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Heartless Man

Heartless always doesn’t refer to the person without a heart. Sometimes it also refers to the person without emotions. It is a love story of a body and heart.
A being without a heart is just a body only. Isn’t it? Love has no age and no time. It can happen at any moment of time.

Heartless Man

Introduction to the story-

This story relates to 2 school going children who were in 3rd class. They used to sit together and shared lunch too. It was a lubby-dubby type cute friendship. This friendship turned into love in no time. They completed their secondary education and had to part their ways. That girl was intelligent and that boy was a big mistake of his parents.

Features of lady-

As it is said “LOVE IS BLIND”, that girl was a proper typical Indian who can’t leave her guy easily. As days passed she felt that guy is not interested in her anymore. Even then she hoped that one day she will also feel that she is a princess of his heart. She wanted his happiness, that’s why she asked him many times that whether he is happy with her or not. He always used to say that he is happy with her and he also wants to be with her. But she was not a fool, she felt the truth. She knew that he didn’t mean anything which he said as he never used to follow his own words. She should have known that if she was begging for his attention everytime and he was ignoring her, then obviously she had no importance in his life. She always needed him only. He was her heart’s important part.

Her heart always used to say that “Move on young lady, you deserve better.”

Heartless Man

How time flied-

Time passed and they completed their 12th too. Some tragic incident occurred in the boy’s life and his father died. The boy wasn’t good in any activity or studies so his mother decided to make him a receptionist in a small private hotel. While the girl studied well and became a successful doctor. From that chubby cute girl, she transformed into beautiful and confident young lady but then also her heart didn’t stop beating for her childhood love. Till now she was madly in love with him. She decided to marry him too but as she was the only child to her parents, they were more possessive for her. They wanted their daughter to live a luxurious and happy life always. Her parents wanted her to leave that middle-class man and marry a rich guy whom they like.
But she refused their proposal and flew away from her house to marry that idiot. Finally, these two so called love buds got engaged and both the families got ready for this marriage too after the long conversations and all the emotional stuffs. All the rituals were done peacefully and that girl moved on to the new house. The in-laws were also not good and they used to treat a well-educated lady as a maid. But just to live with her love, she was ready to undergo through this torture too.

Heartless Man

She soon fell ill and got jaundice. Then also her cruel in-laws used to treat her like a maid only. Her husband wasn’t supportive at all. Even in this condition he never asked his mother and sister to help her and stop harassing her. All this wasn’t a part of her beautiful dream of marriage. One day suddenly she got panic attacks and she realized that she is not going to live more and for the last one time she wanted to see him and wanted to breath her last in his arms. From her shivering hands she dialed his number but he was busy in flirting with another woman and asked her to call him later without even listening to her.
She broke down and started crying and feeling guilty for doing such a big mistake of her life. The sound of sobbing started to decrease and at once it suddenly stopped. Both the evil ladies went to the room to check her and their mouth and eyes were wide open after seeing the scene. The cold body of that ambitious lady was on the floor and in her fist there was one note which was given by that heartless man to her in 3rd class. “You are my best friend, I won’t leave you ever.” was written on it. This scene can leave anyone into tears but have you ever seen heartless people caring or crying for someone?
They simply forgot this incident within 10 days and that heartless guy married another woman within 20 days. Now, her parents are helpless and just passing their life alone in the grief of their only child. They don’t have any motive left to live.


So, all the girls out there should learn something from this and should listen to their inner soul rather than their heart. Don’t allow others to make you fool with their sugar-coated words. Choose your partner wisely with all your senses open.



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