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How To Dress For Indian Wedding

How to dress for Indian wedding – this has been a contradictory and confusing question every now and then. We Indians are always enthusiastic when it comes to wedding ceremonies. There are a lot of functions being organized during the whole course- haldi, sangeet, sagaai, shaadi and vidaai. These are the prime functions of every Indian wedding. In addition to that, every caste has its own additional ceremony, which is mandatory to perform. Hence, we are here to tell you what can you wear in these functions so that you can flaunt your outfit and confidence at your best.

Indian Weddings And Their Significance

Weddings are a great way to connect to your far away relatives, friends and beloved ones. However, it is not only restricted to only get- togethers. It is more than that. Our culture portrays every married couple as The Supreme Lord- Lordess couples. For instance, they are commonly portrayed as the couples similar to Gauri- Shankar, Lakshmi- Narayan, Siya- Ram and Radha- Krishna. And these Gods and Goddesses have a prime importance in your culture and traditions. Hence, marriages are often a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and joyous occasions.

That’s why Indian weddings often cost more than any other wedding in the world. Also, a proper outfit according to the occasion is selected so that the culture is maintained and everyone stays happy.

How To Dress For Indian Weddings

How To Dress For Indian Wedding
Beautiful Indian bride in traditional wedding clothes

This is a complicated question as it may seem a bit dazed to choose the right outfit according to the ceremony. But dont worry, we are here with a complete guide of what to wear and how to dress for Indian wedding. We hope that this guide might help you in selecting your outfits for the big day in future.

For Haldi Functions

Haldi means ‘turmeric powder’ in Hindi language. And this magical powder is packed with antibacterial and antibiotic properties. In this ceremony, the families and friends of bride and groom apply a thick paste of turmeric powder all over their face and the exposed parts of their bodies. Since turmeric is antiseptic and has skin clensing properties, it is done before wedding so that one doesn’t catch any sort of bacterial or other infections, while carrying a constant glow on their faces. 

For bride and groom

It is very important to note that turmeric leaves stains. So, one should not use the clothes won in this function for further use.

For bride: When it comes to the bride, she can go with a yellow satin chiffon saree along with a floral blouse for a minimalistic look. 

Also, you can go with a bright yellow lehenga with golden/ silver embroidery on it. 

When it comes to makeup, don’t go overboard as applying haldi on your face with definitely wash everything off. Keep it minimal yet elegent. With a single stroke of eyeliner, little mascara and nude shade lipstick, you can literally rock like anything.

For jewellery selection, you have to be mindful about that. Because you don’t want to get your jewellery, right ? You can go with a modest look by wearing small earrings alongwith gold plated single chain, yellow bangles and gold plated anklets. Or else, you can wear the artificial floral jewellery set, that is specially designed for haldi functions. 

For groom: A groom can go with an all- yellow kurta- pyjama with little floral print/ polka dots. However, you can create a contrast by wearing a yellow kurta along with a white pyjama. Also, you can add an embroidered green floral Nehru jacket to add a classy touch to your whole outfit.

For guests

Male guests: You can go with a simple yellow kurta and pair it with a plenty of bottomwears. For instance, blue jeans, white pyjama/ dhoti, yellow pyjama will work. Also, you can create a different look by wearing a mint green kurta alongwith white pyjama.

Female guests: Dear ladies, when it comes to outfits, you need not worry about because we have a plenty of options for you. If you want to create a traditional with a mix of modernism, then go with a yellow lehenga and pair it with a funky blouse or a long kurti.

Not only this, but you can also go with a yellow kurti alongwith a yellow/ green/ white/ red sharara.

Also, you can wear a yellow maxi gown to creat a beautiful long look.

When it comes with accessories, go with a pair of dazzling heavy chandbaliyan and yellow bangles/ bracelets or a studded ring.

For Mehendi and Sangeet Evening

Indian women dance at an Indian wedding ..
Indian women dance at an Indian wedding ..

When it comes to sangeet and mehendi functions, all the ladies have to be mindful of what they are wearing in their hands. This is because mehendi also leaves permanent/ long lasting stains not only on jewellery, but also on clothes. 

For bride and groom

For bride: You can go with a dazzling lehenga and comfortable heels/ flats. While choosing a lehenga for yourself, forget about minimalism. You are the star performer and queen of the evening, so dress according to that. Opt for a bright coloured and eye catchy colour for your lehenga. For instance, you can go with lilac lehenga with silver embroidery. Or with dark green/ royal blue lehenga can work in your favour.

For accessories, go with a pair of heavy jhumkas or dazzling chandbaliyan (because they are show stealers!). Moreover, you can also go with a set of choker and matching earrings as per your interest. Wear a pair of heavy golden/ silver anklets according to your preference.

When it comes to hands, if you are applying mehendi right during the function, then its better to not wear anything as it may mess up with mehendi.

If you are having a separate mehendi function, then definitely go with a pair of matching bangles. Also, you go with a beautiful, heavy studded bracelet and a heavy ring in the other hand.

