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All You Need to Know About PMP Exam

PMP Exam or Project Management Professional Exam is considered as the most significant industry-recognized certification for project managers. You can see the leading project for PMP in almost every country that emphasize on a particular domain or geography, but the PMP® is legitimately global. It is easy to work in any industry regardless of its location and strategy for a PMP certified.


The PMP has lots of advantages when it comes to earning potential, increments, and salary. Employers benefit in large numbers. An organization having more than one-third of its project managers as PMP certified get its projects completed on budget, on time, and meet original goals swiftly.

Be a PMP Certified and Become a Project Expert!

An individual with PMP certification is able to understand the global language spoken in the field of project management. PMP connects you to a community of organizations, experts, and professionals worldwide. In order to meet all criteria of a professional and knowledgeable project manager, it is essential for you to go with PMP® Exam, which is based on the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

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PMP Exam Requirements

While you plan to prepare for the PMP Certification Exam, it is essential to fill an application. After this, the Project Management Institute (PMI) can mark your years of experience in the field of project management. Here is a complete overview of applying for the PMP® exam so that filling application process won’t seem overwhelming to you.

Step 1: Sign in or Register for a Project Management Institute membership at pmi.org

It is wise to become a PMI member before signing up for the test. A computerized test costs $405 for PMI members whereas, for non-PMI members, it costs $555. It means you are able to access to free PMBOK guide available in the form of electronic copies. There are also effective ways to become a PMI “global” member without becoming a part of your local chapter.

Step 2: Fill the Online Applications Carefully

With the help of PMI’s online certification system, it is easy to complete the application process. A total of 90 days is provided to fill the complete application, and once you submitted it, you can visit the site to check its status. In an online application, you need to mention the source of your 35 contact hours, documents for hours of experience, and an annual year of your education with the name of the institution. Fill all the fields precisely in the application form.

Keep the Following Things in Mind:

  • Years of experience should not be consecutive
  • A year with 80 hours per week is counted as one year only
  • There is no need to have hours in every process group on each project.

Step 3: Recipient Confirmation

Once the application is submitted by you, PMI reviews the application within five working days. Keep checking the site for updates.

Step 4: Proceed for the Payment Process Online

PMI requests for the payment online after your application has been processed.

Step 5: Wait for Application Approval and If You Are Audited, Take the Exam!

Wait for the Application Approval: It is essential to review the content of the application. You may be flagged for an audit after the review process. A confirmation for the audit is received within a week. In case, you are not audited, you’ll be informed and induced for the test registration.

If you are Audited: You will get 90 days to submit your every required audit material such as copies of your high degree certificate.

Take the Exam: The computerized test is conducted at Prometric sites across the nation. No scheduled breaks are provided during the 4-hour duration of the exam. Bring your ID proof with you that has your photograph, signature, and the English language. No calculator or scrap paper is allowed in the exam. These will be provided to you upon arrival.

You can get your score instantaneously after finishing the exam. Your score will determine your Pass or fail designation, but you’ll be unable to know about the number of questions you have attempted correctly in the exam. You can give PMP exam thrice in a year.

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Must-know Things to Ponder before Applying for the PMP Certification Exam

  • It is imperative for you to understand PMI’s definition of a project.
  • You need to ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements including all levels of your education.
  • A candidate with a secondary degree should have experience of five years in which at least 7500 hours are spent directing and leading the project. Also, formal education with 35 contact hours is required.
  • A candidate with a four-year degree must have a minimum of three years of experience with non-overlapping professional project management projects where at least 4500 hours are spent on directing and leading the projects. There are 35 contact hours of formal education.

Items Required for Pre-Application Process

  • Documents of 35 hours of project management training from a Registered Education Provider
  • Copy of diploma for the highest degree you have obtained
  • Contact information for references to validate a number of hours spent and years of experience, you have mentioned in the application.
  • A detailed list of your projects with description and number of hours spent on them.

Tips for Project Documentation

  • Every project description should have an objective of the project at the beginning and should include the outcome of the project
  • You should clearly demonstrate that you were leading the project.
  • Insert abbreviations to maximize the availability for characters. For instance, IN for initiating.

Why Is It Essential to Become a Certified PMP

  • Globally recognition of you as a project manager
  • Illustrates proof of Professional Achievements
  • Enhances Your Management Skills
  • Boosts your Marketability and Customer Confidence
  • Highlights your willingness and passion to pursue growth

PMP is valued globally and its examination is quite simple. The exam has no negative marketing and includes 200 multiple questions. There are randomly generated questions and 24 pilot questions. A candidate has to choose the best possible answer. The required percentage to pass the exam is 62%.

D:\Freelancing\AVNI\14_05_2019\PMP® Exam\2.jpeg

The types of questions in PMP include definitions, situations, illustrations such as Network Diagram, scenario-based, fill-Ups, computing and formulas, two likely answers, and negative descriptors

That’s all! PMP exam helps you build your career effectively.

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