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Fashionistas ! Gear Up !

Fashion is grace, style, elegance and above all it should make you feel cool, confident and comfortable. You do not do fashion, actually you are fashion. Always remember it is not fashion that defines you it is you who decides the definition of fashion. For an instance if you are looking good in something, it will make you feel happy and comfortable, you will feel satisfied with your appearance and that is the real definition, but what if you are wearing something just to seem trendy, and it makes you feel uncomfortable and uneasy, you will get pissed. All your efforts will be in vain. So you can decide the best for yourself, right? Fashion is what you can buy but style is eternal, it has to be original, it cannot be a copy and paste thing for sure. See you have to be in the right shoes and you can conquer the world with your grace and charm and above all fashion is not about short or trendy dresses, it is a huge and deep term, everything around you is fashion, it is in the sky, the streets, the ideas, the way we live, our outlook towards life.
So lets make it simpler with few significant points:-
1) Excess of make up turns a diva into Dayan, yes bitter but truth, some people believe natural beauty is best, but i believe when we should have so much make up these days we should do experiments, and always remember make up is to enhance our beauty, no make up can turn a ugly being into beautiful and trust me everyone is beautiful, it all depends on our perceptions. Do it if you like it, to be more confident not to overcome your complex.
Fashionistas ! Gear Up !
2) Wearing too short or too exposed dresses and at times uncomfortable too :- Those tight small things are not going to transform you overnight, we need to understand that we all have different body types, different comfort zones and different preferences so lets dress to impress but ourselves, to cherish our beauty and body.
Fashionistas ! Gear Up !
3) Weird, loud accessories:- These days accessories have become a necessity but sometimes in the process of imitation we lose our senses, again these things are to compliment your dress, or to be yourself. So get that in your mind girls.
Fashionistas ! Gear Up !
4) High heels, and funky hairstyles :- So i have often seen girls, wearing high heels and then which leads to a struggling journey or sometimes shoe bites and other problems, fashion does not means torturing yourself, in public transport you have to bear with many things, and if you do not know how to carry something or if you are not comfortable there is no point of it. Wearing less heels is nowhere going to lessen your charm. Be realistic, if you are imitating actresses get that they have stylists and every luxury, so comparison with them is not justified.
5) Stop wasting your precious money on junk :- Its better to have fewer quality things that junk which is of no use.
Instead of all this you can try and develop a sense of style, learn, these days you have multiple facilities, online, make up hacks, dresses according to your body types, work on yourself, groom and know your worth, stay fit, eat healthy, never let your glow to fade away.
Fashionistas ! Gear Up !
It really doesn’t matter if you are fat or slim, short or tall, dusky or fair, you have flawless skin or acne , all that matters is how you feel about it, see i can understand, who likes acne right? But there is nothing in this world, that cannot be healed. Stop crying over split milk, do what you can do. Excess of everything is bad, imitation is not necessary, feel confident, love yourself, be grateful about what you have got, feel alive. Do not forget about all those handicapped people who do great, achieve heights, they work out of their comfort zone and never give up. So feel blessed, stop complaining and start working. Change your mentality and feel the change. No matter what your colour is if you are happy, i am sure you will get that glow and people will like you and chuck people, all you need is to rise in love with one and only Yourself….
And yes you are 97% sure that they do not like you, but you have to be 100% sure that you do not give a damn…..
One thing i have learnt over the years that what is important in a dress is the woman wearing it……
An aspiring human on the formidable journey of Dreams, Holding a masters degree in English Literature, flowing her ink with a desire to metamorphose this planet into something empyrean.


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