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CPAP Cleaner: The Best Three

Sleep apnea is one of the most pervasive sleeping problems in the world today. It may not be fatal except in certain situations, but it can be uncomfortable to the person lying next to you. There are many people who view snoring as funny or even a mild inconvenience, but there is a lot of evidence that shows that this can be an underlying symptom of another medical problem. Most people who suffer from this kind of problem don’t even know that they have it. This is why it is important to go see a doctor once you are already experiencing other symptoms like poor quality of sleep.

One of the ways that sleep apnea can be treated is through CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. This is done through a device that looks like a breathing assistant for those who are already incapacitated. However, instead of pumping oxygen forcefully, it actually lets the person breathe easily while sleeping. This minimizes the sound being made, as well as helping the person sleep better. The machine also opens up the airways, making the flow better which also decreases the other symptoms. This is a great option for people who want to have the best results as early as possible although you still need to consult your physician.

However, there is still a lot of problems that can be caused by this device. It can be hard to get used to, especially for those who are still new to this type of treatment. This might also be very uncomfortable because the mask is like one of those in the intensive care units. There are also some people who feel suffocated while using it. Others feel that the mask is not really fit for them or there are leaks happening on the device. This makes the treatment rather ineffective and some end up backing out to find other solutions. You can read this article to learn more about these other ways.

CPAP Cleaner: The Best Three

Why Does It Have to Be Clean

It is important that you need to take care of the machine as it is a medical tool. If there is something wrong with the device, you need to check with your doctor as soon as possible, You can also reach out to the manufacturers if there are issues. Also, if there is something that needs to be changed, it can be replaced rather easily like the mask. All you need to do is look for the ones that would best fit your face or your needs. It is your body after all, and there are cases where you really know what the best option to choose is.

On the other hand, you also need to have the knowledge on how to clean this equipment. As you are using it near your oral and nasal cavity, your saliva and other fluids can build up on the mask. If left alone, these can turn into colonies of bacteria which is another set of complications that you wouldn’t want to experience. This is why it is important to have the best cleaners that can help you in disinfecting these items. There are a lot of items on this device that you really need to disinfect as much as possible like the tubes and the mask itself. Take a look below and see some of the best options for CPAP cleaners. 

Best CPAP Cleaners by Brand

CPAP Cleaner: The Best Three


All three of this cleaning equipment uses non-water materials to clean your CPAP. In the case of Sleep*, its manufacturers use the power of ozone or activated oxygen to clean up the machine. All you need to do is put the CPAP inside its compartment, turn it on and let the cleaning machine do its job. However, it does take an hour before it completes the cleanup. However, it is lighter and more compact than the others, which makes this better for travel. If you are going to take your machine somewhere else often, then this might be for you.


This is so similar to Sleep8, except there are some notable differences that might make this a better choice. For one, it is so much bigger than the previous option, which means that it provides a faster cleanup. How fast, you may ask? Well, it clocks at around 50 minutes less than Sleep8. It might be difficult to carry around, but it is so much more efficient. The activated oxygen can be considered as one of the best disinfectants that doesn’t use any amount of liquid at all.


This is the odd horse of all three of these since it uses a different cleaning material: Ultraviolet light. According to science, a burst of this kind of light can also kill almost all germs in its vicinity. It is even faster than the SoClean as it only takes 5 minutes to make sure that your CPAP can be used again. You really need your equipment to be dry before putting it into the Lumin’s compartment as the excess water can impede the cleanup. The Lumin Cleaner is also great for other machines that needed to be cleaned without water as well. You can also check out the Official Top 5 Review CPAP cleaners for more insights.  

Finding the right cleaner can be a tough decision. Each of these CPAP cleaners is great in their own right. It is up to you to see which ones are the best. These are all available on the internet and they can be ordered at any time. As long as there is stock available, you can enjoy a clean CPAP without all the hassle of bacteria and viruses hiding in its crevices.


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