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Bollywood celebrities have painful stories too!

There are lot of things that are not movies do not show. There are many things which celebrities do not speak about, but yes, there are facts about Bollywood personalities, that lie under their smiling faces and calm disposition. Here, we are going to tell you, some unknown facts about our adored celebrities which will tell you more than what appears on the face.
1)Zeenat Aman
Bold and beautiful Zeenat who was a trendsetter and one of the most outspoken actresses, had her own share of angst in her life. After her marriage with Mazhar Khan in 1985, Mazhar got addicted to the prescription drugs, as he was under treatment of some disease back then, and Zeenat bore the brunt of that situation, as she was not doing any movie those days, and did not have any money to look after her family. She would request her husband not to take drugs, but her efforts went futile. What added to her angst was, she was not even allowed to perform last rights by her in-laws, after her husband’s sad demise in 1998. We never knew what appeared glossy and glamorous, had so much hidden pain underneath!

2)Deepika Padukone
It is hard to believe that the actress who has done great work in Bollywood and who is creating lots of stir with her upcoming Hollywood project, was once in a dilemma. Deepika was once devastated in her life, when she went through a breakup phase in her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika was in an emotional shock and pain and went to spend time with her parents, while she was going through a hard time in her life. Sources also revealed that her mother was the main source of solace during that phase and she was the one, who managed to pull her daughter, come out of this misery.
Bollywood’s most sensational diva and glamor queen Rekha has a number of stories related to her agony. We are all familiar with Amitabh and Rekha’s love story, not many know that Rekha once fell for Jitendra and “play boy” of 70s Jitendra, started making advances to her. Once Jitendra was expressing his views to someone about her and she heard it. She was miserably hurt and suffered a nervous breakdown and became unstable for weeks after this episode of her life. Well, its heart-breaking to know about the pain of Rekha, who is an idol for many women out there!

4)Priety Zinta
It is next to impossible to believe that the “dimple girl” Preeti once went through the crisis in her life, which changed her life during her growing up years. In an interview, Priety said that loosing her father was one of the most dreadful things that had ever happened to her. Moreover, she was quoted saying that if she could turn the time, she would bring her father back. She also told that her performance during that phase in school went significantly down, due to the emotional angst she was going through.
5)Govinda Ahuja
We know him as Govinda the star. There is a sad story behind this star exterior which not many know. Govinda tried his luck very hard to earn a job as a waiter in Taj hotel in Mumbai, where he was not given a job as he lacked confidence in his body language. He was so depressed after this rejection,that he used to sit idle near temples for long hours. Also he used to visit every nook and corner in search of a job and performed many religious rituals, to get a job.

6)Honey Singh
Big chaos was created in the media and among Honey Singh’s fans,when news of his depression came into light. The singer confessed that he went through bipolar disorder and that continued for eighteen months. He also told that during that time, he changed four doctors and he did not respond to the medications for almost a year during initial treatment. The singer also revealed that he was not able to face anyone and was afraid of his family. This news was the most shocking and saddening news for Honey Singh’s fans and was the most talked about topic, during January 2016.
7)Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff told that he went through a hard time after he lost his brother. The actor revealed that he saw his brother drowning in front of him and that incident left him in trauma for many days. He could not eat and drink and was troubled with nightmares during that times. The actor also told that the sad mishap that happened to his brother made him feel like his life is not worth living and was struck with suicidal thoughts many times. It almost took three years to him, to come out of this trauma and become like he used to be. Sad, Is not it?
8)Kangana Ranaut
The stunning actress says that she went through a lot before emerging as a superstar. Back in an interview, Kangana revealed that she was laughed off and was also insulted many times for her accent and curly hairs when she came to Mumbai in search of work, by many agency heads. She also told that she had spent sleepless nights without food, as the actress never had the money, to pay for necessities when she was a struggling actress. But today, she is the inspiration of continued effort and “never give up the spirit” right!

9)Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor known as “light eyed beauty” with melodious voice also has a sad story attached to her life. This sad story of her’s is not revealed to many. The singer went through a dark phase in her life when she got separated from her husband due to personal reasons. The singer in an interview told , that when she came to Mumbai for auditions, she got tantrums from one of the “Big names” of Bollywood world, and got shouts, by these words which say “singers like you come and go in large numbers daily, and you do not belong here.”In addition to this, she was also got insulting remarks. Also during those days, she went to find work because she needed to earn a living to provide for her family. Getting insulted, when one is trying to make ends meet, is really heart-wrenching, and it makes it more dejected, when we hear such stories about stars we admire.
10)Sonam Kapur
The stunning actress went through a phase of trauma when she was thirteen years old. In an interview, Sonam revealed that as a teenager, she was molested by a man when she was out with her friends at a party. That experience left her completely shocked and sad and she was so frightened that she could not talk about it for three years. It was only after she consulted a psychiatrist that she became normal and was able to live her life again.

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