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Bold Pivot to Wellness: Want to Know Everything About the Beauty Sector?

The beauty and skincare sector is transforming continuously with the shift in living standards and what of living. People’s living habits have changed due to the COVID 19 pandemic this year, and it has given rise to some unique beauty and skincare trends. Let’s check everything about the beauty sector, starting from bold pivot to wellness.

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The beauty market is accounted to be valued 85% of purchase before the global pandemic. It has variation by subcategory; online-savvy Americans and Gen Zers made close to 60% of stores’ investment. With the premium beauty-product outlets, approximately 30% of the beauty sector needs to shut down their business. Some businesses have started their business again while others preferred to keep their shops close for the year.


While most beauty brands are tapping into the changing customer habits sparked by the COVID 19 pandemic, the new practices have made way for skin and beauty brands, which have derived customers’ attention through online advertising. The pivot focus for every business these days is the online market. Online perfume shops, skincare brands, and beauty brands are trying to reach new customers by driving their business focus online compared to the competitive edge.

Checked How Beauty Consumption Ways Have Evolved in 2021

The beauty industry is predicted to grow by an average of 5.2% each year from 2020 to 2023. Beauty product consumption has felt a drastic shift due to COVID 19 pandemic spread. Makeup and skincare product sales have decreased to a great extent these days.

Some new and effective trends have been pushed by the COVID 19 pandemic. Some beauty and skincare trends have been raised due to social consciousness, while others are inspired by “influencer” and social media culture. Most brands are recommending their products and services to consumers online. Now social media users can easily participate in wellness and beauty conversations and get at-home tips.

The beauty sector is focusing on wellness, agency, and self-care. Many brands have started offering different shades and showcasing for women with different skin tones and types. They are trying to show true reflection to society to increase their business sales and profit. Let’s take a look at how beauty consumption ways have changed in 2021.

Ditching the Glam

Right from the beginning of COVID 19, the skincare sector experienced the most brutal hit, with their sales tumbling. International beauty brands have earned profit due to the adoption of modern trends. With most people facing lockdown in different regions of the globe, most experience no need to apply makeup as they don’t have to rush to their office or other places.

However, instead of investing in beauty and skincare products, most people started investing in themself to save their money during COVID 19 outbreak. Customers longed for triggered nostalgic, comforting scents, relaxed and happy, which continued to be a tough time.

Hygiene Hike

While perfumes and makeup initially dipped, the beauty sector saw an insatiable growth for hygiene and personal care products. Sanitises became essential during COVID 19 outspread. The beauty sector worked and collaborated in an unpredicted way to ensure brands supply the demanded products to the clinics.

Besides increasing demand for body and hand soaps, toothpaste, shower gels, mouthwash, and other essential products, demand also increased drastically. Most recently, brands had turned to clinical trials and scientific research to provide the best service to customers.

Safety First

Safety fears raise the importance of hygiene. Early in 2020, global pandemic spread, safety was the priority for most people and brands, including skincare and beauty brands. They overlooked the “Safety-First” trend even spark a dip in naturals as customers prioritized non-natural ingredients and preservatives guaranteeing safety.

Make it Yourself

At the beginning of lockdown and during subsequent hairdresser, spa, wellness shops and salon closures, customers tentatively experiment with permanent hair removal, DIY kits, different hair colors, and other things at home. The version of beauty skin treatments also gained traction as the pandemic continued.

Customers’ beauty review analysis conducted during the COVID 19 highlighted an increase in DIY beauty and appreciation of numerous beauty and skincare in the market. Many customers returned to skincare services after the lift of lockdowns, but the self-care trend is estimated to continue.

Self Care Surge

Everyone knows that 2020 was a tedious year, with customer-facing health woes or economic brunt due to the global pandemic, from more extended luxury to baths, skincare investments, and appointments with mindfulness programs. Customers started to look for beauty trends and lovely textures in beauty products to bring joy into their lives.

Digital Room

From the beginning of the ongoing pandemic, a significant shift stayed with beauty and wellness customers moving online. Customers flooded with a digital solution and relied heavily on online deliveries to plug the beauty needs.

Sensible About Skin

During the Covid 19 pandemic, most customers have started to think carefully about skin health. Time at home and investment in self-care had shifted focus towards maintaining healthy and natural skin. Sales in the beauty category and overall skin performed as customers sought out products that rejuvenated skin requirements.

Societal and Health Demands Soar

At the beginning of COVID 19, most experts suggest sustainability fell by the wayside. Throw away, and recyclability things preferred amidst fear of contagion. As predicted, now most customers realized the importance of caring for the planet during pandemics.

2020 created a shift in the ways how people consume beauty and skincare products. It has felt a significant change, among makeup and cosmetics sales have reduced over last year. The beauty sector is opting for practical ways to drive more customers and make a profit in no time. Most trends have pushed due to COVID 19 spread, while the rest have come from the lockdowns. Some trends are here for a cultural shift to social consciousness and by social channels inspire others.


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