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9 Perks Of Dating A Women Who Doesn’t Wear Too Much Makeup

Makeup’- I guess everyone knows what the word ‘makeup’ means for women. It’s like the next essential thing after brushing and bathing. Jokes apart. Yeah makeup has its own charm on girls but the girl who don’t prefer it, only knows how much relaxing it is for their boyfriend.

1.Kiss Her Freely

9 Perks Of Dating A Women Who Doesn't Wear Too Much Makeup

The first and foremost thing that comes to a boy’s mind when he sees his girlfriend after a long time is “ohh my god!!!!! I so damn wana kiss her”. If your girlfriend don’t wear so much makeup then you can kiss her at any moment without the fear of getting her lipstick smudged.

2. Seeing Her Without Makeup Won’t Fright You:

After getting addicted to her normal face, you wont be tensed  of  getting a heart attack after seeing her without makeup. It would be like ‘ yeah she is my girl’ after every hangout whether you put on makeup or not.

3.No longer 6 hours waiting:

As everyone knows girls take hours  to get ready . I guess makeup contributes about  1 hour. So if you have a girlfriend who loves her natural look  than full of makeup then you will surely get some relieve from  hours of waiting and would surely get some more time to spend .

4. On a date with you , not with mirrors:

9 Perks Of Dating A Women Who Doesn't Wear Too Much Makeup

Girls love to touchup while they put makeup. Some are so crazy that they wont even  remember  what place they are in. May that be their date or office, they seem to be in love with their mirrors. So if your girl doesn’t belong to this category then you are lucky. You would go on a single date with her not a double one .

5. Saves half of your salary:

Girls love shopping. Especially when their boyfriends are their ATM. So boys with makeup allergic girlfriends , cheer up!! You would surely save half of the bucks rather than wasting them on some high class makeup kits.

6.Natural beauty at its best:

When your girlfriend prefer her natural skin more than those layers of makeup, you would be amazed by your observing capacity. You wont be able to believe how could you admire someone so much and would be relaxed that yes you are in love with a genuine person, not with someone with inferiority complex.

7.Confidence about herself:

When your girlfriend don’t prefer makeup that means she is damn confident about what she is, about her personality and don’t care what other people thinks. So boys with such girls, just ‘ be proud of them ‘.

8.Wont be bored of their makeup chats:

9 Perks Of Dating A Women Who Doesn't Wear Too Much Makeup

Girls who love makeup also loves to talk about it. So they choose their boyfriends as the target for bombarding them with their nonstop makeup chats. So guys save your ass from getting kicked by mascara or kajals.

9.Cry her heart out:

9 Perks Of Dating A Women Who Doesn't Wear Too Much Makeup

Guys love it when their girls cry on their shoulder but surely wont prefer shirts with smeared eyeliner stains. So girls with least makeup can do anything like cry their heart out infront of their boyfriend without getting embarrassed.


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