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Holy city in Punjab- AMRITSAR

Our country is full of holy cities which are always counted as the travelling spots by the elderly people mostly but now-a-days teenagers also start believing in good and God  and visit to these places for some peace and hustle free life. People are counting on these religious places like Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi, Haridwar and still counting. But Sikhs always consider to look at only one stop i.e., AMRITSAR which is being considered as the most holistic place of Punjab. And now different people belonging to different gender, religion, castes, city, states come to ask Lord for the good.

When I had trip to Amritsar, I went there with my friends and I had no idea at that time if this place could provide me with so much of good memories to cherish,  good people, savouring delicious food, the footprints of history, the reasonable shopaholic arena, and the most important it made me fell for meethi lassi which is being considered as one of the major element of Punjabi food. Believe me! I used to hate lassi and now I am the only one who finishes the lassi ka glass first in lassi race with my brother always J

So many people ask that the Jallianwala Bagh and Golden temple are the only landmarks we could go for in Amritsar. What are the other places we can visit there?  So, I am gonna tell you the most favourite of mine and you should definitely take a look at the countdown.

  1. Kesar da dhaba

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It is the only place where I had lassi and I became the fan of it. It provides you the proper Punjabi food with hell lot of spices, ghee and salad in it but trust me or not it will give you the immense pleasure when you will have it. Your taste buds will start dancing and you will eat it as if you will never gonna had such kind of food in your life again. This is one of my favourite spot to have food in Amritsar. Do grab some food there if you go, you can’t afford to miss this chance at all.

  1. Chura market

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It is not mandatory that if a girl is married or going to be married can only wear  Chura. The Chura market near Golden temple is though famous for Suhag Chura but the bachelor girls can also go and try different bangles, Chura and stuff for themselves. When I went to that market I was so impressed with the colors, designs, and the most interesting thing which I had discovered there at that time was that  that the Suhag Chura was engraved the names of the grooms on it. I

  1. The Amritsar Markets

Honestly, the markets in Amritsar is costlier in terms of ladies garments but Yes, you should bargain with them. There are so many jutties, salwarsuits  latest fashion and trend. Some of the shopkeepers are so cool and jolly that they themselves offer you some good stuff at reasonable prices and Mind it!  you need to search hard, really nice hard to search for these kind of shops. You should be respectful and down to earth with them, they are pretty nice people.

  1. The flee market near Golden Temple

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If  you guys don’t worry about the money so go on, grab some stuff which will amaze you. And who are still worried about the money so I have a good news for you shopaholics there,  “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  so there is a way to flee market near Golden temple which are so reasonable and standardized. You will be surprised to know that there are so many things from bangles to clothes, jutties to shoes, salwar suits to anakalis, and You men there, Don’t be sad! There are so many things for you guys too. Go and get them.

  1. Juice you never had before

I don’t like Ganne ka rus but you should try it once in Amritsar from the local  Theliwalaas. You will definitely not gonna regret it. The taste is different and YES, they are hygienic too. A must try..

  1. Kalian wala khu (Well of blacks)

This is another holy place for the theists in Ajnala, Amritsar. This place has its own history which is still buried in that well. The remains of the martyrs of 1857 revolt are still there. There is a Gurudwara just near this well.  I went there too to see that place where our brave fighters are buried with deceit. You should go there and watch out that How people are protecting that place and keeping that history, the sacrifice of those soldiers still alive.

  1. Guru ka langar

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How can it happen if you go to Amritsar and don’t have Guru ka langar . Guru ka langar is a must. There is not doubt in it that if you go there  you will surely visit Harmandir Sahib ( Golden Temple). Jst don’t forget to have Guru ka langar as it is the most tastiest food you will ever had for yourself. Only Maa ke haath ka khana & Guru ka langar can give you goose bumps whenever you will have it. The feeling of love, trust and the taste of purity is beyond next level. So if you are feeling homesick and you want to taste the yummiest food then go for Guru ka langar- Free of cost and beyond perfect…..

  1. Major attractions of Amritsar

Amritsar is known for Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah border and one should definitely visit these places as it will complete your trip in complete sense if yopu go to AMRITSAR.

So these are the must DO’s list of mine which I want you guys to definitely do whenever you guys will visit “Amritsar- The land of SAROVAR.”



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