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Check Out These 5 Mens Watches for Wedding Season

A saga of joy and fond memories to be made together, weddings are a special moment in one’s life where time stands still and rushes at the same time. Most weddings are a hectic affair, with endless lists to complete, rituals to prepare and trousseau items to procure. The attention to detail paid to a bride and groom’s wedding ensemble is of paramount importance, as the day is about them, one that will be etched into a date and time for the rest of their lives.

Image Source: ShutterstockIn the rush and anxiety of all things festive, one often forgets to have a completely prepared arrangement of accessories for the groom to don on his special day. While the groom’s ensemble may not be as elaborate as the brides’, the approach in most cases is to have intricate and meaningful accessories come together for a memorable groom look. From embroidered fabrics to the best footwear, the groom is decked out in the finest and the watch to be worn should be no different. One of the most important accessories most men do not go without is a classic watch. On the day of their wedding, however, they should go for selections from mens watches for wedding and make pick that makes a statement. Therefore, let us explore some of the best options in mens watches for wedding that are meant to make your day even more special.

White Dial and Leather Strap

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To begin exploring options within mens watches for wedding, it always helps to start working our way through the classics as they are timeless in design. This design is one that is often considered a wardrobe essential for men’s watches, due to the simplicity and elegance of its design. The aesthetic is vintage, but it is often sported by grooms on their wedding day as a nod to tradition and a lifetime of celebrating the old anew. The white dial contrasted with the golden hues of the metal casing calls the attention of every onlooker while the humble black leather straps balance out the radiance of the case effortlessly.

White Dial in Bimetal Strap

This design is one that is suited for grooms who prefer metallic straps instead of leather for a modern, yet timeless look. This watch retains the approachable charm of a simple stainless steel watch, but the dual-toned straps add a regal touch to the unassuming aesthetic of this straightforward design. The quartz movement and the white dial are detailed with indices in the same peachy and golden hues as the bimetal straps. Therefore, is a good match for a groom who looks for comfort in known designs, but with a twist for the special day.

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Blue Dial with Bimetal Strap

Foraying into bolder designs, this wedding timepiece is one that combines the best of every modern watchmaking trend and design in the last decade. This piece is best suited for a groom who does not shy away from dabbling in unconventional dial colour choices and making a statement with their watch. This watch comes with a day and date function, which sits embedded into the royal blue dial sitting atop a quartz movement. This watch and its bimetal straps are complemented by the blue dial, which successfully adds a classy pop of colour to the groom’s ensemble.

Black Dial and Metal Strap

This timepiece is a cornerstone within men’s wedding watches because it combines black and gold as an immediate statement to the groom’s ensemble and has been an iconic choice for a long time. This watch can be considered a departure from the lighter shades of watcher often sported on the weddings day and can be donned by someone who likes to add a meaningful touch of themselves to their wedding ensemble. The black and gold is a luxurious and bold combination, making it an ideal choice for weddings.

Champagne Dial with Stainless Steel Strap

This watch, like the others on the list, brings a touch of novelty and timelessness to the groom’s look on their special day. The rectangular, vintage-inspired dial is in vogue again, and what better time to immortalize the same into being a dazzling accessory to your ensemble on your wedding day. The champagne dial also brightens up your look, with the delicate stainless steel straps adding to the quiet brilliance of this piece.

The process of choosing wedding watches can often become overwhelming and confusing, especially if one is pressed for time in the hustle and bustle of things. In that pursuit, Titan offers curated collections of mens wedding watches that you can easily browse through to find one that is as memorable as your special day, and one can gaze at fondly when you know the best time of your life begins now.

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