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DOODLE ART- from emergence to benefits

Art is all around you. A person involved in some specific art like dancing, singing, writing or painting itself, is said to be an artist. Specifically, talking of the art itself, there are so many different kinds of art. People are so full of creativity. Usually, if you look deeply, every piece of art requires some amount of attention to it. You work minutely on details to successfully make a picture. Be it warli art or Madhubani painting or canvas painting or normal scenery, you require to put your attention while making any of it. But, what if there exists an art that you do without putting your attention. Doodle art is one such art that you do when you are already preoccupied with some other thoughts. Let’s dig deeper to know what you don’t know about this simple yet creative art.

Doodle art- when did it emerge?

Looking back in history, you will find out that the first doodle art was made 500,000 years ago in Indonesia. According to archaeologists, the oldest painting was a scribble on a shell. He made some zig-zag patterns on that shell. He drew so as to remember the path back to his place. This scribble is basically the emergence of doodle art. Now, you know that this art is not at all a new trend. Instead, it emerged as the basic and first drawing from history.

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Talking of Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings, you can find so many drawings that are basically scribbles. He drew mechanical inventions, life drawings of a fetus in the womb and cross-sections of animal skeletons in sketches and scribbles. If you look into cave paintings, you’ll find that even those paintings were basically drawn out of scribbling.  Cavemen drew human hands, chicken, trees and all other depictions to narrate a story. They used stones and sticks to carve this doodle on walls. This means doodle art just got evolved with time. it already traces its emergence from ancient times.

What is doodle art?

Doodle art is simply a confusing painting that hides some meaning within it. These drawings are so made to attract people’s attention. You may use abstract shapes and ideas to make such paintings. These art and drawings are made effortlessly. The drawings may or may not contain hidden messages. People are more into it due to its effortlessness and ease. All you require is a sheet of paper, a black pen or a pencil. These are the basic requisites of doodle drawing. You can find doodle art almost everywhere. Some cartoon depictions use it. Famous TV or comic characters, invented fictional beings, landscapes, geometric shapes and patterns, textures, banners with legends, and animations, doodle art traces its episodes almost at every place.  

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Is it just an art or a skill having beneficial results?

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The brain is a part of our body responsible for every action that we do or even think of doing. There are so many different skills that increase the efficiency of brain functioning. So, is this doodle art. Studies show that there are numerous cognitive benefits of doodle art.

Talking of retaining the amount of information

A survey showed that doodlers are capable of retaining and remembering information. Researchers say that doodle art encourages the use of essential resources of our brain that enables a person to do multitask. This is why you remember more things while carrying out a doodle. Also, when you are listening to something while drawing a doodle picture, you are said to comprehend more. It is because you are not daydreaming absentmindedly. Your hands are at work while your brain is listening and trying to comprehend.

Is doodle art a real stress-buster?

Stress is an undetachable part of one’s life. At some point or other, you are prone to feel stressful. But, you can’t stay with this all through the day. You need stress-relievers in your day-to-day life. Doodle art is one such activity. Sketching and scribbling lets you do spontaneous stuff. At the point of stress, if you try to engage yourself in some doodle art practice, you will see for yourself. The engagement brought by sketching reduces the stress hormone or Cortisol.

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What apart from cognitive benefits?

Doodle art undoubtedly brings in a lot of cognitive benefits. But, it is rewarding too. Studies show that doodling increases the blood flow in your prefrontal cortex. It is rewarding. Also, studies prove that this activity increases the emotion processing capability. Art and sketching help you connect better with your emotions and feelings. Connecting to your thoughts seems easy.

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