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5 Reasons How Learning Foreign Language Would Blast Your Boring Lifestyle!!

‘Bilingualism’- does this term sounds familiar? If you have foreign dreams or have a secret desire to date a foreign chick, then this term is like a goddess for you. Even though learning a new language is not so easy, but being fluent in a second language offers numerous benefits and opportunities. It has lots of practical, intellectual and aspirational benefits. In today’s world being bilingual certainly has its own advantages. So why don’t you take a look at the benefits of being an expert in foreign languages!


  1. Jobs At Your Doorstep

 Who won’t like to stay ahead of their peers in this competitive world? With the emerging business dominance nature of society, being bilingual would give a competitive edge when searching for jobs. Multinational companies who set up their units in different parts of the world are constantly in search of bilingual staff as they are beneficial to the company. Being bilingual can be useful as it can easily reduce the cultural gap between the two countries.

  1. Nerdy Brains!!


Well this might be shocking to many but medical reports suggest that learning different languages has positive effect on brain. It significantly delays the onset of many brain related diseases such as Alzheimer and Dementia, compared to those who are fluent only in their mother tongue.

  1. Sell Your Business Anywhere


Well want to set up a business in a foreign country? Then bilingualism is your thing. One needs to review the market and understand the needs of the customer before setting up a business and market review can be done in an efficient manner only by gelling up with them. So learning a foreign language has become more than just a necessity.

  1. Dig Into Their Culture!


The world is a cauldron of rich and interesting cultures. Learning a new language also gives you a chance to see fascinating things from a new perspective. Different culture has its own music, style, history, literature and many more things which can only be explored if you have the magic spell- ‘their language’. A whole new dynasty would be there in front of your eyes.

  1. Lets Switch To The ‘Scope’ Part



The scope of learning a foreign language is huge like hell. There are different fields like entertainment, tourism, public relation, international organizations and publishing houses which needs bilinguals. The future of learning a foreign language is at present at an all time high with newer avenues opening up each day. You have other options like teacher, freelancer, interpreter or a translator. Academic qualification and proficiency in a foreign language can open the gates for career in sectors such as tourism, embassies, diplomatic service and in multinational companies who are in constant search of candidates possessing excellent skills in foreign languages. There is also the scope of becoming an online content writer, technical translator or decoder. There are organizations like the United Nations Organization (UNO), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and Indian organizations like Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Reserve Bank of India (RBI) who are in constant need of professionals who specialize in foreign language.


Languages are the essence of communication and it is the need of the moment to be able to break the language barrier and be able to facilitate a smooth conversation in order to let proper business connections flow. Sometimes talent alone can’t enhance your personality if you are not able to communicate well and trust me bilingualism is a saviour. So grab the gears and get ready to save this planet with your bilingual powers!!!



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