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Top 4 ways to be productive on the internet

If you had two choices on how to spend the next half an hour on the Internet- one being to recheck your newsfeed and see if there are any recent stories and the other being getting a chance to increase your knowledge by a substantial amount, what would you choose?

For the majority of us, time on the Internet is usually wasted and we end up being unproductive and feel


ing guilty on how time- the most valuable resource there is – has gone by, never again to return.

For the science and tech lovers out there, the Internet is an immensely helpful tool to learn about the world around them and how they can positively affect the society and its surroundings with this knowledge. It is a means to catch up with the modern era and its every advancing technology. All questions starting with what, why and how can be answered inside this beautiful interconnection of networks.

Here are 4 ways to effectively spend time on the Internet and gain the best out of the limitless reach of the Internet:

  • TED  : It’s YouTube channel has more than 5 million subscribers and all due to good cause. It is an extensive library for resources and a gateway to the portal of knowledge. Watch some videos yourself to  gain some interesting insight on the world around us.


  •  Ted-Ex : An extension of Ted-Ed, Ted-Ex are events wherein speakers are invited to talk on topics ranging from technology to love. Speakers usually relate their own life experiences and give advice on how to keep progressing in life and not to back down. You can watch videos on Youtube and a chance to attend one such event must not be missed.


  • Khan Academy : Learn from a variety of topics ranging from Geometry to Computer Programming. Watch videos on the website and learn about a topic you had always been interested in. There is also an app to encourage gaining knowledge on the go!


  • Code Academy: This website is essentially a beginner’s guide to coding. Start from scratch and build up your basics to finally start coding in the language you always desired. They have a wide variety of courses, starting form Ruby on Rails to C++ to Python.


The Internet is a resource that has infinite benefits and it is high time that we started acknowledging this and gaining the most out of the best that it has to offer.





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