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In this article, I am going to discuss a recent topic that is “Chatbots API”. Are you aware of the term Chatbots? Nowadays a new trend is going on the internet that is everyone is using chatbots and virtual assistants.

However, both of these techniques are used for the interaction of humans with computer systems. They are used in various fields from IT to the business market. So before deep-diving into the concept of chatbots let me help you to understand a few questions related to chatbots and API.

The first thing that came into your mind is that what does chatbots means? Why they are used and what are areas of application of chatbots. So let’s understand the answer to each question one by one.

What are Chatbots?

In technical language, chatbots are a kind of software that uses artificial intelligence so that they can talk to any user naturally. For such talk or conversation, chatbots make use of some messages, websites, and mobile interfaces.

Let me explain the concept with help of an example. For instance, you need to buy new shoes and access the website of the retail store. Here is a chatbot that can help you to select shoes of your choice. So overall you can say chatbots are types of software that are well programmed to perform the task automatically.

What are the reasons that Chatbots are important?

Chatbots are advance option or software which helps to create better communication between human and computer system.

In other ways, you can say chatbots are presenting the advancement of the question-answer system. Chatbots making use of natural language processing. It provides responses that are used in end-user enterprise applications.

Chatbots use simply enhances the user experience. Chatbots are used to enhance the engagement of customers. However, using Chatbots companies can also reduce down customer service costs. But the important thing is that the Chatbots also need human involvement to get trained.

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How do Chatbots work?

The Chatbot working is quite a complex procedure in which there are two main tasks. The first task is to understand the user request and the second task is to respond to user requests in a proper manner.

You can develop Chatbots using different strategies. To get the best Chatbot application you should have to prefer such one which is using artificial intelligence, semantic understanding, and machine learning. To create a chatbot you need to use chat API.

What are the benefits of using Chatbots?

The first very important advantage is that you neither have to download any application nor to update it. In addition to that your phone’s memory space also remains vacant. To sum up you can say it enhances customer satisfaction. 

They are used by various companies like Skype, Windows, and Telegram. There are a few important factors to use these chatbots.

  • They are used to provide customer service in social networks, websites, and various applications.
  • It just made easy the task of online shopping and the payment process.
  • The proper use of chatbots can be very helpful to promote any brand and company.
  • Chatbots helps you create a commitment to the customer.
  • The important feature is that chat boats can provide you service 24/7.

What does mean the term API?

Chat Bot APIs
API image

API is basically known as the Application Programming Interface. So the interface is something that acts as an intermediate between two parties to let them communicate. This means the API is a combination of functions and processes which work like a bridge to allow communication between two apps or to connect them.

They help developers by reducing their code writing and resources. You can consider the example of Google Maps on any website.

What is the Chatbot API?

Chatbot API facilitates website users with customization of chat experience. They can help chat agents a lot. To create a chatbot you need a chat API that can provide you various resources. Chatbot API can also help developers to use natural language processing to process the user request. So you can say chatbot API converts the user request into action. It provides data access, software, and services to developers to develop a chatbot.

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Chatbot APIs

There are various chatbots available to help you to place an order. The only thing you have to do is to type a message or speak.

For instance, you can take the example of the pizza hut chatbot. Isn’t it an amazing idea? To develop any chatbot, you have to figure out your requirements well. Here I am providing you people with a list and details of a few API as follows:

– Facebook Messenger API

– Slack Bot API

– Wit.ai API

– Dialogflow API

– Amazon Lex API

– Brainshop.ai API

– Botlibre API

– Notify. EU API

– Botdelive API

– Microsoft Bot Framework API

– Hangouts Chat API

– Telegram Bot API

– ChatBot API

– Crisp.chat API

– NativeChat API

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Facebook Messenger API

This API is freely available and easy to use. It helps developers to make tools to send and receive messages over Facebook. With the help of this API, you can even make chatbots that can automatically communicate with people on messenger.

Besides, you can utilize the API to make chatbots for cooperating with individuals on the Facebook Messenger stage naturally. Interface with the Facebook Messenger API to send and get messages utilizing the Facebook Messenger.

Test an API bring in your program and fare the code piece. Facebook messenger is simply home to different bots. The API documentation is extensive and simple to follow. The documentation incorporates a pre-dispatch agenda, joining segments reference list, and a beginning aide with a few instances of Messenger bots and the comparing code.

