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Anand Ahuja: The ideal hubby

Anand Ahuja was born on 29th July 1983 in New Delhi and is the founder of Bhane, which is a famous clothing brand. He also owns a sneaker boutique called VegNonVeg and is a massive fan of sports, especially basketball. He also loves the shoe brand, Nike. His grandfather Harish Ahuja was a business tycoon, and he owns one of India’s largest export houses named Shahi Exports, while Anand happens to be the managing director of the company. He pursued his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and eventually got married to Sonam Kapoor, whom he met in 2014, through his clothing brand business and got married to her on 8th May 2018 in Bandra, Mumbai.

Anand Ahuja’s Career

Anand Ahuja: The ideal hubby
Anand Ahuja: The ideal hubby

Anand completed his education from American Embassy School, New Delhi, and proceeded with his Bachelor’s degree in Science, Economics and International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania. He began interning in a bank and eventually became the product manager at Amazon until he came back to India and established his clothing brand called Bhane, which has its showrooms in New Delhi’s upscale locality, Merchand Market. His net worth is around $450 million or 45 crores, with a monthly income of about 1 crore. Sonam Kapoor began to wear Bhane outfits to all her airport and public events, and that is when their love for each other began to grow.

Anand Ahuja As A Sports-Freak

Anand is a supporter of the basketball team ‘Los Angeles Lakers’ and thoroughly engages in playing the same. His love for basketball and sports shoes can be understood from a glance at his Instagram profile, where even his birthday cake was modeled after him playing basketball in a court.

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Anand Ahuja Undying Love For Sneakers

Anand Ahuja’s love for sneakers can be witnessed from two things-his Instagram account that is flooding with photographs of shoes, especially Nike, from his boutique VegNonVeg and his wedding day, when he paired his Indian attire with a pair of sneakers and looked dapper in it. In fact, he loves them so much that Rhea Kapoor happened to gift him a flower bouquet in the shape of a Nike shoe on his birthday. Anand also confessed in several interviews that he had always been very choosy about his shoes, even as a toddler. His love for sneakers is so infectious that it has led his spouse, actress, and fashion-queen Sonam Kapoor to mix and match her style with casual footwear, thus adding a street-style edge to it.

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Anand believes that his love for sneakers developed with the fact that he grew up playing basketball, where sneakers are always a must. But he also believes that they are no longer limited to sportswear, and can be flaunted even on a date or on the ramp. Sneakers can make an impactful style statement and can be paired with anything and everything, according to Anand. Sonam has helped him promote and bring this boutique and the whole concept of sneakers as a valuable fashion statement, to a wider platform. Her Instagram account is flooding with photographs of her mix-and-match fashion experiments wearing these shoes.

Anand Ahuja As A Perfect Husband

 Anand Ahuja
Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Apart from his irresistible good looks and brilliant physique, here are a few reasons why Anand is undoubtedly, ‘husband goals’!

• He changed his name from Anand Ahuja to Anand S Ahuja after his marriage, on Instagram. That is a very rare gesture of love and companionship that one can come across.

• His eternal love for clothes and shoes that is shared between him and his wife, model, actress, and fashion-enthusiast Sonam Kapoor. It is sporadic to find a husband who can literally give you fashion advices, and will willingly go for shopping with you. Great catch, Sonam!

• According to Sonam Kapoor, Anand is as encouraging and supportive as ever, because he didn’t even bat an eyelid when Sonam told him that she would have to go to Cannes for work, right after two days of their wedding.

• Anand gave Sonam and her sisters Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, and Anshula Kapoor, the best surprise on Sonam’s birthday, which was being celebrated by them in London. He bought them tickets for a Beyonce and Jay-Z concert!! Sonam, you lucky girl.

• Amidst their busy schedule, Anand makes sure to spend time with Sonam and her family, and also go for vacations to several places like Maldives and London. The snippets shared by the duo on Instagram from their vacations is to-die-for! The couple surely knows how to enjoy themselves, thus setting some major couple goals for the rest of us.

• When Sonam and Anand had just begun dating, and it was a secret for the rest of us, that is when Anand did the sweetest thing ever, for her—he had flown down to Mumbai, booked a restaurant, played Sonam’s favorite songs and had given her a handwritten card and flowers.

Sonam and Anand are one of the most fashionable and cutest couples

Thus, we can say that Sonam and Anand are one of the most fashionable and cutest couples in B-town. Their social media accounts and interviews with various newspapers show how beautiful their relationship is. Sonam is one of the leading actresses in Bollywood, and a fashion-influencer, whereas Anand is a prolific businessman and sportsperson; the duo had been together for quite some time, though they had decided to keep it a secret until recently when they tied the knot.

Anand is very close to Sonam’s family and has been spotted with them on several occasions at holidays, or in restaurants. He is particularly close to Sonam’s sister Rhea Kapoor, and the three of them have been seen to spend quite a lot of time together. In the end, we can say that Sonam is quite lucky to have found her prince charming, who has swept her off her feet! So all the single ladies out there, draw some inspiration from this incredible couple and put your searchlight on, for all of us deserve to have a dreamy hunk of a man as our boyfriends, and soon-to-be husbands, like that of Anand Ahuja!

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