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All you need to know about TOEFL

For aspirants who dream of settling abroad or who are planning of pursuing their career in foreign countries the first step towards getting visa is to crack the TOEFL exam. It is a test conducted to test your English knowledge that gives a clear picture of your ability to read, write and understand the native language.


Test of English as a foreign language is a standardized test taken to check the ability of non-native candidates who are willing to get the visa to apply in English speaking universities. The test actually helps you to improve your knowledge with the language so that you can comfortably communicate and express your thoughts.

What is TOEFL Test of English as a foreign language
Knowledge tested Reading, listening, speaking and writing
Eligibility criteria Non native English speakers
Purpose To test the ability and proficiency
Score validity 2 years
Grades used by More than 10,000 universities in 130 countries

How to register for the test?

You can register for the test by mail, phone or can apply online. Read below to understand the process to enroll for the test and fill your form.

Registration online

Online registration for TOEFL can be done anytime. Be sure when you enter all your necessary information as it must match with the proof that you will carry along to the test center at the time of your examination.

All payment methods are accepted online and you can also make your payment using your paypal account or e-cheque if you have an account in any of the US based banks.

Registration must be made at least 7 days before the exam

Registration via mail

If you are planning to fill your form via e-mail then you must keep some important points in your mind.

You need to download the registration form from the official site. Double check all the spellings as they must be same as mentioned in your identity proof.

Make sure that your form is completed and submitted at least 7 days before the examination date failing to which you will not be allowed to appear for the same

All the candidates will receive a confirmation call once their form is accepted, if you do not receive any call then try and call the location office where you mailed the form to avoid rejection.

If you are going to appear for the examination outside US then make sure to make your payment through RRC. The details for this payment method can be found on the official site of TOEFL.

Registration via phone

Visit the TOEFL site and lookout for the regional registration number for your location.

Once you are connected on the call be very clear in your spellings and spell each and every word very carefully to avoid any mistakes.

All payment methods are accepted so you won’t face any issues regarding the same.

**double check all your spellings on the call to avoid any discrepancies when you appear at the exam center.

TOEFL scores and exam pattern

The result is not declared in pass or fail manner but each candidate is given a score which is valid for 2 years. The test has 4 sections: reading, listening, speaking and writing and each section consists of 30 scores.

There is no maximum limit set to the number of times you can appear for the test but there must be a gap of 12 days between your attempts.

How to prepare for TOEFL?

TOEFL is a test that will judge your ability with English language in all aspects and then only will be your savior if you are well versed with the language.  There are no hard and fast rules to prepare for the test but yes you can make it a cake walk if you keep these points in mind.

Read and listen to NEWS:

Listening to NEWS will really help you brush up your language skills a lot and will also be helpful when you will attempt the reading and listening section of your test. Try to follow as mush American news channels as possible to get the heck on your skills.

Converse with native English speakers

With internet in your hands the world is your canvas!! Make some new friends who are native English speakers and converse with them as much as possible this will not only improve your vocabulary but will also help you with the speaking section of the test.

If you are shy or reserve in making new friends then you can also opt out for vocal video classes where you and get vocal lessons and can brush up your skills.

Register with a language learning app or website

Learning English is fun with the language learning apps available easily these days. one of the most preferred app out there is duolingo. The app uses an interactive interface to keep you interested and helps in improving vocabulary to intermediate level.

If you love to watch video then you must register with the Englishcentral app which provides videos from experts that are useful in improving spoken English to a great extent.

Be well aware of the TOEFL test format

To attempt any test it is very important that you are well aware of the pattern and know which portion has to be given how much time. It is very essential to know how many questions will be asked, what type of questions will come, how much time will be provided so that you do not go blank the moment the bell rings.

Let’s take a quick look on the structure of the exam

All you need to know about TOEFL

Go through practice papers

Practice papers do pay an essential role in making you understand the structure of the exam and will also help you in understanding the type of questions that will be asked. It improves your speed and once you will get your hands on it will also boost your confidence.

You can download practice papers from different websites where they are available for free and can also lookout for paid papers on official site of TOEFL.

Carefully analyze your mistakes and target your weakness

Once you are all set with your practice papers, start self analyzing yourself. Target your week areas and pay extra attention on them. Practice again and again so that some silly mistakes do not hamper your performance on the big day.

You can lookout for recorded lectures, sample vocal videos or can also visit your nearby test centers to get practice material. There are a lot of institutes that provide coaching to TOEFL aspirants. Visit them and enroll yourself for a crash course.

TOEFL eligibility criteria and fee structure

There are no fixed eligibility criteria to appear in this exam just that you must be a non native English speaker and of 16 years of age or more. The judging panel has not kept any hard and fast eligibility rules as this is a simple language proficiency test that is given by candidates who are willing to settle or study abroad

Fees structure for TOEFL

The fees structure for this test varies for different locations. If you are filling your form from India then your fees for this test is $170 apart from which there are other charges like late fee etc.

Fees structure Amount
Exam fees $170
Late fees $40
Rescheduling $60
Score review $80


Now you must be well aware of the exam and the details needed. Get ready and buckle up yourself and start preparing to come out with flying colors and grab that visa for a bright future. Do not get disheartened if you do not make it in the first attempt and keep practicing as practicing is the key to success


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