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5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

Milk is a primary natural source rich in nutrients and packed with innumerable health benefits. All mammals including humans, process milk to feed their young ones till the time they are set to intake solids. Milk accommodates various valuable nutrients that support body growth including calcium, protein, and lactose. Beforehand, milk has been the topic of discussion based on its nutrition and health benefits. We all know calcium is the key supplement that helps in building stronger bones and teeth, with many other health benefits.

Milk as a whole meal

Milk can be considered as a whole meal as it fulfills all the nutrients which are essential for our body growth and functioning. The composition of milk differs in a wide range among its species whether it is from an animal or a plant source. But since earlier days, cow milk is the one which is mostly consumed in larger proportion compared to buffaloes, goats, or sheep. One cup of cow’s milk provides 18 such essential nutrients which are very much vital for our body. Though all total 22 nutrients are present among these 18 are mandatory for satisfying the daily nutrient requirements. One cup of whole cow milk provides 30% of daily calcium required by the body along with Phosphorus(25%), Vitamin D(24%), Vitamin B12(20%), Potassium(10%), Riboflavin(26%). ( iron, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B1, B6. are the other nutrients ). Hence, it is bundled with nutritional dense properties.

Milk: Health Benefits and Side Effects

5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It
5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

Milk is the product that we obtain from animals and that’s the reason it is high in amino acids, hormones, and enzymes. It is a must include in every child’s diet. It helps in strengthening bone along with their muscles and promotes mortar skills as it is loaded with vitamin D and calcium. From a new-born to a school going child, or a working person, everyone irrespective of age consumes milk in some of the other forms. It accommodates the base for all dairy products such as paneer, curd, butter, cheese, cream, whey, and whatnot. This is a drink often people associate with good health.

The dairy milk is packed with numerous health benefits such as Appetite Control, Good source of quality protein, Heart Health, Mental growth and development, Rich in antioxidants, Reduce stress and anxiety, etc. 60-70% of people in the world cannot digest milk properly because of lactose intolerance or allergic to a protein that is present in the milk(Casein). It depends on person to person whether milk suits you or not.

But do you know, the way we often intake milk may be mistaken? This article focus on the routine of how we intake milk in general and the reasons why it is considered incorrect. Also will jot down the correct method of consuming this power-packed drink to maximize its benefits.

1. Supping milk with salty foods

milk with baked cookies.
5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

Do you drink milk with biscuits, cookies, paranthas, or namkeens? If yes, then you are unknowingly damaging your digestive structure from within. You can imagine it like, Milk + Salt = Slow Poison. Combining it with salty foods may cause uneven reactions in the body such as skin irritations and many more. Make sure you maintain a gap of at least 2 hours in between milk and salty foods.

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2. Drinking Chilled Milk

cold coffee
5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

All of us are very much fond of drinking cold coffees and chilled milkshakes for which the base product used is milk. But on the other hand, it makes the milk much heavier as it is already heavy. And that makes it more difficult for our body to digest it which ultimately leads to problems like constipation and bloating in the stomach.

3.Taking fruits along with Milk

A bowl with strawberries, berries, cereals dipped in milk
5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

This is the biggest mistake you do if you’re combining milk with fruits. It becomes irreconcilable if you have milk and fruits together especially citrus fruits like lemon and orange. Amla or Indian gooseberry can be blend with milk. Other fruits that can be integrated with milk are ripe bananas or mangos. It is recommended to see how your body responds after drinking milk and banana and you should act accordingly. This entire fact can be summarized by the equation, Milk + Fruit = Burden on the Digestive System.

4. Drinking milk with meals

Milk with meals
5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

Milk alone is the only food that constitutes all the nutrients a human body requires. As mentioned above milk itself is considered a whole meal and if we take it before and after a meal, it will be considered as two meals. This puts more pressure on the digestive system and thus we may suffer acidity or irritation in the stomach. Moreover, the nutrients from the milk and meal taken are not absorbed properly. Keep a gap of at least one and a half hours before and after a meal.

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5. Mixing sugar and milk

Adding sugar to a glass of milk
5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

Milk contains lactose which is a kind of sugar, so milk is naturally sweetened. The sugar that we bring from the market is the processed and refined one with chemicals. Hence, it hinders the absorption of the essential supplements from the milk. Another option is that you can add a natural sweetener like jaggery or honey.

When to drink milk?

The fact which we can’t resist is that unlike any other food, milk is the only food that provides all the important supplements a human body needs. So. here comes the question that HOW? WHEN? and WHAT? milk should we consumed to get its maximum benefits. 

No need to worry! I will answer each question of yours about how to fix these ways.

If you are lactose intolerant, then you might have believed that you will never be able to digest milk any more. But, if I say that Yes, there’s a way to fix that too. You gonna get your answer in a short while.

Milk can be consumed at any time of the day. Though the best time to drink milk is in the evening. Research says that the enzymes that are required to digest milk efficiently produce by our body after sunset. Milk is basically made up of two types of proteins, one is Casein (80%) and the other is Whey (20%). Casein is ideally digested at night. Moreover, milk is rich in tryptophan, which induces and promotes good sleep. Drink it after 2 hours of taking dinner.

How to drink milk?

a boy gulping a glass of milk
5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

The most preferred way to drink milk is to warm it up for a minute in low flame and drink it slowly sip by sip while remaining in a sitting position. When milk is heated, its molecular structure breaks in such a way that helps the body to digest it more effortlessly. But if you’re constipated, it is advisable to gulp the milk hot in a standing position.

For those who are lactose intolerant, there could be many reasons why our body stops accepting it and hinders the digestion. The total boycotting of milk may be one of the reasons. Wrong usage or degrading quality of milk can also be responsible for this kind of intolerance.

Well here is what you can do. Take a little quantity of cow milk in a pan and place it over a high flame. Add 1 teaspoon of dry ginger to it and let it boil for some time. Once, it gets to boil, lower the flame and heat it for around 5 minutes more. Let it cool a bit and take ⅛ of this milk at the beginning days. Start drinking it slowly and gradually increase the quantity to 1 cup. In a minimum of 10-15 days, you will notice change depending upon how your body responds. This is a tried and tested method to get your body used to consume milk again.

What milk to drink?

What milk should be consumed remains one of the interesting questions to be answered, Cow milk or Buffalo milk? As discussed earlier, Cow milk is considered to be the best. However, if you’re skinny or looking forward to gaining weight then I would suggest you take buffalo milk as it is denser and rich in calories. Also, it is richer in carbs. If you’re buying packet milk, then always go for the toned one.


A bottle of milk
5 Reasons You’re Drinking Milk In The Wrong Way And The Methods To Fix It

Thereafter, Milk is best when consumed alone or can be combined with rice, almonds, or oats. Loaded with diverse supplements, it is meant to be the most nutritious beverages one can have. All we need to keep in mind is that have milk in the right way so that you can get the maximum from it.

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