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DAEMON SYNC: Sync data from App to the PC

Innovation in a never-ending process, especially in these days it has been growing to a wide extent in the Mobile market. With a smartphone, you can work on the go. What happens when the memory of our smartphones falls short, you want to sync all your data to a PC. Isn’t it the best choice when our smartphone to get synced with a computer on the same WiFi network as your smartphone?

In order to meet this requirement, we have a new tool in the market called “Daemon Sync”. With this incredible app/server combination, you can easily sync your photos, videos as well as custom folders without having to use middleware to get those files from the cloud to your PC. What’s best is you can even set Daemon sync to auto-sync as soon as it is on the same WiFi as the server. Daemon Sync is one of the fastest methods of syncing your photos, movies, and custom folders from your smartphone to your PC. The only caveat to using this is that you should only consider it a backup for data, not for the device as a whole.

Great app!

The Daemonsync app can be installed on both Android and IoS devices. The server can be installed on Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs. You must install both pieces to this puzzle and both pieces must be on the same WiFi network in order to function properly.

Install the App from the respective Android and IoS app stores on your smartphone and Download the server according to your distribution and architecture and Install in a PC. After the installation, you can see an icon on the desktop. Once the server is up and running, you’ll be presented with a four-digit code to use for authentication between the app and the server. Open the app on your smartphone and it will automatically search for and find the server. Select the found server and then when it prompts you for the four-digit code enter it and tap OK.

Once the app and server authenticate, you will find yourself in the Daemon Sync Settings window. Set the app to perfectly fit your needs tap OK and then when prompted tap SYNC.

By default, Daemon Sync is set up to only sync photos and videos. If you want to add a custom folder, you must add it manually from within Settings. From the Settings window, tap Custom folders and then tap the + button to add a new location. You can add as many locations as necessary.

The sync will begin and, once complete, you’ll find all your photos/movies on the server. Where the server stores your files will depend upon the platform. From the server control panel, you can click Settings and then find out where the files are stored or change the location.

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