Chat Bot APIs


  • The Facebook messenger API helps the developers to create chatbots that can interact automatically with a group of people and in chats.
  • API used bots can handle various other specific requests.
  • You can use API to develop bots that can generate posts for groups, like the posts, send notifications.
  • Facebook Messenger API can also help you to make a bot to answer real-time questions and perform various actions described in the comment box.
  • It is free and easy to work with various documentation is provided related to it.


  • It breaches the privacy factor.
  • When you just activate Facebook the messenger works in the background and reduces the battery.
  • Space took by it is even more.

Slack Bot API

It is a sort of messaging application used by various teams for communication management. The API helps you to develop chatbots that can communicate with customers and perform tasks automatically.

The Slack API documentation is efficient and intensive. The organization gives a few authority SDKs (Node.js, Python, and Hubot), and there are various libraries, modules, and test applications accessible. The documentation incorporates a part explicitly about building bot users.

Bot clients communicate with workspaces automatically by means of Slack APIs. Slack APIs are allowed to utilize, however, there are limits.

Chat Bot APIs


  • Using Slack API such chatbots can be developed which can converse with users.
  • Slack API allows designing a chatbot having its name, personality traits, and face to whom users can talk.
  • You can make such chatbots that can directly send messages, post messages, and upload files.
  • You can even do integrate the bots with Facebook also.
  • Slack API also facilities you with user-friendly documentation to build bots.


  • Although the free version of Slack bot API is available but it has limited features.
  • To gain access to more facilities provided by Slack bot API, you have to choose a paid version.

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Wit.ai API

It is an open-source project that is part of Facebook incorporation. This API makes use of natural language processing to develop bots that can converse with humans. Human beings can also text to these bots.

The API is offered for free. It is anything but difficult to follow the documentation to help you in beginning with the API inside a couple of moments. With the API, you can construct text or voice-based bots that can cooperate with clients on their favored informing stage. The API likewise supports a broad scope of worldwide and nearby dialects.

Chat Bot APIs


  • The bots created using this API are quite intelligent enough to talk to users.
  • The bots made using this API can support various local and international languages.
  • With the help of API, you can create chatbots that are based on voice and text.
  • You can integrate these bots into any messaging platform also.
  • With the help of a guide related to API, you can start to make bots in less time.


  • Sometimes bots are not able to understand the user requests.
  • It is difficult to control the conversation flow.
  • The stories provided by it are in the beta version.

Dialogflow API

The platform is made available by Google. It is a platform that uses NLP for designing and integration purposes. Dialogflow is a characteristic language understanding stage that makes it simple to plan and incorporate a conversational UI into your versatile application, web application, gadget, bot, intuitive voice reaction framework, etc. Utilizing Dialogflow, you can give new and drawing in approaches to clients to associate with your item.

Dialogflow can investigate different sorts of contributions from your clients, including text or sound information sources (like from a telephone or voice recording). It can likewise react to your clients in a few different ways, either through content or with manufactured discourse.

Chat Bot APIs


  • Using Dialogflow you can easily integrate an interface into a mobile application, voice response system, and website application.
  • The platform also facilities users with many ways to integrate with products.
  • You can either input text messages, voice recordings, or some other audio. However, the platform can identify different inputs.
  • The response medium of the platform can be text or speech.


  • It provides very limited flexibility.
  • You can provide one webhook for the project.
  • It doesn’t provide much good customer support.

Amazon Lex API

The platform helps in making interfaces that can converse through text and voice. With it, you can create super-intelligent conversational chatbots. Amazon Lex is an AWS administration for building conversational interfaces for applications utilizing voice and text.

With Amazon Lex, a similar conversational engine that powers Amazon Alexa is presently accessible to any designer, empowering you to manufacture refined, characteristic language chatbots into your new and existing applications.

Amazon Lex empowers any engineer to fabricate conversational chatbots rapidly. With Amazon Lex, no profound learning mastery is vital—to make a bot, you simply indicate the essential discussion stream in the Amazon Lex support. Amazon Lex deals with the discourse and progressively changes the reactions in the discussion. Utilizing the support, you can fabricate, test, and distribute your content or voice chatbot. 

Chat Bot APIs


  • It makes use of advance deep learning and natural language processing.
  • It facilitates with features similar to Amazon Alexa to develop sophisticated chatbots.
  • Amazon Lex uses speech to text conversion and tries to understand text content to make applications.
  • You can increase the productivity of the contact center or enhance operational efficiencies by using the platform.
  • The platform automatically scales up to manage infrastructure.


  • It doesn’t support various languages.
  • The deployment channels available to use are less.
  • Data preparation in the bot is quite difficult also.

