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Fly high for higher education in South Africa

South Africa embodies diversity with its multiethnic population, 11 national languages, and varied physical landscapes and wildlife. Therefore, students who try to add a little adventure to their curriculum will find South Africa an ideal destination for studying abroad. Don’t forget to climb Table Mountain, explore the famous Garden Route, or sunbathe on one of the many beautiful beaches in South Africa!

But, not all of this is fun and games. South African universities offer countless degree programs designed to challenge students and enhance their career options in the future.

Due to its dedication to producing responsible, socially conscious citizens, higher education in South Africa has been particularly important since the end of apartheid. It is no wonder then that students begin to recognize what an enormous opportunity it is to study in South Africa abroad.

Education system of South Africa

In some ways, a natural result to South African diverse populations, the education system in South Africa re-developed its focus to help graduates achieve global, multicultural competitiveness. South African universities are now pursuing a push to boost their infrastructure, thus contributing to the country’s development and addressing South Africans ‘ fundamental needs: maximizing innovation, reducing poverty, and creating employment.

At the same time, South African schools are seeking solutions in teaching, research and community-based education for international problems, like climate change.

South Africa is an ideal place to study the challenges of developing countries and Africa itself. Study courses in South Africa often impose lower charges on excellent qualifications than many developed countries. In addition, students who participate in South African education programs have the only opportunity to work in their fields of expertise with internationally recognized local scientists.

Cost of living in South Africa

It is no surprise that Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town are also South Africa’s most popular foreign study destination in South Africa. Fortunately, the living costs in South Africa are still relatively affordable for students in comparison to many other possible foreign study destinations. Students have options to find affordable accommodation as an added benefit.

For food a month, an average person would need about ₹ 1,500 (£ 95) which breaks down to about ₹ 50 (£ 3.16) per day. Many students will live with an all – in catering deal in university residences so there are additional costs for social activities.

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Accommodation for students

If you’re one of the many international students worrying about accommodation, don’t be afraid anymore. Most of South Africa’s universities provide students with some housing. It can be shared sleeping accommodations, corridors or private rooms, and can normally be provided throughout study. Some student accommodations also benefit from the cost and easy access to student dining facilities, including meal plans.

Private accommodation

Many students opt for private accommodation after their first year, according to some of the major universities in South Africa. This is often achieved via property portals or property agencies that help students, but generally South Africans, to find accommodation.

Scholarships offered for international students in South Africa

University of Cape Town scholarship programs

The University of Cape Town offers the Faculty of Health Sciences postgraduate research scholarships. UCT, a leading public research university, offers great opportunities to people interested in research in different fields.

These scholarships were set up to provide Masters and PhD scholars with financial support. Recipients of this scholarship will assist a Child Health and Pediatrics Department research team.

University of Pretoria scholarship program

This scholarship is hosted by the Center for Human Rights at Pretoria University in partnership with 13 leading African universities. The scholarship is valid in Scholarships offered for international students in South Africa and democracy

This is a unique program for law graduates (LLB) or honors degrees in human rights and democratization related disciplines. Annually, between 25 and 30 people are admitted.

Monash university scholarships

South Africa’s Monash University campus offers international student scholarships from across the African continent. Because of academic merit, scholarships are offered annually and awarded. South African and international students are encouraged to apply for these scholarships, which are offered to high attainers as well as those who are unable to pursue their education because of financial constraints.

These scholarships are available in all subjects offered at the University for Undergraduate Studies.

African leadership academy fellowship program

The ALA Fellowships are two-year positions for young professionals from across Africa who have completed their undergraduate studies over the past five years. All ALA fellows are working as teaching fellows or professional staff fellows with talented and passionate students from all over Africa.

Each fellow receives housing, a living expense stipend, and a grant for a travel excursion that is professionally relevant.

Mastercard foundation scholarships

The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship aims at persons with university qualifications who are economically disadvantaged and thus unable to continue their studies. Young people are welcome to apply for these scholarships in South Africa, SADC countries, and the rest of Africa.

The scholarships apply to undergraduate courses in Economics and Management, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Engineering, Education and Humanities faculties. Postgraduate students who intend to study in the Engineering, Economic and Management Sciences and Natural and Agricultural Sciences faculties are also welcome to apply for the same.

Mastercard student fellowship program at university of Cape Town

UCT, in cooperation with the MasterCard Foundation, offers bonds to people in sub-Saharan Africa who are high academics, but do not have the finances to study. A comprehensive academic support bursary with internship, career guidance, transition to work support and access to a global Alumni Network is provided to each beneficiary.

In 2018 58 opportunities for scholarships, i.e., 13 undergraduate bonds, 15 honors and 30 master bonds, will be available.

Mandela Rhodes scholarship for Asian students

These international students bursaries are open to persons who want to study in South African universities for post-graduate degrees (masters and honours). A program of high-quality leadership, which aims to develop exceptional leadership capacity in Africa, is a combination of financial support to post-graduate students.

Through this bursary, a scholar can study in a South African university for a maximum of two years and receive an acknowledged degree. A number of bursaries are offered.

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Language and culture of South Africa

It is no wonder that South Africa has become a multicultural power house with eleven officially recognized languages. Especially in the post-Apartheid era, South Africa was constantly rebranded into a “Rainbow Nation” of diversity.

This effort is seen in an exceptional blend of indigenous and colonial cultures. They create a fusion in the world together like no other. The stellar arts scene and fascinating literary canon is particularly appreciated by International students in South Africa.

Student visa for international student in South Africa

You must apply first to the nearest South African Embassy, Consulate or Higher Commission to start the visa process. Given that this procedure can take up to eight weeks, the application is recommended for admission to the university as quickly as possible.

Documents required for visa:

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of application payment
  • Acceptance letter from the university with the course duration
  • Confirmation of registration
  • Police Clearance Certificate issued by a security authority in the country from which a student is applying
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate if student has or intends to travel through a yellow fever endemic area
  • Proof of access to the necessary financial means while residing in South Africa
  • Proof of medical coverage
  • Marital status documents when applicable

Tuition fees for international students in South Africa

The range for clinical courses ranges from ₹ 94,700 to ₹ 177,770 (£ 5,987–11,239). International students at Cape Town pay at least the standard course fee (₹70,000/£4,425) plus an international student fee of ₹35,000 (£ 2,213) per year (total minimum ₹110,000/£6,955). Wits also recommend that students spend an additional ₹6,000 (£ 380) on books and stationery

As is the case in most countries, university tuition fees in South Africa vary greatly. However, the majority of universities charge per module or credit. In some cases, the amount that South African students should pay is also expected to be doubled by International students.

There are also a number of unique fee structures that international students should be aware of in the South African university. Sub-South African students are usually restricted to scholarships and financial assistance through the university. International students will therefore have to find an alternative way to finance their training abroad. International students also attend the classes.

So, whether taste testing authentic African coffee in one of Johannesburg’s numerous coffee houses or riding the waves along the beaches of Port Elizabeth, international students will find that there is more to South Africa than they could ever imagine.

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