that we get our share of attention in this otherwise uninterested world. Now it raises a new question, why we need attention? Why we long for the admiration? Why not we just do what we are supposed to do without giving a thought about what other people think? But sometimes this attention and admiration works as a fuel which keep us in the loop.
There is a very curious thing about living by some codes that we sometimes (or most of the times) end up doing things that we do not actually want to do in the first place.
We do things that are meaningless to us, we want appreciation for that, the society makes sure that we get our share of motivation and admiration, so that we do not break the order and hence this loop continues.
But it’s not always the case , exceptions are everywhere.

“If you don’t like the rules, follow them, reach the zenith and change them.”
There always been some personalities who change the codes of this orderly society by reaching the very top of this well organised tree.
How did they accomplish this? Well to understand ‘How’, we must first know ‘Why’ and ‘What’?
Order always provide us with almost all the necessities but sometimes it puts a restriction over our free will. That’s when rebellions rise. Free will is our uttermost resource for self-gratification. Wars have been fought to achieve freedom. Freedom to do things we want to do .But still after so many wars deep down all of us are nursing children of chaos inside us that will be born when this order is no longer required.

Emotions can be tricky, sometimes they make us take decisions that we do not opt for under normal circumstances. But the decisions we take under the influence of our emotions are the ones we never regret.

in search of eternal bliss..


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