Brainshop.ai API

The chatbots made using brain shop API provides artificial intelligence support such as customized bots. The chatbots generated using API can easily integrate with applications. BrainShop offers AI-upheld abilities for making intensely adjustable chatbots. you can assemble a bot that gets words and reacts the manner in which people do—simply like Siri or Cortana.

The API lets you make teachable robots, which are classified as “minds,” and incorporate conversational encounters into your application. BrainShop keeps point by point documentation to help you in devouring the API quick and easily. Clients who decide on any of its paid plans likewise approach email to uphold.

Chat Bot APIs


  • The bots build using brain shop API can understand human words and return the response the same way as humans.
  • The Chatbots made using this API are quite similar to Cortana and Siri.
  • The bots created with help of API have an active brain using which you can create trained bots.


  • To get the maximum benefit of API, you have to buy it.
  • To gain email support you have to take a paid plan.

Botlibre API

It is free to use a platform that supports artificial intelligence, live chat, and other bots. It is an open-source platform. Bot Libre is an open-source chatbot stage that allows you to download and introduce your chatbot stage on-premise, on your worker, or in cloud administration.

Facilitating on-premise gives you full oversight of your information and security. Introduce your worker, or any cloud specialist organization, for example, Amazon EC2, or Microsoft Azure.

Bot Libre lets anybody make a bot for the web, versatile, web-based media, telephone, and the Internet of things. Associate your bot to Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Slack, WeChat, email, SMS, IVR, Alexa, Google Home, and that’s just the beginning.

Bot Libre has incorporated help for web, portable, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Slack, WeChat, Alexa, Google Home, email, SMS, IVR, and that’s just the beginning. Bot Libre has given us top-notch administration. Critically the AI we use in our store gives skilled forefront client support that our clients love. It opens up our staff to deal with the requests and manage more troublesome inquiries.

Chat Bot APIs


  • The BotLibre platform allows you to develop website bots, mobile bots, bots for the internet of things, and social media bots.
  • You can integrate the bot with Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, email, and various other mobile applications to enhance productivity.
  • Using the platform you can completely control the data and enable privacy.
  • You can install it on a cloud service or your server.
  • With the use of a platform, you can create a bot in just a few clicks.


  • The text to animation support is not available to free.
  • The user interface provided is not modern at all.

Notify. EU API

It integrates with text message service, mails, and push notifications to work faster and better. Notify combines existing informing administrations – like instant messages, mail, or message pop-ups – into one straightforward API. Picking Notify with its uniform API checkmates sudden advancement costs.

It is adaptable and future-verification which makes improvement changes superfluous. With no product transforms you effectively change to a more prudent or better specialist co-op. It is an API that can be utilized in different conditions and can be associated with your current or new informing suppliers. Design your suppliers and deal with your message content.

Plan and make warning messages with zero coding aptitudes. Redo the layouts for each channel or duplicate them to reuse over various channels or a gathering of beneficiaries. Monitor your message conveyance rate without any problem. If there should be an occurrence of conveyance disappointment, access announcing logs to discover the underlying driver to resend the message and convey continuous Customer Support.

Chat Bot APIs


  • It is very flexible that saves your a lot of money for development purposes.
  • With the help of API, you can manage all types of messages.
  • It saves developer time in areas of integration, management, and reporting.
  • You can integrate it with firebase, Mailchimp, and Slack.
  • It provides users with message delivery feedbacks also.


  • Many users just disable the push notifications options.
  • There is difficulty to authenticate a text message at the receiver end.

BotDelive API

You can use this API on websites as well as in mobile apps. This API provides a push notification service and two-factor authentication service. You can send and get validation and notice messages through chatbots and upgrade the security of your application.

Along these lines, you’ll not need to propel clients to introduce an application to get warnings—you can utilize the generally well-known visit applications.

Although the API presently compatible with Telegram and Messenger, there are plans to grow the support of other visiting stages sooner rather than later. The API is accommodated free. BotDelive offers a fast way of 2FA. By just noting the YES/NO inquiries your clients can approve their records.

BotDelive doesn’t need an independent application. BotDelive ID is reliable. Sometimes end clients purchase new telephones, change transporters, and drop contracts. Much of the time, when filling in a structure, users fill in their telephone number mistakenly. Because of these components, there are in every case some invalid numbers in any information base of clients

Chat Bot APIs


  • Using BotDelive API you can improve your application security.
  • The API also allows you to send and receive authentication messages.
  • Users needn’t install any application to get notified.
  • In the coming years, there are plans to extend the chat platform service.
  • The API is compatible with Telegram and Messenger.


