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The beauty of Nandi Hills

Nandi hills are one of the topmost beautiful hills in Bangalore, Karnataka. When start to describe this place suddenly that incredible clouds view cant skip to write, that is a top view of the hill fully covered with the clouds of the Bangalore and you will feel like in the heaven. This is the place that most of the people love either wish to go at least ones in their life, especially for Bangalore people and who are all near that place. I hope in every reader’s mind the answer is Nandi hills

Why I have to visit Nandi Hills?

I know for everyone’s mind this question will pop up after seeing this article. Here I answered as per my experience and understanding.Nandi hills are one of the most full of hill place and ever eye-catch treat for early Sunrise.

How to reach?

From Bangalore City Central Junction to Nandi Hills, around 60 km. People could reach by bike, car, scooter and anything as you wish. 

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Best Time to visit the location

You can visit during winter times but especially from September to January is the best month to visit Nandi hills. If you wanna chill weekend or need something relaxed atmosphere for ended up the year, this is the right place at right time.

Mode of Transportation

According to me, I will pefer bike and the same suggested to you all.

Entry Fees

It was just 50 rupees per head to visit overall the Nandi Hill.


Indian Paratha Palace

Carving for food is like emotion for everyone. this is one of the rich and elegant places for visitor those all are coming to Nandi hills.

All kind of people could able to eat with mouth-Watering taste and affordable price also.


It will take 8.0 KM and 15minutes to reach.

Olive Fine Dinning Restaurant

If you are a person wanna explore something different and more luxurious experience of food, Don’t thinks of any other option just check in olives restaurant.

Give a try for very unique food recipes which is available here, as well as drinks also.


It will take 43.01 KM and 1hr 23 minutes to reach, located at on the way to hill.

Tribal Café

The beauty of Nandi Hills
The beauty of Nandi Hills

This cafe very eco friendly with the nature of hill and atmosphere, Definitely you could wanna enjoy within the weather, atmosphere and nature, just do check in here. they will adequately serve multi-cuisine food.


It will take 10.05 KM and 19 minutes to reach

Mayura Pine top Restaurant

This is the restaurant which is available inside Nandi hills at the top and very reasonable price of foods with quality also. All kind of the south Indian food items were available here and you can able to enjoy the view of the hills along with your favourite food.

I had an experience over with this restaurant so that I can assure you to get good exposure there with your favourite yummy food.

Kindly try yummy Maggi recipe in that chills climate, don’t miss that


It will take 2.2 KM and 10 minutes to reach, located at top of the hill.

Don’t Miss these Places

When you are in Nandi hills must have a look nearby ancient and historical places like 

And so many lists to continue, so just brief about the highlights of the above historical places 


steep rock is located 600m above the sea level, Tippu sultan ruled this wonderful palace with a subtle way of the technicians


 It is one of the finest architectural temples in the area why because of the vast pillars and extreme fine stone cravings.it is an example of Handicrafts and craftsmanship


is such a greenly natural and beauty of man-made, the lake of Nectar has been filled with a fresh source of water to all viewer who came there.


the kind of the cave which is located in the area of Nandi hills, if you want to spend to relax or want to do meditation then definitely go for this natural cave to get what you want with full of peace.

Things To Do

Apart from visiting nearby places, you can also spend some time on physical activities like

  • Paragliding
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Trekking
  • Camping

In the above activities,


The mandatory list when you are in Nandi hill, the unique place will give you an extremely unforgettable experience in your life when you try this


you can try with your gang of friends and teammates or colleagues, a traffic-free ride towards the hill and make a perfect fitness journey.

Trekking and walking

the activity you can not resist, incredible sight of the greeny nature, Some of the above clouds and mist everything you could enjoy with slight breeze air while doing this activity.


Like a finishing touch to the trip journey, because of taking a rest in a tent house or room stay and fire camp at night would give all kinds of emotions to recall and do your favorite thing at your favorite place with favorite people.


Nowadays Travelling become a part of everyone’s life, so explore more adorable places within India at an affordable price. Live Long and travel more!

VG Nandhini Paranthaman
VG Nandhini Paranthaman
"Express emotions and love through words are more powerful than anything" I crazy for writing when I feel crazy, feedbacks welcome so drop it on comments and do support & share.


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