Boards On Your Head ? No Need to Worry !

So Boards approach us just like fire engulfs mortals in its flames and trust me, this is no exaggeration. We feel like we are being invited by the blaze. There is actually no escape out of the jeopardy for the time being and you know that you can get to the other end only by going through this and since it is the only route, though ardent we have no option but to make it through. They say we have to give these examinations in order to prove ourselves so why not give it your best shot? If these marks supposedly determine your merit and serve as the first step in your career(read: college), why can’t you, rather, why shouldn’t you conquer it?

You know that you can and you should have the confidence that you will. You’ve the potential to destroy anything that comes in your way and so this is the time, this is it. It’s now or never. Make sure that your make your parents proud and astonish everyone who didn’t believe in you. Give it back in their faces, so much so, that the same people have no choice but to sing your praises later. Make sure that you prove yourself to the world. Promise yourself that you’d do this not for anyone else but for the ones who have had faith in you no matter what and also for yourself, for your inner happiness, for your pride, for continuing to breathe the sheer fact that you’ve always been proving yourself at every freaking step and have never known what giving up means. You don’t know what defeat is so why crumble now? Why lose hope and confidence now? Why back up now at the last step? There is no looking back after this, nothing to stop you from reaching your destination. You’re impregnable.

Boards On Your Head ? No Need to Worry !

Just work so hard that even the planets cannot stop you from achieving what you deserve? Let everyone watch you fly now. “Come what may, I’ll do it anyway.”



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Khushbu Kirti
Khushbu Kirti
I'm currently pursuing English Honours from the University Of Delhi. I am a passionate writer, a keen dancer and an avid thinker. I believe that poetry is one of the most puissant weapons.


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