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Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?

Money Heist is a Spanish crime heist television series which was first aired on Spanish channel antenna 3. Beginning its first episode on 2 May 2017. It was initially supposed to be a minimal series of two seasons. Containing 9 episodes in the first season and 6 episodes in the second one, each episode of 70 minutes. Money heist gathered 4.5 million eyes in the first episode of first season. Gradually as the show continued it turned to be a massive failure. As a result, the show lost its viewership.

Plot and Cast

Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?
Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?

Money Heist is Spanish thriller drama T.V series focusing on a heist carried out by an unsuccessful nerdy guy. Alvaro Morte popularly known as professor gathered the best brains and hands around the world. After which he trained them to carry out a heist of 2.4 Billion euros.

Created by Alex Pina, the series is starring Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo), Itziar Ituño (Raquel Murillo), Álvaro Morte (Professor), Paco Tous (Moscow), Pedro Alonso (Berlin), Alba Flores (Berlin), Miguel Herrán (Rio), Jaime Lorente (Denver), Esther Acebo (Monica), Enrique Arce (Arturito), María Pedraza (Allison Parker), Darko Perić (Helsinki), Kiti Mánver (Raquel’s mother), Rodrigo de la Serna`(Palermo), Najwa Nimre (Alicia Seirra).

From Failure to Success

As we all know that success thrives from failure luckily for La Casa De Papel, Netflix took its global streaming rights in late 2017. After getting not so popular in Spain Netflix reawaken the series in December 2017 which then divulged to be one of the most glorious series of Netflix. However the series was first aired on Netflix Spain in July 2017, it was translated into English after acquiring its exclusive global streaming rights.

Netflix didn’t even promote the first season because they never saw Money Heist as real deal. They thought that promoting it would be pouring money into drain so they took it as a side stock. Even after a dumb marketing campaign, Money Heist turned out to be the most watched Non-English web series on Netflix. Seems like Netflix didn’t back on the wrong horse.

 Also it was viewers who realised the quality of content served by Netflix in early 2018. It took only four months for Money Heist to become the global hit. This achievement was quite shocking for the creators and Netflix as well. Considering its past failure, they never actually thought it to be a big success. This made Netflix to sign a global deal with Alex Pina. Also asking the creators to make more chapter from the same story.

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Money Heist became the most expensive series in Spanish television history

Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?
Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?

According to an American media company, Netflix renewed the third part of series with an increase budget in April, 2018. Making it the most expensive series in Spanish television history. Alex Pina appreciated Netflix efforts to cut the episodes into smaller parts making it more compressed and attracting.

Netflix’s Big success

In August, 2019 Netflix announced its huge success by revealing the fact that Money Heist has gained more than 34 million subscribers. Within its first week out of which 24 million watched the series in this period only which raised up to 150 million in later 2019. Also making it the third most watched tv series in an year. Additionally the most watched tv series in European countries such as Italy, Spain and France. Thus marking the remarkable success of Money Heist.

Money Heist Achievement list

Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?

Money highest won the best screenplay award in 2017 at 19th Premios IRIS. Not only this but also given the best drama series at 46th International Emmy Awards. Not only the series but the favourite character such as Ursula Corbero (Tokyo) was awarded as the best actress awards in 20th Premios IRIS. Also, Alba Fortes (professor) the most loved character was awarded as the best actor in 21st Premios IRIS. Again followed by best direction, best fiction, best production and best actress by Alba Flores (Raquel) in the same ceremony.

Main focus while making season 4

The creators mainly focused in displaying the more in depth connection between the robbers. Unlike previous parts, where the robbers were merely strangers. In which they only recognize each other through city names. The efforts were build a good chemistry between the characters. Also according to a source it has been revealed that their past flashbacks and the counter plans of professor are created after the strategies they made to trap the robbers and the mastermind behind the heist.

Money Heist Season 5 everything you need to know

There’s no official confirmation made but we can expect the fifth season by the end of the year. If we take gap duration between two seasons into account. However, it can also show delay as Netflix has suspended all the original projects considering the ongoing corona virus pandemic. During an interview to ABC Spain Pina said “Someone knows there will be a fifth season but we don’t”.

Can we see Nairobi in Fifth Season?

Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?
Do you know Money Heist was a Big FLOP?

We can see Nairobi in the fifth season like we saw Berlin, Oslo and Moscow in the fourth. At last it all depends on the show runner.

Season-5 Plot

The plot can move around Alicia Seirra interrogating Professor. We can probably see the rest of the team gathering their courage to avenge for Nairobi by looting The Bank of Spain successfully. Moreover, we can also witness a brand new robbery with the same guardian angel. However there are no official confirmation of the same.

Money Heist is currently streaming in 190 countries with more than 200 million subscribers. Especially in Spain where it was earlier declared to be a terrible disaster. Money Heist has now achieved a huge milestone.

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