Scholarships offered in Sweden to international students

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Sweden is one of the few European countries to study for free until 2010. The Swedish government has passed legislation to supplement Swedish scholarship programmes, charged for the tuition and application fees of non-EU / EEA students. Many Swedish Universities still provide international students with scholarships in the form of tuition waivers.

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Scholarships offered by the Swedish government to international students

Scholarships offered in Sweden

Swedish institute of scholarships for global professional

SSP is intended to target highly qualified students from selected countries to complete full-time master’s programs in Sweden and to provide them with the Swedish Institute for SSGP (Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals, SISGP). It includes tuition, living and insurance charges.

The visby programme scholarships

The program offers students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine a number of full scholarships to Masters programs in Sweden. The bursary covers the tuition fee, SEK 9,000 per month living expenses, insurance and SEK 5,000 for one-time travel.

Scholarships offered by Swedish universities to foreign students

Blenkinge technology scholarship program

For citizens of non- EU / EEA countries who are required to pay tuition fees to Swedish university education, the Blenkinge Technology Scholarship Program BTH scholarship program for prospective students is available. This bursary program provides partially tuition-free scholarships. There are 50 per cent and 75 per cent less tuition fees available.

University of Boras tuiton fee waivers

The University of Borås provides waivers to highly qualified students who pay tuition fees and apply for eligible university Master’s programmes. The bonds are designed to cover the tuition charge by around 75 percent, but they do not cover the cost of living charges and those have to be borne by the students themselves

Chalmers IPOET scholarship program

The IPOET bonds are open to non-EU / EAE citizens who have to pay tuition fees and apply for Master’s programs offered at University Chalmers. The bursary amounts to a 75% reduction in tuition fees.

The university of Gothenburg study scholarship

The Study Scholarship program is for applicants who have to pay for their Master’s degree programs at the University. This Scholarship program is available for applicants. The student loan covers the student tuition fee for the curriculum.

Halmstad university scholarships

The University of Halmstad offers a series of scholarships annually to qualified students, who are required to pay tuition fees outside the European Union / EEA and Switzerland. The college scholarships are for Masters programs offered at the University in any field of study. The university bursary of Halmstad covers 25 or 50% of the tuition fee, and the tuition fee is deducted.

Karlstad university student global scholarship program

The program aims to attract top academic students from non-EU/ECA (and Switzerland) countries who are required to pay tuition fees for their studies. It cover 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the fees for the tuition.

Karlolinska institute scholarship

A number of tuition fee grants are offered by the Karolinska Institute to outstanding students who are admitted to one of our master’s programs starting every fall period. The program covers only the tuition fees rather than live costs and only for Master’s degree programs.

Kristianstad university scholarships

The grant is given to citizens of a country beyond the EU / EEA who must pay a tuition fee for studies in the University of Kristianstad. When a college scholarship is awarded, the tuition fee shall be reduced fully or partially.

KTH royal institute of global scholarships

For non – EU / EEA / EFTA countries that are required to pay tuition charges and have applied for a master’s program at KTH, only a limited number of tuition fee waivers will be available. The tuition fee is waived for the total duration of the program in the event that a scholarship is granted.

Linneaus scholarship program

Students from non-EU / EEAs and Switzerland who applied to study at Linnaeus University are eligible for Linnaeus University bursaries. Stipends usually amount to 75% of the tuition fee but a few scholarship programs from the Academy of Science and Business in Linnaeus cover 100% of the tuition fee.

Linkoping international scholarships

LiU International Scholarship is to support international students from countries outside the EU / EEA (and Switzerland) with considerable academic potential who are required to pay tuition fees for their studies. The tuition fee is reduced by 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent with LiU International Scholarships.

Lund university global scholarship program

The Lund University Global Scholarship Program is aimed at high-ranking university students who are citizens of countries outside the EU / EEA (and Switzerland) and are required to pay a tuition fee. Scientific bonds may cover 25%, 50%, 75% of tuition fees, or 100%.

Malardalen university scholarships

Mälardalen University offers a limited number of bursaries each year to students from countries outside the EU / EAE / Switzerland who pay tuition fees and apply for the first choice for a master’s degree programme. Until you follow the normal study plan, the scholarship will cover 100 per cent of your tuition fee. The Bursary does not cover the cost of living.

Malmo university scholarships

The Malmö Master’s Baccalaureate University (MUMS) is intended to provide a student with a highly talented program of English master’s program at Malmö Univesity who is citizens of a country other than the EU / EEA / Swiss country. The entire tuition fee is covered by the bursary.

Mid Sweden university scholarships

An application for a Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee is welcome for all students who have study for a master’s degree program at Mid Sweden University and must pay tuition fee. Depending on the selected programme, the bursary will be paid for a reduction of SEK 70,000 or SEK 250,000.

Umea university scholarships

University of Umeå provides a limited number of students outside the EU / EEA who apply for a master’s program at the University of Umeå with high – level bursaries. The full or partial reduction in the tuition fee is granted to selected candidates.


I hope you would have gone through the various scholarship programs that are being offered for international students who are planning to study in Sweden. Now all you need to do is to avail in the most suitable program and take a step further to achieve your dream.

All the best!!

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