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It’s been a long way since we have left behind traditional marketing and shifted to Digital Marketing to market our products. Marketers can’t rely on print ads, billboards, flyers, and pamphlets to reach new and potential customers. As technology keeps on advancing, so does digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is soon going to replace traditional marketing completely. Since the advancement in technology like social media, people prefer digital content. This is the reason why traditional marketing is disappearing slowly. Marketers can’t ignore this fact and lag in this corporate competition. 

Digital marketing is the marketing of products using electronics, like online marketing. Providing your target audience with creative and updated content digitally won’t let you or your product down. You might find it vague at first. It is a vast medium, and you need to understand its various platforms or types to target your product and market it effectively. 

Types of Digital Marketing: 

Content Marketing:

Content is anything that is created and distributed among the target audience the order to market the product. This content can be sent to the audience through any media like Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Readers won’t accept any kind of content. You need to be very careful with the content you provide them. People nowadays don’t prefer old content. They love to be updated with the latest trends. Also, they won’t accept offending content. You need to carefully craft your content and place it in front of them to woo them. 

Content marketing is also included in other forms of digital marketing, like Social Media Marketing, SEO, etc. 

You need to keep in mind your target audience, your brand, and then only create your content. Your content needs to be relatable and relevant. If your audience finds it relatable, they will think of buying your product. 

For example, a young college student will be convinced by a video on YouTube showing youngster’s life. At the same time, an old man won’t even think of looking at it. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

SEO is merely optimizing the content on your website in such a way that it reaches maximum viewers on the Search Engine Results Page. When we search for something on the search engines, it shows us the results page, and we choose the first result to know about it. The first result is most relevant, and people usually prefer it over the results placed below on the result page. 

If the content on our page is most relevant, then readers will be interested in visiting the page more often. For this to happen, the content needs to have certain keywords. Keywords are the words that people search for or maybe the word which is most related to the name they are searching for. If you include such keywords in your content, then there are pretty chances of your content being shown on the top of the results page. 

Writing SEO based content is not difficult, but it is not easy as well. You need to k ow the technique of writing such content in order to reach more viewers. In this way, you can market your product to the maximum audience. 

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM): 

Search Engine Marketing is the technique where you can increase the visibility of your website using paid methods. Unlike SEO, here you have to pay so that your website is placed on the top of the Search Engine Results Page. You must’ve seen the websites placed on the top have a small box with ‘ad’ written in it. These websites pay the search engine to place their websites on top and drive traffic. 

Social Media Marketing: 

Social Media has become an integral part of people’s lives. We can’t imagine a day without using Whatsapp or without logging into Facebook. As I have said above that people love to remain updated with the latest trends. This has made it mandatory for a marketer to create content and make it available on social media in order to reach a wider audience. You will gain more reach if you post engaging content. There are departments in many offices that work to manage and handle social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. 

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Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate means to connect or relate. Many e-commerce websites use affiliate marketing for marketing their products and increasing sales. Here, an affiliate shares a unique link through social media or any media, with his/her family, friends, or other contacts so that they can buy the products through that link. If they buy the product through that link, then the affiliate will get some amount as commission.

To become an affiliate member for e-commerce is totally free of cost. The e-commerce websites have a platform where you can get started with affiliate marketing. All you need to do is open the website, register yourself, choose the product, and then generate a unique link. Now, you can share this link with as many people as you want using your social media handles. If you are a content writer or a blogger, you can add this link to your website so that it will direct the people to the portal or buy products. You can mention this link on any of your websites or even your YouTube description box. 

The link that is generated is unique and personalized. It helps to track the number of people who get engaged with the link or buy a product through that link. So this helps the affiliate to gain a certain amount of money or commission. 

Viral Marketing: 

We see many videos or posts online. You must’ve observed many trending, funny, and viral posts on social media. These posts are often relatable to the current affairs or our lives. Using such trends to market products online is viral marketing. Every day new things get attention on social media and become trending. Choosing from one of those viral things is not easy. We need to take care and avoid hurting anyone’s sentiments, or it will ruin the brand image. A wrong word or a wrong post may spread a message we do not intend to spread. 

Email Marketing: 

You can connect with your customers through email marketing. Through email marketing, you can mail your customers about the latest products or services. You can gain the brand loyalty of customers through email marketing. You can gain these email subscribers through your content and websites. Once they subscribe to your email you can update them through emails. This is one of the most popular digital marketing tools. 

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing that is now gaining popularity. As the name suggests, it refers to the marketing done with the help of influencers on various social media platforms. An influencer is any person who is popular among people and whom people trust. They can promote your products or services. People follow these influencers and get influenced to buy the products they use. Companies are now hiring these influencers because of their reach. You need to check and do research in these influencers before you hire them. You cannot hire any influencer. You need to choose the right influencer so that you can reach your target audience. 

Mobile Phone Marketing: 

Other than the above-mentioned marketing types, another type of digital marketing is mobile phone marketing. Companies can send messages to customers and update them with the latest offers, sales, or other information about the brand and product. 

These are some of the types of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Is a vast field, and it had scope since brands can’t afford to rely on traditional marketing only. 

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Prachi More
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