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Peep into Karan Johar’s life, his new Dharma Production’s office and his new book!

Karan Johar is funny,emotional and an intriguing personality. Let me introduce you to his inner life in terms of his new office, a dramatic feather chair that he loves and never known secrets!

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Q) Karan Johar is only forty-four and he has added an autobiography in his list of achievements! Does he feel apprehensive about it?

A) Karan feels that yes it is too soon as an autobiography but he does not think it as an autobiography. He feels that it is only the journey of his life and more it is about his insecurities,fears,experiences,complexes etc. He felt that he should divide his life into two halves and let this book be the first part of his life. Moreover, he wrote this book to get his vulnerabilities exposed to the world because he feels that it is important to put them out, so that people could resonate with some of the contents out of it.
Q) Karan Johar knows secrets which could be marriage-breaking and career ending. His stories in his book might overlap with someone and unintentionally reveal secrets! Did he take permission from other people before writing his book before spilling the beans?
A) Karan frankly says “No, not at all!”. He says that it was very clear that the book was his journey, his feelings, his thoughts about himself and it was not facts about other people. It was his equation with other people so it had nothing to do with facts or truths of other people.

Q) Did he take permission from people like Shahrukh Khan, as he wrote about his misunderstandings with him?

A) Karan says that he wrote everything with pure honesty and because things in his books are written holding integrity, he thinks that he would not upset people close to him. So, he did not ask for any permission or agreement to anyone.
Q) Did he talk to Kajol before writing about the fallout between them both?

A) Karan tells us that the relationship he shared with Kajol is very rare in this industry. When the fallout between them happened, he discussed it with Shahrukh and he advised him to sort things out but unfortunately it did not happen. And despite Kajol and Karan shared fantastic relationshio once, now they do not talk to each other and he did not talk to her at the time he was writing about this fallout too.

Q) Is it awkward for him to behave differently with her now?

A) Karan says he never looked through people and it is hard to do with someone who he was very close to. But now both if them (Kajol and Karan) pretend that they do not exist for each other. He feels awkward in parties when both of them are in close vicinity of each other. Still he has kept the picture of Kajol and Shahrukh in his office wall.

Q) One of the people you worked with once said that he thought he would never get a job at Dharma Productions because he felt that Karan Johar hires only good-looking people. What are Karan’s views in this?

A) To this Karan laughs and says that he has always been a victim of perception. He says that if he wears shiny shoes he does not expect everyone else to do it too. The fact that Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra were assistant directors in Dharma Productions and are drop-dead-gorgeous does not mean that Karan Johar wants to work with only good looking people.
Q) As Karan’s new office is Dharma Production is just an year old, let us know who is the most famous person who visited it?

A) Karan Johar immediately tells that it was Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. He also told that he came to his office, sat for the couple of hours and blessed it.

Q) Does Karan thinks of his father whenever something big happens in his life?

A) Karan tells us that not only in big moments but he thinks of his father alot on a daily basis. He feels that he is watching him over all the time. He misses him at every moment of achievemen and at bad times he wished his father was there to hold him during the times of crisis.

Q) Who would Karan leave his legacy to?

A) Karan says that he had a nurturing quality so off course he is thinking about adopting a child. Also he tells us that he would be extremely dejected if Dharma Productions ends wit him. So he is thinking a lot about it and soon would make a decision. But he adds that having a child does nit necessarily mean that it woukd be his child you would furthur take on his office. Office needs creative persons and he could give this responsibility to any of his staff too.
A peep inside Dharma productions
1) Karan Johar’s wall of fame in his office-  A wall where he has put pictures of his favourite movies

  • 2) Karan’s conference room at Dharma productions

A place where big decisions about his cinema is taken.
3) Director’s Lobby

A lobby where all the directors of Dharma Productions have their cabins.

4) Recreational Room in Dharma Prductions
The room where staffs chill out and play table tennis.

5) Dance Wall A wall containing pictures of all item songs
6) Karan’s favourite wall in Dharma productions

A place where he is planning to shoot an item song

7) Edit room Where the editing of pictures take place and in the picture the movie “Badrinath Ki Dulhania is being edited.

8) Canteen of Dharma Productions

Place of eating and drinking and filling stomachs for staffs.

9) Karan Johar’s cabin

A place where he is officially placed

10) Karan Johar’s favourite chair

A piece of furniture which is only a dramatic piece in the big corporate office

Well this was all about director Karan Johar, we wish to see a lot more from him☺

I am a girl who wants to learn and grow:)


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