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Facts about statue of liberty

Just say America and think what comes in your mind first. Yes you are right. It’s The Great Statue of Liberty. The statue which is visited by 2 million people all throughout the year. But the statue is not just huge monument. It says a lot.

Here is a list of awesome facts you may or may not know, but it is sure that you will get amazed:

  • You think Americans were so stylish that they made her crown or hat of statue of liberty with seven spikes. The seven spiky of crown represents seven oceans and continents and spread the common message of Universal Liberty. And these heavy meanings are perfectly carried by 150 pound heavy hat.statue
  • The statue is not actually green. It is only due to corrosion of metal. Thus it is not paint. What, were thinking that it is paint? LOL’s
  • The statue holds a torch and a tablet in which is inscribed the American declaration of independence (July 4, 1776)statue
  • The Statue of liberty is not a result of a wealthy King’s show off. It is a gift from France to America as both countries got free from slavery. It was decided that the statue will be built in America and funded by France. The statue was given on the occasion of 100th American in dependency anniversary and anniversary of France – American relationships.
  • Originally the statue was intended to be installed in Egypt at Suez Canal entrance and the name suggested was Egypt carrying light to Asia. The then Egypt king Khedive Ismail Pasha was once ready for the project but then he dropped it off due to its high cost of construction. Poor Guy!!
  • The statue of liberty‘s face is actually rumoured to be inspired from its maker Bartholdi’s mother face. Awwwe so cute.
  • For those who have visited the monument it’s not news. But for those who have just saw it in movies, I want to tell you that yes my folks you can enter that statue. The head of statue has 25 windows. But after 26/11 attacks very few people are allowed to make it till head.
  • The torch was got damaged by Germans during world war due to shock waves from bombings. The torch then got restored in 1986 and it was then covered by 24k No body is allowed to go to the torch.
  • The feet of the liberty has broken shackles that denoted that the country is moving forwards from oppression and slavery. She is also moving her right feet towards a new era
  • The cost of the statue and pedestal is amounted to over $500, 000, over $10m in today’s money.
  • From the ground to the top of the torch the statue measures 93 meters, and weighs 204 metric tonnes.
  • The big beauty is really big. It wears shoe of 879 size, has 35 foot waist line and if you want to catch it’s head then you have to climb 354 stairs to reach there. And you thought it’s just a statue.

statue of liberty

  • The statue also is a mark of immigration. When people immigrated from various parts of world to America, the first thing they saw from their boat was this statue.

Although there is lot of things we can still talk about this beauty but be happy with these only! But yes the statue of liberty is not just a statue, it’s more than that.

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