  • You have to create an account for BotDelive to access the facilities.
  • More features are provided in the Paid version.

Microsoft Bot framework API

The framework facilitates you with enterprise-grade artificial intelligence bots. It is an open-source framework that allows to development of bots having cognitive abilities. AI-based support fabricates regular language encounters. Rapidly make undertaking prepared, custom models that constantly improve.

Distribute a basic inquiry and answer bot dependent on existing FAQ URLs, organized archives, and item manuals. Benefit from open-source SDK and devices to construct, test, and associate bots that interface normally with clients, any place they are. Build secure, worldwide, versatile arrangements that incorporate with your current IT ecosystem.

Create a bot with the capacity to talk, tune in, comprehend, and gain from your clients with Azure Cognitive Services. Make an AI experience that can broaden your image and keep you in charge of your information. Hear orders, distinguish singular speakers, make an interpretation of, and answer to clients in normal language with a marked voice.

Search across characterized spaces or the web for client information, stock status, research results, exchange records, and the sky is the limit from there. Perceive faces, moderate substance, and list pictures and video with PC vision administrations.

Chat Bot APIs


  • You can create a simple bot that is able enough to listen, speak, and understand.
  • The bots created can also use azure cognitive services to get trained.
  • You can develop secure and scalable bots to integrate with IT systems.
  • Such bots provide complete control to the developer.
  • Using the framework you can provide virtual assistant to your users.


  • Various robust facilities are available only in the toolset of Microsoft.
  • To develop a basic bot you have to write too much code.
  • The documentation for the chatbot needs more improvement.

Hangouts Chat API

The chat API belongs to Google. The API provides all the features to make resourceful bots. Such bots use hangout platforms to communicate with customers. Incoming webhooks let you define one-off bots that just inject messages into a room.

This is the path for low-effort integrations that provide information feeds or alerts for prototypes and ad hoc projects. The Google Hangouts Chat API allows you to build resourceful bots that interact with users right into the Hangouts Chat platform. you can streamline communications across teams.

This API allows you to send relevant information, complete quick actions, and send notifications and alerts without leaving the conversation.

With the API, you can post messages asynchronously, integrate external tools into Hangouts Chat, and create custom bots for automating tasks. You can create bots that bring your services and resources right into Google Chat, letting users get information, take quick action, and stay notified without leaving the conversation.

Chat Bot APIs


  • Various project teams make use of this API for conversation purposes.
  • You can send important meaningful information or alerts using this chat API.
  • The few other features of it include complete actions and notifications.
  • The API facilitates the user by posting messages and performs tasks automatically.
  • It is free to use API.


  • You should have a Google account to access the hangout chat.
  • The bot cannot keep track of messages.
  • It doesn’t provide message encryption.
  • Google hangout can’t set status.

Telegram Bot API

It is a famous message application used for communication purposes. Using this API you can develop bots to work with the telegram and perform various tasks. It is fundamentally a free, cloud-based informing application that permits clients to send messages and media (records, photographs, and recordings), and settle on voice decisions.

Among the application’s numerous highlights are consistent synchronization across gadgets, coordinated message obliteration, and a photograph proofreader. Messenger gives two APIs: Telegram API for building modified Telegram customers and the Telegram Bot API for associating outsider bots to the Telegram framework.

The API documentation is extensive and genuinely simple to follow (the documentation could be better coordinated). The documentation incorporates a “Prologue to Bots” segment that contains data about empowering bots to acknowledge installments from Telegram clients.

Chat Bot APIs


  • Telegram bot API helps you to get customized notifications and news.
  • The API can help you to accept payments and make various games also.
  • You can create various tools like translation and forecasting of weather.
  • It is a freely available API.
  • It also provides samples of documents to make bots.


  • It doesn’t provide multiple selections to send data to more people.
  • On connecting with a mobile phone it sends your contact information to the server.
  • The messages send using the API are not encrypted.

ChatBot API

This chatbot API supports both advanced Artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop super-intelligent bots. You can make bot stories that react to visit questions and cases, connections that educate the bot on how to react to various circumstances, and rich messages that let the bot react with pictures and different kinds of substances.

The API additionally underpins mixes with a wide scope of stages, for example, LiveChat, Slack, or Facebook. Moreover, you can get reports about the bots’ presentation and make any fundamental upgrades.

