Wular lake was once known as Mahapadmasar. It is located in Bandipora district and is 80kms away from Srinagar. This lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Asia. Wular lake is 16kms long, 9.6kms wide and 14m deep. It is an important habitat for many species of fish which serves as a medium of food for many people. The lake sustains a rich population of terrestrial birds which add up to the scenery making the landscape look even more alluring. Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy water sports like water skiing and rafting on the Lake. The best time to visit the Wular Lake is anytime between June and August.


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The Dal Lake is situated in Srinagar and is its main attraction. It is the second largest lake in the state. Dal Lake is 7.44kms long, 3.5kms wide and 6m deep. It is a maze of intricate waterways and channels, floating island of vegetation and houseboats. The shoreline of the lake is encompassed by Mughal era gardens, parks, houseboats, and hotels. This lake gets frozen during severe winters and the view looks amazing. Swimming, boating, snow skiing, and canoeing are some popular water sports practiced on the lake.


Nagin lake or Nigeen lake is also situated in Srinagar. It is 2.7kms long and 0.82kms wide. It is sometimes considered a part of the Dal lake and is connected to it via a narrow causeway. The Nigeen lake is surrounded by a large number of willow and poplar trees. Since the water in Nagin lake is deeper, clear and less polluted therefore it’s good for swimming and there are fiberglass sailing boats available for hire.


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Manasbal lake is located in the Jhelum valley, north of Srinagar. The name Manasbal is said to be derived from Mansarovar. The lake is 5 km long, 1km wide and 13m deep. It is said to be the deepest lake in India. The growth of the lake adds to the beauty of the clear waters of the lake. Manasbal lake is the home for many aquatic birds and therefore is a good site for bird watching.


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Gangabal lake is also known by the name of Haramukh Ganga. It is situated at the foothills of Mount Haramukh in Ganderbal district, north of Srinagar. The lake is 2.7kms long and 1km wide. The lake gets frozen in severe winters. The lake is home to many species of fish. This location is perfect for fishing and trekking.


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