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How Diwali 2023 is Going to Be Different from Diwali 2022

Diwali, often known as the “Festival of Lights,” is one of the most exciting and distinctive holidays in the entire globe. Millions of people around the world, not just in India, retain a particular place in their hearts for it. Diwali is unique because of the strong sense of community and tradition it upholds. Families of all sizes and from all corners of the world gather to commemorate this joyous occasion during this time. The great admiration for the relationships that bind communities and households together is at the heart of Diwali.

Diwali 2023
Diwali Rangoli

During Diwali, there is an overwhelming feeling of togetherness. Together, family, friends, and neighbors light diyas (lights) and candles (lamps) in their respective residences to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness. People are particularly generous around this time of year, offering delicacies and gifts to friends, family, and even complete strangers. Offering during Diwali is a lot more than just a custom; it symbolizes the empathy that makes this festival special. It’s about spreading cheer and warmth in the knowledge that these deeds of generosity have a positive knock-on effect throughout society.

The globe is witnessing a wonderful manifestation of harmony, generosity, and compassion during these few days of Diwali that cuts across boundaries and cultural barriers. It acts as a lovely reminder of the strength of love, community, and the resilient human spirit. Diwali perfectly captures the spirit of what makes celebrations magical: the gathering together of people, the acknowledgment of life’s bounty, and the shared desire for a happier, more understanding world.

Popular Diwali 2023 Gifts:

Eco-friendly Diwali multipurpose gift box:

An environmentally friendly Diwali corporate gifting set comprises items that are pleasing to your clients, benefit the environment, and encourage them to protect the environment. A high-end cotton canvas, a jute tote bag, a candle made from recycled coconut shells, a plant-based notebook, a plant-growing pencil, a kit for cultivating microgreens, and more may be found in the gift box.

Diwali Basket of Nature:

With a Happy Diwali Card contained in the basket, a sustainable box is packed and encased with an appreciation for Mother Earth. A set of coasters with images of Kamal and Genda, Ganesha Gheebatti, Lotus Beej Gheebatt, and Genda Kamal can be gifted in the basket. 

Chai Hamper:

Nothing beats a steaming cup of delight to start the day. A chai gift hamper reflects the altruistic nature of the sender. A complete experience is included in this delicious bundle, not just tea. It can include a selection of distinct chai flavors, excellent tea accessories, and a customized gift card.

Personalized photo frame:

Print your special images, then put them in one-of-a-kind, customized frames. Nothing conveys love quite like a memory preserved in a frame. This thoughtful gift will undoubtedly make your loved one smile.

Handmade Dreamcatcher:

Use hoops, feathers, beads, threads, and other decorative items to create elaborate dreamcatchers. Any space these lovely items are added to will feel brighter and happier. 

Luxury chocolates:

Give them a box of fine chocolates from reputed chocolatiers to satisfy their sweet taste. Their Diwali will be especially special and sweet thanks to these delectable sugary treats. 

Fine wine or champagne:

With a bottle of quality wine or champagne, celebrate the celebrations. Their celebrations will shine thanks to this pricey gift. 

Luxury scented candles:

High-end scented candles can be used to provide the gift of extravagance and peace. The alluring scents will create a serene atmosphere for a joyful Diwali evening. 

Engraved jewelry:

Give them jewelry that has their names carved on it. This heartfelt and classic present will always be cherished. You can choose a necklace, a bracelet, or even a jewelry set that has been tailored for them. 

Popular Diwali 2022 Gifts:

Happy Diwali. Traditional Hindu celebration.
Happy Diwali. Traditional Hindu celebration.

The exchanging of culturally significant presents was a key component of the Diwali celebrations the year before. These presents weren’t just marks of love; they were heartfelt displays of adoration, esteem, and kindness. Giving and receiving gifts at Diwali is a profoundly solemn event because each present bears the weight of age-old traditions and beliefs. Below is the list of the 5 most gifted items in Diwali 2022:

  1. Cookies and Dry Fruit Box:

It is a lovely culinary and health gift for your loved ones. The gift could also include some healthy nuts such as salted almonds, cashews, pistachios, and raisins. Finally, some delicious chocolates could be added.

  1. Laxmi Ganesh Idol:

The painted and elaborate idols of Ganesha and Laxmi are the perfect present to wish a loved one prosperity, wealth, and success in life.