Here is useful documentation, bit by bit instructional exercises, and premium help to help you in making ground-breaking chatbots without troubles. Regardless of whether you’re a developing organization or a market chief, ChatBot causes you to discuss better with clients and push your business forward.

Lead clients to a deal through suggested buys and custom-fitted contributions. Create and qualify prospects consequently. Move high-goal prompts to your salespeople progressively to abbreviate the business cycle. Allow clients to buy, request, or timetable gatherings effectively utilizing a brilliant chatbot.

Chat Bot APIs


  • The chatbot API helps to make stories related to bots that can answer various questions.
  • The chatbot build using the API are able enough to interact with images and rich messages.
  • By performing various interactions the bot gets trained.
  • Using the API you can easily keep an eye on bot’s activities and give important suggestions for their improvement.
  • The chatbots made with the API can integrate with Slack, Facebook, and LiveChat.


  • It only provides 14 days trial version of API.
  • The cost per month is quite high.
  • You can’t use it for various languages.
  • It is not available for all businesses.

Crispchat API

The new release of crisp chat has the ability to collect emails and phone numbers. If you have a Twilio account you can integrate it with crisp to start a conversation using SMS. Envision a stage where building custom chatbots would be fun, simple, and ultra gainful for you and your group.

It gives 5 distinct APIs to let you manufacture the chatbot you had always wanted. The client informing stage depends on the particular design to let you manufacture the best associations on top of our platform.

Interface your chatbot to cutting edge NLP arrangements like DialogFlow or BotPress to fabricate characteristic and rich conversational encounters. Exploit chatbot API to reinforce your client experience. You can make an amazing situation with our chatbot manufacturer. Manufacture the custom chatbot of your fantasy.

Mechanize clients cooperations and begin helping clients or leads in only a couple of clicks with our chatbot programming. Score possible clients, Route discussions to the correct group, condition informing relying upon guests’ decision utilizing a beautifully basic chatbot editorial manager

Chat Bot APIs


  • Crisp chat provides you many social buttons for communication purposes.
  • Using the SDK you can develop inline forms also.
  • In the case when the chat agent took the time to respond you can play a game called crispy bird.
  • It is compatible with single-page apps.
  • Crisp provides you video and audio call facility also.


  • It doesn’t support team features.
  • The chatbot is not noticeable to some customers.
  • It takes time to load notifications on the system.

NativeChat API

This is a cloud-based platform that can be used for developing chatbots for various channels. You can easily build chatbots for your applications. The working of chatbot incorporates choosing what sort of chatbot to build. NativeChat turns out best for conditional chatbots.

These are bots centered around bantering about unmistakable things. One bot can just deal with a modest bunch of basic cycles before it turns out to be too mind-boggling to even consider developing, prepare, and keep up. It mechanizes monotonous undertakings of most regular tasks.

A task that can be very much portrayed and broken into straightforward advances is an ideal competitor. Every event of the cycle ought to be actually or extremely near the past. Instances of these are submitting support tickets, booking assets, checking the status of requests, and comparative.

Bots are ideal for robotizing measures that are straightforward however require a great deal of time and exertion from your client assistance group. Whenever you’ve figured what task you need to computerize with a chatbot, it’s an ideal opportunity to consider how individuals converse with you in these cases.

The discussion in NativeChat is a coherent gathering of inquiries that the bot can pose to the clients. One discussion would have one explicit objective and numerous means that lead to accomplishing that objective.

Chat Bot APIs
Chat Bot APIs


  • The chatbots make use of natural language processing for interaction purposes.
  • The chatbots also use cognitive flow services to respond.
  • This chatbot can easily automate the tasks which have to perform again and again.
  • You just have to copy the code and embed it into your website coding to develop chatbots for your website.
  • You can even improve the chatbot performance.


  • The documentation available for bot development is not up to date.
  • The environment description is also misleading.
  • It doesn’t support angular and creates problems always-on integration.


Due to advancements in the artificial intelligence field, there is an increase in the use of robots used by companies. So same way this is in the case of chatbots. Chatbots are providing so many benefits to their potential users as well as to chat agents.

But the development of a chatbot is not an easy task rather it requires a lot of steps and strategies. However, the use of chatbot API made developers task very easily by providing them various libraries, data, and services. You can also use a particular API to develop a suitable chatbot for your company, project, or business.

In the above-mentioned list, I have been discussed many chatbot APIs. I just hope you will find a suitable API for your goal achievement. Before everything do try to study them online once so that you can gain deep insights about them. I can refer you to some very useful websites to help you. You can ask for help anytime.

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