Short and important tips to save yourself from a fake college trap

The hard endeavor by students to get admission into college has started, unlike every year. But most of them forget to think upon a few important clues that one must check before taking admittance in their desired college and by the time they realize it’s too late. Here are some important aspects to know the right things and save yourself or your loved ones from the trap of fake degrees.

1. Consider these facts before deciding your college

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If you see an advertisement at any corner of your newspaper, do not blindly believe it. It’s been a very common custom to put an attractive commercial in the newspaper, seeing which students get fascinated. So, consider the government authorized advertisements only.

If the college demands for cash deposit instead of online payment, then it’s a sign of reassessing things as it can be a way to drain your money in the name of the college. So it is advised to pay through checks, bank drafts, and digital payment.

Try meeting the management in-person to avoid being misguided by any online duplicity. Some colleges lead a very misguided information bulletin.

Always check for colleges that have been granted recognition by the government. The government has set up Regulatory Institute which provides recognition to professional courses.

They design their fake commercials in a way that attracts students. It is always good to take the advice of any ex-student of that college for getting assured about your next step towards the college.

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2. UGC and AICTE

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  • UGC and AICTE are official bodies of the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD).
  • Under graduation courses like B.A, B. com, and BSc. and post-graduation courses like M.A,, M.Sc. are administered under UGC Commission and they come under non-technical courses. We can also get information concerning the central, state, deemed and private university list under the following website
  • Technical courses like B.Tech, M.Tech, BBA, MBA, MCA, and M.Pharma come under AICTE which is accountable for giving them recognition. By going through their website one can get the list of Institutes and universities that provide degree and diploma level courses. Do check this official Website
  • The open and distance learning program has surfaced as a paramount method for providing education to diverse sections of society. UGC also lays out a distance learning bureau for students willing to manage their family, work, or academic commitments along with their course. Follow this website [email protected] for getting in-depth information.

3. MCI

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MCI (Medical Council of India) acknowledges and grants commission to colleges that prepare students for MBBS, MD, MS, and others. MCI is a statutory body that establishes sustained education in higher qualifications in medicine. Also, it is responsible for providing recognition of medical qualifications in India and overseas. One can browse through the following website  to get knowledge about all MCI recognized medical colleges at

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ICAR (Indian Council of Agriculture and Research) is accountable for issuing recognition to undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of Agricultural, Biotechnology, and all the related agri-science courses. ICAR also manages to guide research based on the agriculture-associated department.

5. COA

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  • Students willing to start their careers in architect and related courses should go through the following website
  • The Council of Architecture (COA), is a government constituted Council and is responsible to provide standards of education, recognized qualification, and regulate the practice of profession all over India.

If one finds that they are studying under the institute that does not offer the required information should try seeking the help of friends and discuss with the management to return them their money. If the college or institute fails to return the money, students can go to the consumers’ court. Also, regulatory agencies should be informed about the institute which is indulged in wasting time and money on parents and students.

Exploitations happening around

  • It had been reported that a gang in Delhi, was involved in making fraudulent copies of degree and certificate, and the cops were successful in laying their hands on. The gang was getting strong in making great business by selling around 50 thousand fake school and college degrees and had a successful set up of the fake website.
  • The gang had advertised its fraudulent business to several universities and people got jobs in government sectors as well, according to Times of India. They sold fake certificates and degrees of eminent universities for several lakhs and are reported for deploying around 40 of its members for possessing this scam in different parts of India.
  • In India, about 80-90% of students take the assistance of an agent who acts as a mediator between college and students. The agents involved in this scam receive incentives from the colleges and institutions possessing this racket and their only work is to reach out to students who are dependent on external sources for getting admission.  It is very much required to research the university yourself plus if you can extend to any ex-student would be a great help to your decision.
  • The shortlisting of colleges outside India is dependent on agents. Research well about the authenticity of university and check for the address of the university being legit.
  • According to Times of India, around 2823 teachers employed in government schools in Uttar Pradesh back in 2004-05, used fake degrees issued by a renowned university of Agra. The government has now decided to recover back salaries paid to them which is estimated to be around 900 Crores.
  • Similar cases can be witnessed in Jodhpur (Rajasthan) recently, where the Enforcement Directorate (ED) attached assets amounting Rs.12.98 Crores on an educational trust involved in fake degree case, according to India Today.
  • So, all these practices are leading to a massive loss of jobs and employment of people who want to earn through illegitimate terms. While doing so, the deserving ones get deprived of opportunities, and talent gets eclipsed.

When applying for a job with fake degrees and updating resume with multiple degrees and several qualifications, sometimes doesn’t require any third party to verify the mentioned backgrounds. This can very easily provide a job. It’s now that people are involving a third party for verifying the backgrounds and rechecking with universities. This extremely unethical way of getting into the job has always ruined the lives of people being fired from the company and offers being pulled in. Sometimes, companies don’t always go by the number of degrees you are holding rather, they focus on your skills which they require for their company (except for MBBS and few other services). So, if we can prove ourselves that we are capable of doing the required work irrespective of holding certain degrees, can also give us the possibility of a job.

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