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Beirut Explosion: Everything to know about the Disheartening Catastrophe

There was a shocking revelation waiting for the world on 4th August, 2020, when there was a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. Located in west Asia, Beirut experienced one of the most tragic blast in the history. The incident soon went viral when the video footage of the disaster was spreading on social media. The video shows the smoke laying out at the port of Beirut, right before the enormous bang.

The reports from BBC News mentioned that there were two consecutive explosions occurring minutes apart from each other. The blasts took place in two different buildings and soon after, the fire spread to a nearest building. Areas around 10km radius were affected with the impact of the explosion. According to European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, the rumble was felt around 250km away. Due to the situation, a two-week state emergency is in the action.

The Reason behind the tragedy

Beirut Explosion: Everything to know about the Disheartening Catastrophe

It is not common for an explosion to wipe out an entire city from its normal state. The explosion was extremely rare and powerful in terms of the damage caused. Around 3.3 magnitude of Earthquake had been felt when the blast was taking place. The reason behind the blast was the confiscated explosives, stored by authority. The government has been seizing the illegal incendiary devices over the years, they had been stored in a warehouse near the port. These stored elements were the reason for triggering the blast.

President Michel Aoun said that there was about 2750 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate in the warehouses. He also added the details about failing safety measures at the storage. Ammonium nitrate is an explosive, and a major element in fertilizers and bombs and leaving it unsafe was the major triggering point.

Catastrophe or a Result of Negligence?

Beirut Explosion: Everything to know about the Disheartening Catastrophe

The Lebanese officials have been informing the authorities about the combustible accessories lying in the port storage without any safety measures from 2014 to 2017. Officials sent a few letters about the solutions towards the situation. The Authorities haven given the suggestions of donation of the explosives to the Lebanese Army. Also, the officials were told about organizing an auction for the ammonium nitrate. However, the officials failed to capitalize on the situation.

Lebanon residents have been infuriating over the carelessness of the state. The beginning of the tragedy dates back to 2013. When the Russian shipment was not allowed to pass Beirut, it was stored at the port of Beirut. However, since 2003, there were failing attempts to get rid of the ammonium nitrate and the negligence led to a national catastrophe.

The area within the 5km of the blast resembles a warzone. The buildings skinned to its skeleton, injured citizens running around, roads and vehicles damage. The whole scenario seems scarier as we are receiving more information and pictures from the location.

The Destruction caused by the Explosion

Beirut Explosion: Everything to know about the Disheartening Catastrophe

The rescue workers have been roaming around the city in their debris searching for the damage done. The damage left behind is so immense that it is difficult for describing it in words. There are People with wounds and injury lying around on the road across the city and maybe the ones who already lost their life. The healthcare facilities are in action for whoever requires it. As of now, the damage has been recorded and there are possibilities of rise in the number of dead and injured.

  • Around 137 deaths of residents is one of the major losses of the tragedy.
  • 5000 people are already suffering from injury and trauma, while a lot of the residents are till missing.
  • 3,00,000 approximately have lost their habitat and have nowhere to go.
  • The death of the secretary-general of Kataeb Political Party, Nazar Najarian.
  • Lebanese President’s residence, Baabda Palace was also severely damaged.
  • The damage is involving several Hospitals and buildings near the place, however some hospitals have partial affects.

Allies standing alongside Lebanon

Beirut Explosion: Everything to know about the Disheartening Catastrophe
  • Germany is reportedly going to send healthcare supplies to Beirut, according to CNN News.
  • Turkey is helping Lebanon with the aid within a few hours of blast as Turkish military arrived on the aircraft.
  • Brazil has extended their hands for the support and promised to provide them with the help they require.
  • UK is assuring to send aid to Lebanon. The experts will be helping to search and recuse the survivors in the state.
  • Qatar, Iran and Kuwait are sending medical supplies to Lebanon for the victims of the blast.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron is going to visit Beirut to offer condolences. They have been pledging to bestow the assist with medical equipment.
  • European Union issues the aid and support needed for Lebanon.
  • Russia is sending the medical apparatus and a team of doctors to help Lebanon treat the victims.
  • Eiffel Tower in Paris is going to go dark to stand in support of Beirut and extend their helping hand.
  • Leaders like PM Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, Scott Morrison have offered condolences to the state.

The Major Issue to Acknowledge

  • Providing Healthcare facilities is not going to be easy as the country, along with the world is already dealing with COVID-19.
  • The space for treatment is scarce due to the damage of hospitals and buildings around the area on as massive scale.
  • Lebanon is also suffering with the worst economic conditions in the recent times.
  • They have been reporting about having grain supplies for less than a month, but have enough flour to avoid crisis.
  • Beirut has requested for three month’s supplies to ensure food security.
  • Loss of homes is one of the major concerns as they have no roof over their head.  

While the Beirut residents have no answers for the tragedy, the state is essentially ruined, as said by officials. There is loss of lives, flattening of surface in the 2 miles radius, destruction of habitat. Nobody knows the exact number of citizens missing from the city. Lebanese president has been ensuring about the enquiry regarding the blast. The shattering has been colossal. Getting through the situation is not going to be simple for Beirut. We have to stand with them to fight the battle of their lives. Let us Pray for Lebanon together and hope for the best.


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