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10 reasons Why Visiting Jammu and Kashmir is Worth Taking the Risk

Although the Kashmir issue has always been one of the major problems in India and the increasing Disputes and Riots have led to the decrease in the number of Tourists in Kashmir but the place has always been a forever beauty crowning the northern part of India. Despite of all the flaws the Switzerland of India is a phenomenal travelling destination for every type and age of tourists.

1) Of course! The Natural Beauty:

No matter where we Humans go we are always connected to the Nature.We start with the Beautiful Gardens in Srinagar like Shalimar Garden and Dilshat Garden or the Pari Mahal located at the top of the Zabarwan Mountain Range or the Chashme Shahi famous for its spring water which is considered very good for health or the Badam Vari which has Dozens of Almond trees all over or the Apple Gardens which offer the best of apples to the whole country or the beautiful Dal Lake which has its admirers all over the world. The capital Srinagar has endless beauty.

2) An amazing Experience of Stay in the Houseboats of Dal Lake:

The Dal Lake also known as the “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir” is integral to tourism and recreation in Kashmir. It covers an area of 18 sq. km. Although it has various attractions but the Houseboats and Shikaras are the most famous among them. There are various kinds of Houseboats with the most exquisite and expensive being the Houseboats of the Golden Lake which is a part of the Dal Lake.Apart from living in the Houseboat you can have the privilege of visiting the Floating market, Floating gardens which blossom with Lotus flowers, Char Chinar and various other attractions of the lake itself. Going in a Shikara is one whole of an experience itself.

3) The Innocent and Welcoming People of Kashmir:

The people of Kashmir are the most innocent and friendly people you will find anywere in India. Maybe because of all the hardships they have seen they are most welcoming to the tourists and truly follow the saying of “Atithi Devo Bhava”. Very soft spoken people live there who mostly lead the simplest of lives and have love and respect for every individual. Tourism is one of their best mode of earning and so thieves are minimal in the State of J&K.

4)The Vaishno Devi Temple and The Amarnath Temple:

Located in the Territory of J&K these temples have a very high historical value and people from all over India come to visit these Temples. Vaishno Devi Temple is located in Katra at the Trikuta Mountains and not ony Pilgrims but also a lot of Tourists come to visit this magnificent cave Temple. The Amarnath Cave is situated at an altitude of 3888 m about 341 km from Srinagar and every year thousands of people visit this shrine of the Lord Shiva.

5) There are Army and Police Guarding almost Every Corner:

Although sometimes it seems risky the idea of visiting Kashmir but there are Army men and Police covering even the minor corner of the place. They are ready to help in the minimum of issues you might have and always attentive to any risk regarding anything or anyone. They are serving the nation with the best dedication.

6) The Foodie Destination: Kashmir is a Delight for All Kinds of Foodies:

You can find all kind of food here but the most famous is the non vegetarian delights which you can find in a variety on the street itself. Apart from non-veg various restaurants serve Indian, Continental and Chinese food also. The most famous Indian food restaurant in Srinagar is the Krishna Dhaba which serves the best and fresh Vegetarian food. Not only food but also the best Apples, Strawberries, Saffron and Dry fruits like Almonds, Raisins, Chestnuts, Blueberries and a lot more, are found here.

7) The Gulmarg Gondola and Golf Course:

Gulmarg is a town in Baramula District in J&K. The famous Gondola in Gulmarg is the world’s largest operating cable car. The two staged ropeway ferries about 600 people per hourto and from Kongdoori Mountain, a shoulder of nearby Afarwat Peak(13,780ft.). The Golf Course is counted the largest 18-hole golf courses in the country. Gulmarg is also a popular Skiing Destination. It is the heartland of “Winter Sports in India”.

8) Pahalgam and Sonamarg:

These other two towns of J&K are also very popular among the Tourists. Pahalgam has beautiful Flora and Fauna with beautiful Destinations like the Betaab Valley named after a Bollywood movie. The Mini Switzerland In Pahalgam as the name suggests is an ultimate beauty.There are many other local beautiful gardens in Pahalgam worth visiting. Sonamarg is a hill station in Ganderbal District of J&K. Sonamarg,which means a ‘meadow of gold’ has, its backdrop, snowy mountains against cerulean sky.a lot of river rafting tournaments are organised here yearly.

9) Shoppers Stop for Winter Stuff:

Kashmir is a shoppers delight. The famous Pashmina shawls are rich in Quality and Beauty. You can buy special green tea leaves for a chai lover, a Kashmiri hand woven carpet called the Narmda, some Kashmiri lac ornaments, Paper mashie Handicrafts, Antique copperwares, Articles made of walnut wood, a Santoosh shawl, a beautifully woven Poncho and if you are in a mood to splurge, bank upon a piece of Jewellery encrusted with ‘Doda Sapphire’ only found in Kashmir.

10) It can be an Inexpensive Trip:

Although Jammu & Kashmir is evergreen but best month to visit Kashmir is the last week of September and the first week of October. This time it is out of season and a pleasant climate. This is a tourist place and hence there are a lot of hotels in whole State. If not booking online you can easily find a Hotel and bargain for the best of prices. Travelling in Shared Taxis are convenient as well as cheap and while shopping the local market has a lot to offer and a good bargaining can save a lot of money.

It is Truly Heaven On Earth!

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Ayushi Dimri
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