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Heartless Man

Heartless always doesn’t refer to the person without a heart. Sometimes it also refers to the person without emotions. It is a love story...

Fashionistas ! Gear Up !

Fashion is grace, style, elegance and above all it should make you feel cool, confident and comfortable. You do not do fashion, actually you...

Style and Fashion of Today

Style and fashion are big deal for modern teens; most teens enjoy reading about new styles and trying out the latest clothing and accessories....

Choosing Responding Over Reaction As Netizens

Sunder Pichai’s Cockroach theory has a lot to say – "At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She...

Make-up tips for teenage girls

Teenage years are the most stressful years of anyone’s life. Hormonal changes and other difficulties add to our never ending problems with our mind...