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Casting Couch Scandal

In this world of fame, everyone wants to earn the name and the fame. Everyone wants to be famous, especially girls as they consider the actresses like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and others as their idols.So, they also want to be famous just like them. But they are not aware of the casting couch scandals, in which some girls are being targeted for the sexual exploitation. Here are some of the actresses who have been the victim of the casting couch scandal. This is for saving the other girls from such scandals-

Payal Rohatgi- Payal did a lot of films, but each and every time, her role was being unnoticed and she was frustrated, anyone would have been in the same situation, isn’t? She claims that once the famous Director Dibakar Banerjee promised her the main lead role in his film, but for grabbing that role, she has to give a screen test and in this test, she was asked to show her figure till the stomach. When she didn’t agree to do this, then her role was being cut from the famous movie ‘Shanghai’. But on the other hand, Dibakar has denied of any such incidence.

Priya Mishra She is not yet the famous name in the Bollywood, yet it is said that she tried to be in the news by putting allegations on ‘Raja Mukherjee’, who is the brother of Rani Mukherjee. She claims that she was to meet Raja for showing him the script of the show on which he was working. They both met in the car and he asked her to have an intimate relationship. She somehow managed to save her and then she went straight to the police station and filed a case against Raja. He denies all the allegations.

Hard Kaur-She is the famous singer and the rapper. She was born in UK and she was leading a normal life until and unless she thought that she can be a singer and actress in Bollywood since she has her Punjabi accent. She claims that she came to India for the screen test and she had faced the embarrassing situation during a screen test. Though she has not disclosed about the Director who approached her, as she has not filed any case against the same. She is famous for her role in ‘Laung Da Lashkara’ in the movie ‘Patiala House’.

These are some of the famous incidences of the casting couch scandals. The point to note is that not only the actresses, but the actors have also been the victim of the same. The males were also being tried to exploit them sexually, some have reported this matter to the police as well.



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