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“Bhanwarey” a laugh riot, well executed film

24th March 2017 saw the release of Bhanwarey, a dark comedy loosely based on the male health problems in men. Although we have seen some indirect efforts at addressing sex-problems in the past, but no one has shown the grit to pick this up as a topic to make a full fledged feature film. To start with, the film is hilarious. It leaves you with one laugh riot after another and does not give you a chance to fully recover from the previous one before sending you through another piece of hilarity. It’s mostly tongue in cheek humor and at times goes to sexual innuendos but doesn’t get vulgar.
BhanwareyBhanwarey is a film that despite being a low budget film and having no big names and faces, caters to the mass audience and provides wholesome laugh therapy. Bhanwarey is a nonstop comic caper and the film has become successful in leaving a mark despite a couple of films that boast of good star cast and big budgets.
Bhanwarey a comedy of error is crude and that raw form is the plus point of the film. The audience is relating with the characters and the way Shaurya Singh has directed the film, there is not a single dull moment in the film.
 What works in favor of the film is its dialogues and wonderful acting even though the story does not have ground breaking stuff to offer despite picking up a very unique issue and theme.
“Bhanwarey” a laugh riot, well executed filmThe film is gaining momentum and one of the biggest reason for the same is performances. Shaurya Singh, Karhan Dev and Jashan Singh are so real as Manoj, Pushp and Machchi that it forces the audience to fall in love with them and sympathize. Priyanka Shukla convincingly looks like an old Delhi girl and has delivered that raw performance. Manoj Bakshi as “Maqsood bhai” an underworld Don who struggles with his english but never gives up, has done a wonderful job. Matin Khan as “SuSu Pandey” has played the weird character well. The spirit of Bhanwarey literally brings the variety of characters you will meet when you walk the streets of Old Delhi
The film ran to packed houses in Mumbai on Friday itself despite them being early morning shows, as early as 10:30 AM and 11:00 AM. The film brings back the charm of old Delhi and the kind of ambiance that we have experienced in the movies Delhi Belly and Fukrey.
Shaurya Singh, in his debut movie as a Director/Producer has left no stone upturned to make the movie interesting enough for both masses and classes. Regardless of being an independent film maker and making a feature film on a tight budget has made sure that he doesn’t go wrong anywhere even if he does not create a masterpiece. He has focused on technical side more to make sure that the movie is crisp and background score goes in line with the action. Also, with an open ended climax, he seems to have left a door open for a sequel. Nonetheless, it’s more of a director’s film rather than an actors’ film nevertheless actors have handled their responsibility with utmost satisfaction of the director. Nobody goes overboard in humor and cinematography is as per the need. Bhanwarey gives a taste of independent film making and brings the joy of independent cinema. The overall look of the film is crude and there lies the beauty of “Bhanwarey”. Do add it to your MUST WATCH list.
Catch Bhanwarey in your nearest Cinema Halls, 24th March 2017 onward
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