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Bizarre fashion

We get to see several fashion trends at fashion weeks that look awesome on runways but very hard to incorporate in real life. But, some trends look absolutely weird even on runways. Fashion is all about conveying one’s sense of style. Fashion is what we feel comfortable in. Some people support outrageous outfits and accessories that are not even comfortable to look at. There are countless bizarre fashion trends, we can not list them all at once. Let’s have a look at some of them.fashion

Lady, take a breath:

one word for this- Suffocating. Who will carry this odd dress in their routine life. It’s literally covering the lady from head to toe, leaving no room for respiration.


Torture dress:

I can not figure out if this is a dress or the designer of this piece was aimed to torture its model. The belts embracing her body in an awkward way.

It must be presenting hurdle in walking and the belts on the upper precious part of body is clenched a way too tight.


Pain giving boots:

Just looking at these ballet boots is giving me a shiver. I can never manage to walk even one step after wearing them.boots


The hills, the ninety degree angle at the toe in fact the overall design is enough to make it painful to wear.

Piercing of weird body parts:

Piercings is fun as far as it is done in a right manner and on right body parts. But, some people go really crazy when it comes to piercing.ins

what inspires people to pierce such parts like in the above image. It is called frenulum piercing. I don’t get the point of piercing the frenulum, I mean who keep their mouths open to flaunt this kind of fashion. It’s downright bizarre.

Last thing that one should keep in mind while choosing a style is that it should be at least bearable to the beholders.

Ankisha Malik
Ankisha Malik
Ankisha is a literature graduate who's passionate about writing poems and articles in various styles. Her words are like windows to different worlds, inviting you to explore the magic of her stories and verses. Discover the beauty of Ankisha's literary creations and embark on journeys through her vibrant imagination.


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