  1. Silver or Gold coin:

Giving silver and gold coins, such as Ganesh and Lakshmi coins, as Diwali presents is a common custom. During festivals like Diwali, coins are the most widely distributed traditional and spiritual gift since they signify a person’s prayer to the Almighty for the recipient’s wealth and well-being. It is a thoughtful and gorgeous present that can be easily personalized and passed down to future descendants due to the endurance of silver and gold.

  1. Diya and candle set:

Since they promote harmony and prosperity in the house, diya’s and fragrant candles make excellent presents.

  1. Dinner set:

Dinnerware or dinner sets make excellent Diwali presents since they can set the tone for any occasion, from casual solo meals to formal holiday dinners.

Diwali 2023 trends:

Man celebrating diwali with sparklers
Man celebrating diwali with sparklers

When we fast-forward to Diwali 2023, we see that gift-giving trends have undergone an amazing transformation that flawlessly combines tradition and contemporary. While classic presents continue to be loved and valued for their timelessness, there is an exhilarating modern flare that is becoming more and more popular with every new year. Celebrations of Diwali are increasingly using personalized gifts to show their love and consideration for others.

The popularity of personalized gifts is evidence of how a tech-savvy generation’s tastes and preferences are changing. People are looking for ways to render their Diwali gifts genuinely distinctive and meaningful in today’s digital age, where originality is highly prized. The focus is on personalized hampers, where each item is carefully chosen to complement the recipient’s character and tastes. These hampers frequently contain a carefully chosen assortment of teas, gourmet foods, aromatic candles, and even personalized items with a Diwali theme, giving a unique experience that goes above and beyond the norm.

Personalized mementos are now a popular option for Diwali gifts. These can range from elaborately crafted silver or gold jewelry with nostalgic motifs or specific phrases etched on it to personalized nameplates for residences. Making the present memorable by engraving it adds another level of attention.

This change in gifting preferences reflects an urge to forge more substantial ties over the holiday season. The sharing of thoughts and the savoring of personalities are now just as important as the exchange of tangible goods. This will make Diwali in 2023 a celebration where beloved traditions and the need for ingenuity and personalization coexist peacefully, making it a genuinely unique and unforgettable experience.

Diwali 2022 trends:

Looking back on Diwali in the year 2022, it was a period when the celebrations vividly embraced and treasured tradition. The importance of sustaining centuries-old traditions and practices that have been handed down through the generations was highlighted throughout this festival. Diwali has always been a celebration with a rich cultural history, and 2022 was no exception.

The distribution of customary presents, which stood for both appreciation and the preservation of cultural legacy, was one of the main features of Diwali 2022. The focus of these gifts was usually sweets, which were frequently made at home with great care and affection. Family, friends, and neighbors would exchange ladoos, barfis, and other delicious goodies as a sign of friendship and sweetness in life.

Another distinctive feature of Diwali 2022 was the intricately crafted Rangoli designs. These intricate and colorful artworks were displayed at the front doors of houses and were a visual feast. The patterns have cultural and spiritual importance. They were frequently created using colored powders, rice grains, or flower petals. They were said to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, into the dwellings and provide prosperity and luck.


How Diwali, the Festival of Lights, was observed underwent a striking change in the year 2022. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presented many obstacles, and as a result, virtual Diwali celebrations became the new standard. Families and friends who were geographically separated and worried about their safety used technology to connect and share the joy of this cherished holiday.

The decision to celebrate Diwali virtually was made out of necessity, but it rapidly emerged as a touching illustration of resiliency and flexibility. Families that were unable to meet up in person used video calls to communicate. As they conducted ancient rites, lit candles and diyas (lamps), and exchanged warm wishes virtually, the screens separating them seemed to vanish. It was evidence of the ongoing sense of community that underlies Diwali.

There is a good chance that the trend for digital celebrations will continue as we approach Diwali in 2023. The knowledge gained in 2022 about the ability of technology to overcome barriers and forge deep connections will endure forever. The ease and inclusion of virtual festivities are likely to continue, even when actual gatherings are once again feasible. As individuals from many backgrounds come together to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, even when they are thousands of miles apart, Diwali will continue to be an emblem of unity, not just within families but also across borders.

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