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A Perfect guide for an Egypt trip

 The history book has called this civilization “A gift of Nile” what’s more exciting than gearing up for a trip to the lands of Giza and pyramids! Well, it’s worth mentioning that the historical paradise will leave you spellbound as you cruise through the swift Nile, spend a night in the under the starlit desert and amaze your mind through the pages of history.

Your dream of Egypt tour can easily be accomplished by simply booking a flight in Air India, Vistara, Kuwait Airways from your very own city. Land in Cairo and take in all the awe of glory and splendour of the ancient kingdom. Time travel to the times of Pharaohs and Egyptian kings as you scroll through the streets of the historical place. Your Egypt holiday adventure from any corner of the world starts here!


Panorama of Cairo
Panorama of Cairo cityscape taken during the sunset from the famous Cairo tower, Cairo, Egypt

The capital city of the desert country of Africa, has in store all the luxuries you would expect in an Egypt tour package from India. Drop your bags at Nile-Ritz Carlton hotel, providing a mindboggling view of the river or for a historical and cultural experience in the Le Riad Hotel De Charme and relax. For the upcoming days are all filled with new adventures to the Sphinx, pyramids, Giza which is sure to make your travel in a time machine. As you bask in the Egyptian Sun and explore the city, don’t forget to munch on a Simit and sip in some coffee as you crave for a snack! The lunch and dinner can be elaborate with shawarmafoul or an exquisite feast of hamammashi.

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Sailboat in Aswan
River Nile and boats at sunset in Aswan

 It will be guilty if you miss out on this multidimensional city in the Egypt tour package from Kolkata. With the High Dam to the Nubian villages, this city has lots to offer to any tourist from around the globe. The enchanting temples of Abu Simbel and Philae and the tranquil visit to the Nubian villages, it is impossible to keep this out of your bucket list. The East and the West bank provide a wide range of staying options ranging from luxury to budget. Just step away from the city to the Elephantine Island to avoid the rush and traffic! Don’t let the peace escape as you set sail on the historical Nile.

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 Nile River Cruise

Panorama of Nile river
River Nile and boats at sunset in Aswan

Among all the exciting trips you have taken till now, the Egypt tour package will keep you engaged for a complete week as you book into one of the local cruises. The luxury of spending nights on the Nile with elaborate Egyptian cuisine served with affection is the perfect icing on the cake. As the boat sails up the river, experienced guides walk you through the remains of the ancient civilization along the banks. Enjoy the local culture and tradition strolling by the countryside as the cruise is tied up for the night. To add on all these is the exciting adventure of taking a swim in the clear water of the river on a warm, sunny afternoon. It is sure to soothe you from the heat and fatigue of the sightseeing!

 The itinerary in cruising over for four nights includes the following:

 Day 1: Reach the Aswan for the Nile Cruise

 Day 2: A trip to the Komomba Temple

 Day 3: The temple of Horus at Edfu City

 Day 4: As you reach Luxor, you get a chance to enjoy the West Bank.

 Day 5: Dislodge from the cruise in the city of Luxor


This city located along the banks of the Nile, offers a spectacular view of the river beside the ancient heritage sites of the Luxor Temple, Karnak, Valley of the Kings. Spend a day or two in this New Kingdom. One can’t keep their eyes off, the scenic beauty of the desert along the route. The Egyptian food having Middle Eastern influence is sure to tickle your taste-buds as you engage in some shakshouka and baklava for dinner.

 White Desert National Park 

Situated in the northeastern side of Farafara, is the desert that looks spectacular with its chalky peaks poking up through the white sands. The majestic white amidst the roughness of the sandy desert makes it enchanting to the eyes. The quietness of this national park makes it ideally suited for an overnight dessert camping site. This marks an adventurous night as you sit down star gazing at night and the day is spent visiting the Twin Peaks and the Crystal Mountain which is entirely composed of rocks! In theory, staying overnight in the park is prohibited, however, a minimum amount to the rangers is enough to allow you to spend an unforgettable night in this place.

 Sharm-el Saikh

In Egypt tour package from India, you’ll come across the option of this beach resort in the southern part of Sinai Peninsula, from among the various options of the places to visit in Egypt, this provides innovation to your experience. While you are busy excavating the past, this will provide a break to the monotone as you go snorkeling to visit Nabeq! The camel and jeep tours are included in the package tours opted in this region. Among others, the trip to Coloured Canyon and the overnight journey to Mount Sinai will add to the mode of exploration. This resort town is well stocked with the traditional cuisine of salads, dips, foulkibdehtamiya alongside the international menu. You simply can’t savor the meal with piping fresh coffee from the bakraj

 All for love of shopping

 The Egypt tour package is all amiss without bringing some souvenirs back home for friends and family. While you explore this historic destination don’t forget to head to this market for a shopping spree!

 Kham Al Khalili

 Probably one of the best places to get hold of some T-shirts, sand bottles having images of camels and many more. Your experience of bargaining will come in handy when you surf through this shopping paradise!

 Souk Al Fustat

 This place has a collection of things to offer from the Bedouin work on the pillowcases to traditional bowls and artwork. Besides, providing an array of options to add to your shopping cart, this is a must-visit destination for you get to visit the hanging church from the medieval era!

 Aswan Souk

Cheap and reasonable spices with its refreshing aromas is the main attraction here. Although the city is well expanding with its influx of global tourists, this souk has maintained its old-world charm. For a quick collection of Arabic spices, it is a must-go destination when in Aswan.

 Luxor Bazaar

The gateway to this shopping heaven is marked by a gateway to the medieval times. As you walk in get mesmerized by the range of leather goods, postcards, papyrus on display at the stores all of which look similar! Here too, be prepared with your skills of hassling with the shopkeepers.

 As you put an end to Egypt tour, come back all refreshed from a time journey. Stop by and collect from the wide range of hibiscus leaves as you leave. The drink will remind you of the days well spent from the Land of the Pharaohs! The souvenirs from this far away land will tingle your memories as you watch them.

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