Apps for monitoring children by Parents

    Apps for monitoring children by Parents
    Apps for monitoring children by Parents

    In this modern world, it is really very difficult for parents to keep an eye on what their child is watching on internet. This is a matter of concern, not only for the parents of adolescent children, but for the children in the tender age as well. Today’ children get easily affected by their friends or by their peers and then they try to intimate others in order to show that they are the big ones now. This is a very complex issue and parents need to handle their kids with love and affection and not through anger.

    In this situation, if the parents will not handle the children with love and care, so the children may not listen to them and can be a rebel in a very tender age. They will consider their parents as enemies and their peers, who are responsible for taking these children in the wrong direction, will be the friends and the family members to them. So, it is really very important for parents to keep an eye on the children while they are searching on the internet and the children should be properly guided.

    Today, both the parents- the mother and the father, usually work so that they can fulfill the needs of the family in a better way. And mostly both of them are engaged in the office jobs, which has no time limits. When they are in the office, then the children are all alone at home and they can do whatever they want to, as no one is there to check them. Due to the absence of parents, these young minds can go into the wrong direction very easily and it can be a great problem for the whole family.

    On one hand, this technology is taking the young children into the wrong direction and on the other, this technology has been a great friend for the parents, as there are some of the apps in the mobiles, which helps the parents in keeping an eye on the internet search of the children, while they are being away in the office or anywhere else. The apps like eKavach, which is being made by the mother only. Through this app, she can control her child from not searching anything which is not right for them. This app has been a great help for all the parents.

    ‘Mama Bear’ is another app, which was being made for the same purpose. These apps are easily available for download and they are free of cost, so the parents have to spend no money on these apps. These apps let the parents control the monitoring of children while they are using the internet.


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