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11 Popular eco-friendly lipstick brands to buy in 2020

Lipsticks can make lips appealing and enhance the beauty of the ladies. Ladies can’t be satisfied with few; the more it is, the more they feel content. Now the fashion market has risen up, and it introduced a few years back many organic brands of lipsticks that not only add beauty to your face but also provide moisture to your lips. Chemical-based lipstick can do nothing good to your lips, so switching towards organic one is a great idea.

To achieve healthy skin rejuvenation, natural and organic lipsticks play a vital role. It not only makes your lips look naturally pink but also saves it from getting black. These organic lipsticks are free from cruelty and contain no harsh components. Although it is a bit costly than non-organic lipsticks, it is more beneficial to your lips. It prevents anti-ageing. Several oils are used in eco-friendly lipsticks, which gently softens the lips.

Here we are going to mention 11 popular eco-friendly lipstick brands to buy in 2020.

100 % Pure

eco-friendly lipstick

As is clear from the name, it is a totally pure form of lipstick, composed of shea butter, vitamin E, cocoa butter that assists lips in looking like naturally soft as feathers and shiny. It doesn’t give the crackly appearance on lips like other lipsticks. It gives a highly pigmented effect due to the addition of various fruits and veggies. In short, it is naturally packed free from toxins, chemical dyes, and preservatives. It ranges from 9$ to 27$.

Hemp Organics


The lipsticks that not only set the great color to your lips but also provide great nourishment to your lips. This lipstick brand comes up with gluten and paraben-free. It leaves a shiny appearance to your lips. It composed of natural products like hemp seeds, castor oil, and waxes of plants. It ranges from 8$ to 20$.



It is composed up of natural components like cocoa butter, castor oil, clarified butter, other essential oils that enhance your lips with creamy texture free from synthetic colors and preservatives. It consists of ayurvedic material like ghee, which is organic that ensures super protection to your lips. Its usage makes lips hydrated and soft like rose petals. It ranges from 7 $ to 10$ approx. and can vary depending upon type and size.

Organistick lipstick

Organistick lipstick

This brand promises you not only add beauty to your lips but also provide a style statement to your look. It is composed of castor oil, jojoba oil, sheer butter, beeswax, natural colors. It gives your lips a glossy effect as it contains carnauba wax, which is, in turn, a non –toxic component. It is very affordable. Its price is ranging from 3$ to 6$ approx.

Nudus lipsticks


Nudus lipstick brand is an Australian brand that comes up with lot of shades that are organic. This lipstick is free from hydrogenated oils and parabens. It has rich colors. Its main ingredients are shea butter, coconut, avocado, and argan oils that enhance lips in a very effective manner. Its price ranges from 20$ to 35$.

Ecco Bella


It is just like soothing lip balm that made up of vegetable waxes, minerals, castor oil, jojoba oil, flower wax. It costs between 18$ to 22$. Your lips blaze by applying it once. The specialty of this lipstick is that it remains after eating also.



This lipstick is moisture-rich and never let your lips feel dry and patchy. It is made from natural ingredients like organic jojoba, avocado, camellia oils, lemon balm. Moreover, it has fruit flavors in it that are fig, plum, and apricot. Shea butter is also the main ingredient of vapor lipstick that makes lips buttery soft. The main thing is the ingredients used in this lipstick are clean. Its price is ranging between $34- $ 41.


organic lipstick

If you are searching for a lipstick that can provide your lips creamy and flawless finish, then Inika is best to buy. It is made by using natural components like jojoba, avocado, and natural argan oil. It is free from alcohol. Moreover, it contains no animals by-products, pure vegan lipstick. Its price ranges between 39$ to 59$.


organic lipstick

Ilia lipsticks not only enhance your lips by natural ingredients but also provide your lip a great texture. It has a long last color. Its main ingredients are castor oil, vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, apricot oil mango seed butter. Its makes lips shiny and soft. Its price ranges between $28- $34.

Bite Beauty


Bite Beauty is one of the best eco-friendly lipstick in the market. It leaves your lips a vibrant look, and this is without smudging. This lipstick is highly hydrating made up of natural oils packed up with sunflower oil and coconut oil, and also natural wax made up of sunflower seed that controls moisture from draining out. Its prize is ranging between $27- $405.42. You can opt for any range depending upon your pocket. All shades are equally good and enhance your lip texture.

AU Naturale


This lipstick gives your lips fantastic looks. It makes your lips feel like feathery soft. Applying this lipstick is to make you feel like that wearing no makes up at all. All the ingredients used in this lipstick are natural and ethnic. These lipstick set does not contain any animal by-products or any unwanted harmful chemical. This lipstick comes in neutral shades. It is lightweight and paraben-free. Its price is ranging from $23.37-$30.34.

Every woman from every age needs makeup. Lipsticks add beauty to their looks. Lips should be protected from unwanted chemicals. In this blog, we have represented 11 popular eco-friendly lipstick brands to buy in 2020. These lipstick cause no harm to your lips. Feel free to buy this once if you are a lipstick lover.

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