For groom: Go with a velvet kurti and pair it with a matching pyjama for an intrinsic pattern. Also, if you want to match with your beautriful bride, then what would be more amazing than that ? Pair you overall outfit with a branded watch, gold rings and a great pair of shoes.

For guests

For males: Go with a nice pair of kurta- pyjama and jooti. Also, you can pair your amazing kurta with a dhoti to make it look more chic.

For females: When it comes to someone’s mehendi/ sangeet function, make sure to wear a chicy dazzling outfit to the party. You can go with a gorgeous lehenga of a royal color.

If you don’t seem interested in the idea of something heavy, then you can opt for a beautiful evening gown. The fascinating thing about evening gowns is that it fits perfectly in every situation. Pair them with a set of matching stunning heels so that you groove equally with the music!

For Engagement

Engagement or the ring ceremony or the ring exchange is one of the crucial parts of any wedding function. Both bride and groom make each other wear rings in the ring finger of the right hand. 

For bride and groom

For bride: Since an engagement ceremony is said to be one step lower to wedding, hence it is treated equal to the actual one. Here, some families feel like following their family traditions and wanting their daughter to wear that. So, there are infinite options for this second big day of yours.

Go with a traditional silk saree (if you are a south indian) along with heavy vintage ornaments. 

If you want to do something else, then jump into a beautiful lehenga. Make sure that the color is bright so that it is eye catchy and photogenic.

Also, you can go for a beautiful off white/ baby pink/ mint green or related colors with beautiful sets of jewelry to draw everybody’s attention towards you.

For groom: The groom should wear a three- piece suit for his engagement ceremony. Don’t go with black, as it is considered a sign of bad omen. Choose rich colours that will add value to your overall outfit and personality. For instance, a royal/ denim blue suit will be a perfect match for trhe engagement ceremony. Pair it with right tie, pocket square and a pair of cufflinks, alongwith a brooch to bring out a chic appearence.

For guests

For males: Like the groom, it would be amazing if you go in a three piece suit. Here, you can choose colours such as denim blue or shining black to upgrade your look. Match them with good quality of tie, cufflinks and pocket square to be perfect for the ceremony.

For females: Here, similar to the bride, you can also try different options. Go with an evening gown or you can go with a solid bodycon dress. Match it with your favorite jewelry and you are good to go.

Also, you can go for a lehenga and match it with heels and appropriate jewels.

Also, you can throw on a satin maxi skirt along with a crop top. Pair it with pencil heels and gorgeous earrings or studs. 

For Wedding Night

Gaye holud.. Indian Hindu Bengali wedding ritual
Gaye holud.. Indian Hindu Bengali wedding ritual

One of the most important days or one of the big days in the life of a person is their wedding day. Everyone has a lot of hopes and expectations when it comes to their wedding. And it is important to dress up your best for this day to make it memorable for the entire life.

For bride and groom

For the bride: The biggest is here ! And if you are a bride, then the overwhelming nature during this time is completely normal. Here are plenty of options for you. 

You can go for a red lehenga- style saree, matching with amazing choker jewelry. Also, you wear rani haar with dazzling stones if you love getting dressed in a traditional, Rajputana bridal attire. Wear thick and eye catchy anklets, with those little jhumkas so that whenever you walk, it creates the beautiful cham- cham tune.

Also, you can go for a lehenga attire with a double dupatta pattern, which is trending nowadays. For this, go for a lighter shade of lehenga (such as cream color) and then layer it with a darker shade of dupatta (such as green, red, maroon, violet, purple or pink). This would create a beautiful contrast within your outfit.

However, you can go for a monochrome style if you want to. An all- green, all- pink, all- red kind of outfits are classy and trending nowadays.

For groom: A groom look for his wedding is incomplete with a pair of white/ yellow dhoti- kurta. Pair them with a colourful/ green/ red/ orange/ pink dupatta to create a fascinating look. Also, you can go with readymade dhoti kuta sets with a readily available in the markets. 

Pair them with long, heavy pearl neckpieces or mala and amritsari jooti to create a royal look. 

For the guests

For males: Hello men out there! The amazing thing about someone’s wedding function is that you have a variety of options when it comes to outfits. You can either opt for a traditional look or can go with a modern, chic look. If going traditional, then have your best kurta- pyjama set and jooti. 

However, if you are going for a modern look, then go with a three- piece suit with matching cufflinks, pocket square, brooch and tie. Wear your best shoes, matching your entire outfit, and you are good to go!

For females: For someone’s wedding, try to look the best you can. For instance, go with a stunning evening gown. You can also opt for a lehenga by pairing it with matching ornaments. 

If you want to take it to the next level, try a saree. It is traditional yet elegant at the same time. Go for a soft satin saree and pair it with a golden/ silver designer blouse. 

The Bottom Line

These are some of the suggestions on how to dress for Indian wedding. However, you can add or subtract some of those opinions based on your personal style, taste and knowledge of outfits. We hope that these suggestions might help you in planning for your big day.

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