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Top 7 Startups in India

Startups in India Since the last two years, there has been an exponential growth in the number of startups in India but the ones that...

Arunachalam Muruganantham: A Revolutionary

Imagine a man coming from a South Indian BPL family, having studied till the ninth standard creating a business by producing affordable disposable sanitary products...

Top 4 ways to be productive on the internet

If you had two choices on how to spend the next half an hour on the Internet- one being to recheck your newsfeed and...

The Window

There’s a stain on the window, It blurs my view, And darkens the world outside, The view is bleak, The streets are sleek, And the resemblance is striking.   There’s a stain on the window, It stops my thoughts, It restricts my love, Is the wind blowing? Is it not? There’s confusion inside, And the resemblance is striking.   The resemblance is striking, To my heart, My brain,my mind,my soul, There’s a stain, A stain so large, That the world seems small, And dark and bleak.   There’s a stain on the window, And then the sun rises, It blinds my eyes, Blinds my eyes by its magnificence and grace, It’s light so powerful, I feel cleansed.     The sun shines and I close my eyes, I open them after a while, And lo! The stain on the window, It seems to have gone.